What is leadship《什么是领导力》:是纪录片High performance leadship《高效管理和领导力》的第三章,时长11分钟。这段剪辑以管理大师以及商业领袖的视角,向观众展示了领导力的定义,以及成为一个高效领导者所需要具备的能力和技能。与此同时,本段剪辑还提示了成为一名合格的领导所需要具备的一些心理素质和行为方式。


Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal. In a business setting, this can mean directing workers and colleagues with a strategy to meet the company’s needs. The success of a structured organization depends on effective leadership. Executive leaders are responsible for determining and guiding the direction and purpose of an organization by setting and achieving goals. There are many other leaders critical to the success of a business, many of which may not even have a leadership title. In this article, we will discuss what leadership means and how you can become an effective leader.


1–Leadership is a concept, which is not easy to define, 领导力是一个很难定义的概念

2–but essentially it’s role which people occupy, 但从本质上来说, 它是人们所扮演的角色

3–and it’s a role which they need an ability or skill to perform, 这是一个他们需要能力或技能来履行的角色,

4–so leadership the word encompasses both the row or the position of being a leader, 所以领导力这个词既包含领导层,也包含领导的地位

5–and also the ability or the skill to do it. To be an effective leader, 以及成为领导者的能力或技能为了成为一名高效的领导者,

6–you need to be able to help a group to achieve the task, 你需要能够帮助一个团队完成任务,

7–you need to be able to build a team so that you have synergy from ordinary parts. 你需要能够建立一个团队, 这样你就能从普通的部分中获得协作

8–And thirdly, 第三

9–you need to develop and motivate and stimulate the individual and the key你需要提升、推动、激励团队成员更为关键的是

10–there is the ability to get the best out of people. 发挥他们的最大潜能

11–What is effective leadership? 什么是有效的领导?

12–hundreds of books,  数以百计的书籍

13–thousands of articles have been written on what is effective leadership 成千上万的文章了对于什么是有效的领导都有论述

14–and here to set it all straightforward for you. Leadership is very simple. 在这里,更直接一点简单地说,

15–Leadership is about your ability to influence individuals 领导力是指你影响个人

16–or groups of people towards the attainment of a goal. 或群体实现目标的能力

17–So it’s the true measure of leadership. 这就是衡量领导力的真正标准

18–His influence, 他的影响力

19–nothing more. 仅此而已

20–Nothing less. 不多不少

21–That leadership is influence. Influence’s leadership. 领导就是影响力充满影响力的领导力

22–The person in any given group that has the most influence at any given time for any given reason在任何给定的时间, 任何给定的原因, 在任何给定的群体中最有影响力的人

23–is the leader of the group. 就是群体的领导者

24–Now you can use power to influence people, 现在你可以用权力影响别人,

25–but typically power’s a fairly short half-life. 但通常它的作用时间相当短

26–True influence comes from 真正的影响来自于

27–the quality of the relationship you have with a person or a group of people. 你与一个人或一群人的关系质量

28–So if you want to be an effective leader, 所以如果你想成为一个有效的领导者,

29–if you want to influence other people,  如果你想影响别人,

30–it’s about the relationship you have with them, 你和员工的关系非常重要

31–so to be a good leader, 所以要成为一个好的领导者

32–you have to learn relational skills. 你必须学习人际关系技巧,

33–You have to get really good at connecting with other people 你必须非常善于与他人相处,

34–and building a meaningful relationship with them. 并与领导者建立有和谐的关系

35–Leaders only have one thing they have followers. 领导者只有一样品质,就是他们有追随者

36–A follower is somebody who raises their hands and volunteers to go where you’re going. 追随者是指那些主动愿意追随你的人

37–They raise their hand to volunteer to go in the direction that you’re pointing and so to lead. 他们主动举手表示愿意向你所指的方向前进,这样起到了领导作用

38–Others means that you have a clear, 其他人的意思是你有一个明确的,

39–a clear vision of a world that does not yet exist where there could exist, 清晰地看到了一个可能存在,但尚未实现的世界

40–and by articulating that cause that vision that purpose over and over and over again, 通过一遍又一遍地阐明这个目标,这个愿景

