Thank-you letter to Linda and 老徐

Thank you letter

Thank you very much Lillian and Linda, I’ve notice that you guys have been donating your efforts in help the victors of our channel to better understand the knowledge points that I sorted out for my beloved audiences, especially Linda and 老徐, ever since you came here, you’ve been contributing a lot, with your everlasting support, dedication and enthusiasm, which facilitates the engagement and revives the passion of learning of the audience, and for that, I’d like to make an announcement in front of all the visitors who’re listening, whenever we initiate the group-up activity, I’ll try my best to preserve a seat of honor to Linda and 老徐,you’re welcome and feel free to take part as long as I’m in charge of the company and this channel.

Now, you have my word. Please rest assured that we’re gonna master and nail the English language together, we gonna have fun and we’re gonna mix business with pleasure, Everybody knows that learning English is length process, it demands your Signiant amount of time and profound dedication, and this bitter-sweet journey is much better travel with a companion by our side.

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