DH S02E10 Part02 课堂笔记



Each time I experience Apple’s simple design, the more convinced I become that its Zen approach is the holy grail of design.

Sharp focus was ingrained in Jobs’ personality and had been honed by his Zen training. He relentlessly filtered out what he considered distractions.

Assume the worst:


Declared warfare.

Diamond in the rough:

Put a good spin on sb:

Mix study with pleasure.

Components of the language.

Not half as much as

Freak out:



Parole officer:

Mensch: 依地语 Yiddish


Klutz [klʌts]: A clumsy or inept person. (笨手笨脚的人)
Schlep [ʃlep]: To carry or haul something, often with difficulty. (携带、拖带)

Schmuck [ʃmʌk]: A foolish or contemptible person. (笨人、令人鄙视和轻看的人)

Make the ends meet / sole bread winner.



Pass the pulk to someone who’s innocent.

Track record:

Grand picture.

A string of words.

So not above doing sth:

Morally questionable / beneath your usual standards.

Owen is not above pulling a prank on his audiences for a good laugh.

Teach me, I’ll forget.

Show me, I’ll understand

Involve me, I’ll truly learn.

Key knowledge points.

Threaten sb into behaving.

Bring it on…

育婴部门(俱乐部)16个 Day care

Kiss sb goodbye / good night.

Fran 老板妻子

Stand up to sb: confront

Shrinking violet / man up to do sth.

Resentful: build up anger,

Nuttier. Nutty

Irrational, eccentric, mentally unstable.

Without a father figure, poor Mindy.

Back sth up:

Bottom of the barrel. 社会底层

Push the button:

Count sb in:

Andrew / Justin

Adolescent/ minor


Gay / male type

Sexual orientation/preference.

It suddenly hit me that…. my own mother was gonna stop loving me.

An idea / inspiration/ epiphany

It kills me that I’m putting your through this.
It hits sb that/ it occurs sb that/ it dawned on sb that….








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