Introduce Jessy to the group activity

Hello everyone:

Today, I’d like to introduce a special guest who took the iniciative to paticipate in our DH group learning, she’s one of the my oldest partner of our group seminar, and she has been very attentive and highly supportive, she contributed a lot on all aspects of group study iniciative. I very pleased to annouce that she’s willing to put aside some of her valuable time to work as an coordinator to evaluator, assess and make an appraisal in terms of our performance at regular intervals. Especially your pronunciation.

And now I would like to turn over the next part of our meeting to our group coordinator, the amazing and incrediable Jessica Zhou.

Okay, now let’s move on to the major part of today’s discussion. I’d like to come clean at first:

Since I’m running out of my time being presence, as of now, there’re still some of the modules, strategies and tactics I haven’t taught your guys, So I’m kind of pushing you guys to your limits, it might cause uncomfortable to some extent, judging that some of you didn’t even bother to reply and echo my messages the day before yesterday. I totally understand that you don’t feel good, you’re overwhelmed, you’re being chanlleged, and you’re frustrated, beacuse you’re told that there’s still a long way to go before you become a billiguist.

I know what you want, you wanted to stand out from the crowed, you wanted to excel in your school, in your career and ultimately your well-being, isn’t that the reason brought you here?

You don’t like to hung up with a bunch of losers, you don’t want submit yourself to mediocrity, and you definately don’t like the feeling of being defeated and disregarded. So what you gonna do? You’re gonna study hard, you gonna work hard, you gonna breakthrough, and you bring out your best to get through the test.

We all have learnt the story of “The tortoise and the hare”, but some people think they’re smart and choose to “ignore the elephant in the room”, that’s why, at the end of the day, we finnally get to figure out opportunities passed by but never come along. the most successful person is not the smartest one.

Without further ado, now it is time to validate what you have learnt during this week. So who would like to go first? Step by step, one after another. with flying colors, you’re gonna achieve that state of mind, like Kungfu Panda.

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