41–It inspires people who believe what you believe who wants to see that world built to join, 它会激励大家信任你,并愿意加入为他而建的组织

42–to go with you, to figure out ways 与你携手同行,为你出谋划策

43–when leadership simply means you innovate, 领导力简单的说就是不断变革,

44–you’ve the great attitude, you commit to do great work and to lead by example. 充满热情,专注工作,以身作则

45–Ultimately, 最终

46–you use your life for a meaningful purpose. 你要为有意义的目标而生活

47–People look most frequently for four things from their leadership, 人们最常从他们的领导力中寻找四件事

48–hope, 希望

49–trust, 信任

50–compassion and stability. 同情和稳定

51–If you have those four types of characteristics, 如果你有这四个特征

52–you are on your way to be a good leader. 你正在成为一个好的领导者

53–now more effectively does ask themselves deeper questions. 没有人更有效地问自己更深刻的问题

54–What I’m observing, 我看到了什么

55–what am I feeling? 我的感觉是什么

56–What’s the unmet need? 还有什么需求未被满足?

57–and how do I most creatively fulfilled? 我如何才能更好地发挥自己的创造力?

58–A responsible leader is one who demonstrates fairness. 一个负责任的领导是一个公平的人

59–transparency and accountability in every one of his or her interactions or transactions with every stakeholder. 在与他或她的每一个交流或交易中,都保持公开透明,主动承担责任

60–Responsible leadership, Ah, 负责的领导

61–makes you sleep well at night 让你晚上睡得很香,

62–because you have this discharged every one of your obligations 因为你把你的义务

63–fairly and squarely to every one of the stakeholders. 公平地和正直地交给了每一个利益相关者

64–I would say a good leader is a person who produces results and develops people in the level我想说,一个好的领导既能带来丰硕成果,又能塑造别人

65–where they’re expected to lead. 发挥他们的领导力

66–Leadership is an attitude and a presence 领导力是一种态度,一种临场感

67–rather than a management technique , whereas has somebody enters而不是一种管理技巧

68–a room interacts with a group of people 一个房间与一群人互动

69–rather than following some sort of technique or method. 而不是遵循某种技术或方法

70–It usually involves a vision and a influence. 它通常包括远见和影响力

71–A leader is somebody who holds a vision and is responsible for a vision一个领导者持有一个愿景,并为之负责,

72–and then tries to influence people than towards that vision. 然后试图影响别人,而不是独立一人向这个愿景前进

73–I think there’s a huge human and people components of that. 我认为这其中有很大的人性和人为因素

74–and that’s why I’m so passionate about both things. 这就是为什么我对两者都充满热情

75–I’m passionate about leadership because it’s about people. 我对领导力充满热情,因为它关乎人

76–it’s about getting people to goals. 关于让人们实现目标

77–it’s about making a difference for them. 为他们带来改变

78–It’s about making them happy. 让他们过上幸福的生活

79–Leadership is your commitment领导力是你的承诺

80–and your awareness that everything you do everything you say, 是你对自己的一言一行的认识

81–your attitudes to the way you react and act in a situation, 你对自己在某种情况下的反应和行为的态度

82–especially difficult people in situations people are watching. 尤其是那些在人们看到的困难情况

83–Leadership means that people are aware that people are watching what you do and say领导力意味着人们意识到有人在观察你的言行,

84–and could possibly be a witness to that and then imitate those behaviors and attitudes. 并可能成为你言行的见证人,然后模仿你的行为和态度

85–later. 以后

86–Leadership is a commitment to having character and doing the right thing. 领导力就是致力于表现出个性,做正确的事情

