DH S02E12 Part01

绝望的主妇S02E12 Part01

When it comes to sth, there’re …

Old crimes, new crimes, crimes that are happening…right under everyone’s nose.

Nerd: 呆子

Set sb up with sb:

Blind date:

Macho pride.

Racial humor:

2:30 The wee hours.

Word play – pun

Tooth-hurty 2:30

Engagingly risky:

Gentle teasing:

Captivating, absorbing, compelling, appealing, charming.

Draw sb attention /pull sb’s focus

Rectum: wreck him

Gentle teasing: light-hearted, playful and friendly manner.

Making a mountain out of a molehill:

Emotional downturn:

The knight in shinning armor (Mike) come to her rescue.

From a male’s perspective, just so we’re clear, I’m not quite experienced. Based on the valuable lessons that I learned from Desperate Housewives, I think I’m capable shed some light on human nature that anything regarding ass-kicking adds more stupidity if you go out on a date with a woman, because it will undermine your macho pride and diminish your male pheromone. As a result, you won’t catch a vibe or feel chemistry, or light a spark in her heart. As for the dating tips, I’m no expert, hopefully, you guys could show me some ropes.


Draft: A device that regulates the flow or circulation of air.

The America heritage:

Corresponding explanation.

Admit/discharge sb:


Let go of


Hare cut –- Hair cut


The joke on him:

The annual blood drive:

Be infected:

Be inflected with sth:



The city’s economy is inflected with high unemployment rates, causing widespread financial hardship.

E.G.2:The company’s reputation was inflected with allegations of corruption, leading to a decline in customer trust.

Moral decay:


Have sth to do with sth:


Not at full liberty to say sth:

Call in a favor:

Poke around:

A little birdie told me:

Word get out:

Count sb in:

Mingle with:

Hit the road: /take off


A-B negative: AB负型血液

Such a shame (that) I may not be around to enjoy them.



Play to one’s strength:

Chicken pox:

Contagious: contaminated.

Hot zone:

Strep throat:

Wind up


On the verge of disintegration

Seek for:


Tattletale: /Tell on sb:

Packed her bags and left.




Squint at the screen:

Bring sth to one’s attention:

I was wondering if/perhaps would you:

You were just out of it to know I was here.

Be out of it to do sth:


Narrow down your scope:



The thing is:

Get sb hooked:

Off the hook:

I.V.: intravenous injection 静脉注射

Have an open casket: 敞棺葬礼


Shoot blanks: 放空炮

Conceive a child:

Sterility: 生育

Survival instinct: 生存本能

Holocaust: 浩劫,大屠杀


The faithfulness of a marriage

Fire and flood. /

Safety net.

Lynette:I’m sorry, what did he mean, shooting blanks”? 我不明白 他刚才说“放空炮”是什么意思?

Tom: Oh, it’s nothing. 哦, 没什么

——>>There’s just a small chance 如果一个成年男子出了水痘

——>>of sterility if a grown man gets chicken pox, so… 就有可能失去生殖能力 不过机率很小, 所以…

Lynette: we’re not having any more kids. Why would it matter? 我们都不准备再要孩子了 为什么还要担心这个?

Tom: I don’t know. You know, survival instinct? 不知道. 也许是生存的本能吧

Lynette: So that if you’re the last man to survive a nuclear holocaust, 就是说如果 你成为一场核灾难的唯一幸存者

——>>you could repopulate the planet? 你会重新生育构建整个地球?

Tom: No, all I’m saying is that, 不是那意思, 我是说

——>>God forbid something were to happen to either one of us, 上帝会阻止一些事情发生在 你或我的身上

——>>I’d want either one of us to have, you know, options. 我是想让你我中的任何一个人拥有这种: 你知道的, 选择的权力

Lynette: So you’re saying that if I died… 那你是在说, 如果我去世了…

——>>you would want a second wife and a family? 你想娶第二个妻子再建立一个家庭?

Tom: Maybe. 也许吧

Lynette: I can’t believe you’ve actually thought about this! 真不敢相信 你还真的想过这样的事情!

Tom: Haven’t you? 你没想过吗?

Lynette: Thought about who I’d marry if you died? 想过如果你死了我要嫁给谁?

——>>Hmm. No. 没有

Tom: Well, honey, it’s a back-up plan. I’m not gonna use it. 好了, 亲爱的, 这只是个下下策 我不会用的

Lynette: Then why have it? 那为什么还要有呢?

Tom: Well, I don’t know, because… 我不知道, 因为…

——>>it’s like, there’s this door, right? 就像是, 这里有一扇门, 对吗?

——>>And I’m not planning on actually going through it 然后其实我并不打算穿过去

——>>because I’m so happy in the room that I’m in. 因为我现在非常快乐 呆在现在的房间里

——>>But in case of fire or flood, 但是如果房间起了火或者被洪水淹了

——>>it’s comforting to know that the door is unlocked. 然后得知房门没有锁 会让人感到很安慰的

——>>Honey, I’m not through with that! 亲爱的, 我还没吃完那!
Ultimately, faithfulness in marriage transcends the physical or emotional connection with one’s spouse; it’s also about the ability to withstand extreme situations by understanding, communication, and support. While data and facts reveal patterns in how people react to challenging circumstances, the concept of faithfulness remains subjective, relying on each couple’s unique values and perspectives.


Have anything to do with sb:

Given our recent history.

Water under the bridge.

Let the bygones be bygones.


Ulterior motive:


Bring it on:

Off / odd

Watchful: vigilant , observant, cautious 警觉性高的


Fine, no harm down, fire away, shoot,

Have six sense about people.

Instinct, intuition.

Blood pressure



Involuntary muscle spasms:


Involuntary muscle spasms refer to sudden and uncontrollable contractions or movements of muscles that occur without conscious control or intention. These spasms can affect various muscle groups in the body and may range from mild twitches to more pronounced jerking or shaking movements. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including muscle fatigue, nerve disorders, certain medical conditions, stress, or medication side effects. Involuntary muscle spasms can sometimes be temporary and harmless, while in other cases they may be indicative of an underlying health issue that requires medical attention.


M.R.I: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ploy: strategy tactic, ruse, trick

Weaving: 迂回驾驶

Sobriety test:

Macho posturing:


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