DH S02E12 Part02

绝望的主妇S02E12 Part02

Poke around: 打探
Macho posturing: 007
Here’s hoping: 但愿如此
Get over sth/ get pass sth/ get sth over with.
Get back at sb:
Freakishly flexible:
Put the scare into sb:
Rough sb up:
Para-medical staff:
A romantic at heart
Get to the bottom of sth:
Blow sb off / give sb a cold shoulder.
Leer at sb:
Feast sb eyes:大饱眼福
Bloat: 浮肿
Go out one’s way to do sth/ doing
Escort business:
Upper-middle class
Bail cleared.
Confiscated. / Impound
Had a flat tire:
A whiz at doing sth:
Hop in.
Auto club:
I’d appreciate your discretion.
Dig out someone’s dirt.
Human beings feed on misery.
DUI: Drive under the influence.
Self-medicate: remedies/ methods
Skeleton in one’s closet.
Family name:
Roll out from the bed.
Autoimmune disorder:
Hitting on him /Making a pass at him.
Dig through:
Look through/ look over/ look up
Rummage through:
Dermatologist [ˌdɜːmə’tɒlədʒɪst]:a medical professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions related to the skin, hair, and nails. (皮肤科医生)
Eczema [‘eksɪmə]:
Keep an eye on sth:
Tiger: 猛男
Shrinking violet:
Familiar stranger
Mass: (弥撒)
Moral dilemma:
Deviate one’s moral compass:
Perv: pervert
Appeal to one’s better nature.
Take sth off:
Raking in the big bucks for sb:
Cash cow:
Internet pretty:
Real deal/ staff:
To Work a runway:
Miss Nasty:
Rocking some curves:
Main bread winner:
Snip out:
Make it up to sb:
Poke around / sniff around

Narrator: illness can take on many forms 疾病有很多种表现方式
——>>those of the body are easy to treat 身体上的容易治疗
——>>Much more difficult 困难的是
——>>are the hidden maladies festering in our hearts在内心深处的疾苦
——>>the secret addiction that consume our soul 不为人知的迷恋让消耗/蚕食我们的灵魂
——>>and the disease we deny 讳疾忌医
——>>which affect our judgement 会困惑我们的判断
——>>To survive we need to find that special someone who can heal us 为了继续下去, 我们得找到一位能帮助我们痊愈的人
Noah: I work so hard on my life, 我一生如此努力
——>>so hard 如此努力
——>>Now it’s all nothing 现在却一无所有
——>>I got one daughter I hate, one who hates me
——>>before her time 在她出生前一天
——>>No one left for me now 现在这世上已经没人值得我留念
——>>What did I do it for 我这都是何苦
——>>it was good 不错
——>>I didn’t feel a thing. 我一点感觉也没有
——>>I’ve enough pain. 没关系
——>>I don’t need any more. 反正我已失去感觉
Narrator: But we can never predict 但我们永远也不会料到
——>>who have the cure for what ills us 谁会有我们的解药
Woman3: The other nurses all warned me, you are difficult Mr. Taylor泰勒先生,其他护士都警告我,你很难相处
Narrator: When they’ll show up 或者什么时候他们会出现
Woman3: But I think we can get along just fine. 但我想我们会相处得愉快


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