87–The best leaders I’ve met. 我见过的最好的领导者

88–Who lead people are people who love leading people. 领导别人的人是那些喜欢领导别人的人

89–They just love it. 他们就是喜欢

90–It’s not a chore for them. 这对他们来说不是一件苦差事

91–they don’t hate it, 他们并不讨厌它

92–they come to work every day. 他们每天按时上班

93–they’re motivated, 他们积极主动

94–they’re enthusiastic, 他们富有热情,

95–they love leading people. 他们喜欢领导别人

96–Well. 那么

97–If you love leading people, 如果你喜欢领导别人

98–then you’re probably going to take it serious, 然后你可能会认真对待

99–you’re probably going to study it, 你可能会学习它

100–you’re going to try to get better, 你会努力变得更好

101–you care, 你在乎

102–and if you don’t love leading people, 如果你不喜欢领导别人

103–you’re often just faking it. 经常只是在假装

104–and I thought a lot about this, 我对此想了很多

105–and when I boiled it down to its most basic level to me, 当我把它归结到最基本的层面时

106–leadership is ultimately a decision. 领导力最终是一个决定

107–Every single day, 每一天

108–we as leaders have to make some critical decisions about leadership, 作为领导者,我们必须做出一些关于领导力的重要决定

109–and it’s not just every day at critical moments in our careers. 不仅仅是在我们职业生涯的关键时刻

110–we have to ask ourselves some fundamental questions about leadership roles. 我们必须问自己一些关于领导力角色的基本问题

111–Maybe it’s the first time you’re being asked to take on a leadership role as a supervisor, 也许这是你第一次被要求承担领导角色,作为主管

112–or maybe you want to become a more senior leader, 或者你想成为更高级的领导

113–and when you first enter the executive ranks at those critical moments, 当你在这些关键时刻第一次进入管理层时

114–we have to pause and make what I call big D decisions我们必须停下来,做一些重大的决定,

115–and why they’re big, because you taking on that role mad. 之所以决定重大,是因为你疯狂地扮演了这个角色

116–At each of these moments, 在每一个这样的时刻

117–you have to pause and ask yourself some fundamental questions. 你必须停下来问自己一些基本的问题

118–Are you really ready to take on the leadership role? 你真的准备好承担领导的角色了吗?

119–Are you prepared for the increased pressure that’s going to come with it? 你准备好应对随之而来的压力增加了吗

120–Do you really want to take it on? 你真的想承担吗?

121–And are you willing to hold yourself to even a higher standard of leadership behavior? 你愿意让自己的领导行为满足更高的标准吗?

122–Those are big D decisions that require you to take a time out, 这些都是需要你花时间去做的重大决定,

123–pause and reflect on those questions. 停下来反思一下这些问题

124–True leadership, 真正的领导下

125–brought us benefits the greater good. 给大家带来巨大的收益

126–If I throw in with you, 如果我和你一起

127–If I follow you voluntarily as a leader and you win, 如果我自愿跟着你干,而且帮助你赢了

128–I benefit as well. 我也从中受益

129–It wasn’t unilateral, 这不是单方面的行为

130–it wasn’t me helping you get ahead it. 不是我帮你取得优势

131–It was you helping us get ahead. 而是你帮我们取得领先

132–The difficulty, 然而,困难是

133–Though, a leadership is that虽然领导力是指

134–people can get promoted into being a leader or elected into being a leader人们可以晋升为领导者或被选为领导者

135–without making a couple of fundamental choices, 在不做一些基本选择的情况下,

136–and they rushed straight to vision and influence. 他们直接面对愿景和影响力

137–The two choices that every leader must make are. Firstly, 每个领导者都必须做出两个选择,第一:

138–something isn’t good enough or something we can do better than this, 有些东西不够好 或者我们可以做得更好

139–so it’s like they get some sort of emotional cause. 所以他们好像有某种情感原因

140–and then the second choices they make, 第二:他们做出的选择

141–of course, 当然

142–is that they are going to do something about it. 他们会做些什么

143–They’re going to lead from the front now. 现在他们冲锋在前

144–What that means is a leadership can come from anywhere doesn’t have to be这意味着,领导不局限于身份,可以是

145–The boss. doesn’t have to be老板,可以是

146–The government doesn’t have to be the captain of the team. 政府官员,也可以团队负责人

147–Any one of those two choices made can become a leader. 能够在以上二者做出正确选择的都可以成为领导

148–So if you want to be a leader in today’s world, 现代社会,如果你想成为领导者

149–you have to lead from the front. 你必须在冲在前线

150–If you can not lead from the front, 如果不在前线 ,

151–you’re notleading, 你就不是在领导

152–You’re doomed to leave from the front. 就注重从前线离开

153–Harvard’s Marty Lynskey defines leadership as disappointing 哈佛大学的马蒂·林斯基将领导力定义为令

