DH S02E10 Part03


Attainmment of expertise is a product of consistent effort and dedication, while negligence leads to utter destruction. Pondering and evaluating leads to accomplishment, whereas hasty decisions lead to defeat.



Shrinking violet


On one’s way up

Stand up to sb

Sticky note: memo

Control freak:


As Lynette saw her dreams of day care about to board to a place to Pittsburgh, she decided this flight would have to be grounded.


Go down the drain.

We have to go to the mat to do sth:

Rise up to

Caught in the middle:

Command sb’s attention:


It comes the territory

Sth gets to sb:

You could say that again.

Spiritual outreach program:  灵性外展项目、精神外延项目

Spiritual Well-being:

Witness relocation program:

Do a good deed:

A hedge between keeps the friendship green.

Screw him / screw around


On one’s terms:

Get out of one’s system:

To get past sth

To get sth over

To turn over a new chapter/leaf

Manipulate sb into doing sth:

Slip away: fading away/ losing relevance, escaping from one’s grasp.

Lose consciousness:

Let him die down of his own accord:


Biological /foster father

Track record

Give sb a shot at sth

See eye-to-eye:

Done a number on sb:

Put a wedge between sb and sb:

Allergy section:

Let alone:


Establish good rapport with her biological father.

The whole nine yards:

The origin of the phrase “the whole nine yards” is a subject of debate and speculation. There are several theories, but none have been definitively proven. Here are a few popular theories:

  1. Ammunition Belts: One theory suggests that the phrase originated in World War II, referring to the length of a machine gun ammunition belt. It was believed that a fully loaded belt was nine yards long. Therefore, when a gunner used “the whole nine yards,” they had fired all their ammunition.
  2. Tailoring: Another theory links the phrase to the tailoring industry. In traditional tailoring, a complete suit requires about nine yards of fabric. So, when someone ordered “the whole nine yards,” it meant they wanted a full suit with all the necessary fabric.
  3. Concrete Mixer Trucks: Some propose that the phrase originated in the construction industry. Concrete mixer trucks used to have a capacity of nine cubic yards. When they emptied their entire load at a construction site, it was said that they had delivered “the whole nine yards.”
  4. Scottish Kilts: A less common theory suggests that the phrase comes from Scottish kilts. It is believed that a full kilt outfit, including the sash, kilt, and sporran, required about nine yards of fabric.



Sort out: straighten out

Catch up with someone:


Narrator / monologue:

Summaries: concept / critical thinking

Convery a message.

Narrator:The stories are as old as time itself… 故事依旧是那个古老的故事

——>>the prodigal son who returns home to the father who forgives him… 浪子回头金不换 养父释怀

——>>the jealous wife who tricks the husband who trust her… 妒妻讹夫骗信任,花样百出

——>>the desperate mother who risks everything for the child who needs her 慈母护子不究理,竭斯底里

——>>and the faithless husband who hurts the wife who loves him so deeply. 为夫不忠妻憔悴,甘肠寸断

——>>Why do we listen again and again? 千篇一律代代传 乐此不疲

——>>Because these are the stories of family, 只因照见身边事,感同身受

——>>and once we look past the fighting, pain and the resentment, 回首顾盼风云起,满目疮痍

——>>we occasionally like to remind ourselves… 俯身叩问情归处——心系何方?

——>>There is absolutely nothing more important. 古人曰:近不过夫妻,亲不过父母。

Backbreaking work from sun up and sun down.


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