Rip the band-aid off:it is an idiomatic expression that means to deal with a difficult or unpleasant situation directly and quickly, without hesitation or delay, even though it might cause discomfort or pain in the short term. The phrase draws a parallel to quickly removing a band-aid, which can cause a brief moment of discomfort but is done swiftly to avoid prolonging the discomfort. (撕下创可贴,迅速采取让人难过的行动或应对方案,喻:撕下保护人身体及心灵创伤的覆盖物)

Rip the band-aid off

中文释义: “Rip the band-aid off” 是一个习语,意思是迅速、毫不犹豫或拖延地处理困难或不愉快的情况,即使这可能在短期内带来不适或疼痛。这个短语类比于迅速拔下创可贴,虽然可能会引起短暂的不适,但是为了避免延长不适感,会迅速完成。

以下是“Rip the band-aid off”在美剧语料库中的相关例句:

E.G.1:Oh, for Christ’s sake, rip the Band-Aid off. Come on. It says that you’re investigating Axe Capital. (Billion S01E05 47:52)
参考翻译:哦,天啊,赶紧撕开遮羞布吧。来吧,上面写着你正在调查 Axe 资本。

E.G.2:Ooh, I was gonna ask you. Should I wear the navy blue chanel or the red sleeveless dress? You can’t come. –Sorry. I just had to rip the Band-aid off. (S05E02 16:24)
参考翻译:哦,我本来想问你的。我应该穿深蓝色的香奈儿还是红色的无袖裙?你不能来。– 对不起,我只能揭开你的伤疤。

E.G.3:Oh. He’s in there right now? — Uh-huh. You can turn around, or you can go in there and rip the Band-Aid off. (Friends S08E02 14:17)
参考翻译:哦。他现在在那里吗? — 嗯。你可以转身,或者你可以进去,撕开遮羞布。

E.G.4:You here to rip the Band-aid off? — It’s what grammy always said to do when you have a boo-boo. (Suits S02E11 04:17)
参考翻译:你是来撕开创可贴的吗? — 这是奶奶一直说的,当你有伤口时要这么做。


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