DH S02E13 Part01

DH S02E13 Part01

Come between sb and sb:

Put a hedge between sb and sb:

In the name of sb:

In the name of father:

Throw sth in one’s Horner:

Battle field:

Got hankering for sth: crave for sth

Be over sth:


I’ve been around:

Blatant maneuver:

Tied a knot:

Whipped cream:

Put sb mind in the gutter:

To the victor go the spoils. 胜者为王

From Mike Delfino’s house on one end of the street

All the way to

On the earth: /the hell/ in God’s name

Bree:There comes this point in every boy’s life. 现在到了每个男孩人生的必经时刻

Andrew:What? Find out his dad’s screwing around? 什么 发现他的爸爸到处风流

Bree:No. That his father’s only human. 不发现他的父亲也只是个普通人


Potluck dinner:

Progressive dinner:

Wrap up:

Missionary trip:

While I am here,

Control freak:

I put the house up for sale.



Toss ideas around:

Nail the sucker:

Taste bud:味蕾

Knock the rust off:


Knock sb out of the park: /killer idea


Chill down/off:

Repulse: disgust / aversion

Inches away from / getting this close to do /doing sth

Repressed nature:


All bets are off:

Man up:

Macho posturing.

A real pick site:


A little down / not in a good mood/ feel under the weather.

Stall tactic: gain an advantage / manipulate the outcome.

Stop stalling and go.

Some marriages are meant to be annulled.

Annulments [ə’nʌlmənt]:

God help those who help themselves.


Root for sb:

Active vocabulary

Let put it this way

In other words.

That’s all there’s to it.


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