Cut the apron stringsto become independent or free oneself from parental or familial [fəˈmɪliəl] control or influence. It refers to the act of breaking away from dependency and taking personal responsibility for one’s actions and decisions. (剪断围裙带,比喻摆脱控制或影响)

Cut the apron strings

中文释义:“剪断围裙带” 是一个习语表达,意思是变得独立,摆脱父母或家庭的控制或影响。它指的是摆脱依赖,对自己的行为和决定承担个人责任的行为。

以下是“Cut the apron strings”在美剧语料库中的相关例句:

E.G.1:You would actually let the police arrest your own mother? — Hey, we all gotta cut the apron strings at some point. (DH S02E11 17:15)
参考翻译:你居然会让警察逮捕你自己的母亲?– 嘿,我们所有人都得在某个时候割断母亲的围裙带。

E.G.2:This must be so hard. What do you do in this situation? Keep coddling him, hoping he’ll change, or do you cut the apron strings and trust that all the hard work you’ve done will allow him to thrive?  (DH S06E16 26:50)

E.G.3:He’s been gone a while. Maybe he’s playing bingo with his mommy. It’s sad how some guys can’t cut the apron strings. (TBBT S08E07 16:43)


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