154–your own people 自己的人失望

155–at a rate they can absorb. 以他们可以接受的速度

156–So while the challenge is finding an optimal rate of absorption, 所以, 尽管我们面临的挑战是找到最佳的成长速率

157–We have to all agree is Community leaders that standing still is not yet 我们所有人都同意的是,团队领导人还没有站稳脚跟

158–slow progress is better than no progress. 缓慢的进步总比没有进步好

159–The key of a stronger team, 强大团队的关键是

160–a better organization, 更好的组织

161–a greater community is to strive for constant forward. 一个更伟大的团体就是要持续努力向前

162–Leaders today don’t really understand that leadership is a science and an art. 今天的领导者并没有真正理解领导是一门科学和艺术

163–The science side is understanding the business. 科学的一面是拥有商业头脑

164–The art side is understanding people. 艺术的一面是有情商

165–many leaders, 许多领导人

166–today they’ve been promoted because they’ve done the job extremely well 如今,他们被提拔是因为他们出色地完成了工作,

167–and they return profits to the bottom line for the organization. 他们将利润返还到组织的普通成员

168–But really, 但实际上

169–when it comes down to what they don’t have a smack of an idea on how to lead people. 说到底,他们对如何领导别人没有一点想法

170–and that is the art side of the business, 这就是商业的艺术一面,

171–the soft side of doing the business, 做生意的软一面,

172–understanding people what makes people tick. 了解人们的动机

173–What are my expectations of people? 我对人们的期望是什么?

174–Have I clearly articulated what needs to be done and then again once that is done, 我是否清楚地说明了需要做的事情一旦完成了,

175–holding people responsible for their actions, 让人们为自己的行为负责

176–I believe that all services are all leadership is service leadership, 我相信所有的服务就是所有的领导,

177–and it’s interesting, 有趣的是

178–you know, 你知道的,

179–culturally, 从文化角度上看

180–servant is one of those words that has some negative connotations, 仆人是一个带有消极含意的词

181–especially among younger employees, 尤其是在年轻的员工中,

182–because they think in terms of survivor instead of being a servant. 因为他们考虑的是生存或做一个仆人

183–And that misses the greater point. 他们忽略了更重要的一点

184–It’s not about subjugating yourself to some kind of power down a position 这并不是要你自己屈服于某种权力

185–or being taken advantage of. 或者被利用

186–it’s about supporting a greater cause that you support both for the value of the cause 而是要支持一个更大的事业,你信赖这个事业的价值,

187–and because it’s a win-win proposition for both you and your organization. 因为这对你和你的组织都是双赢

188–So I think it’s more like service leadership than servant leadership. 所以我认为这更像是服务型领导而不是主宰型领导

189–In a world of giving speeches about management,  在一个关于管理的演讲的世界里,

190–There is one quite lovely quote 有一句很有趣的格言

191–that is so overused that I find it nauseating that anybody would ever use it again, 被过度使用了,如果再有人会再使用它,我觉得很恶心

192–and so I’m about to use it again. 所以我要再用一次

193–It is a Gandhi line, 这是甘地的名言

194–and it says you must be the change you wish to see in the world. 想要改变世界,你要先改变自己

195–If you got a giant campaign going on relatively to improve quality and everything 如果你有一个巨大的项目正在持续改进,

196–from tying your shoes to the way your office looks or what have you 从改变你系鞋带的方式,以符合办公室的风格,

197–even I’m hardly a neat freak myself has got to echo 到与把这一谚语传递的信息和自己意图传播的信息联系起来,

198–and or magnify the quote requote policy message you are trying to sell. 使之产生共鸣,并扩展它的应用范围

199–Ah, 是的

200–If you are scared of your shadow and you’re trying to sell innovation, 如果你害怕你的影子,你试图推销创新

201–forget about it. 算了吧


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