Clear sth up:1、tidy something up by removing rubbish or other unwanted items. (清理、清扫某物);2、to give or find an explanation for something, or to deal with a problem or argument; to clear up a problem, misunderstanding, or mystery means to settle it or find a satisfactory explanation for it. (澄清、解释某事)

Clear sth up / Clear up sth

E.G.1:Big old pine tree just fell across the access road. We can’t clear it up till tomorrow. So you’re gonna have to sit tight till then. (DH S07E18 20:59)


E.G.2:节选自《绝望的主妇》S03E14  22:44

——>> As far as I’m concerned, he’s free meat. 依我看,他是任人垂涎的大肥肉呢

——>> OK, it’s me. 好吧,是我

——>> What? 什么?

——>> I’m the bimbo. He’s my meat. 我就是那个蠢女人,他是我的肉

——>> All righty. I just wanted to clear that up. 好吧,我只是想澄清一下事实

E.G.3:You said something to julie when you were sleepwalking. — I did? — Yeah, and I need you to clear it up.  Are you the guy that ran me over?(DH S04E13 15:17)

参考翻译:你梦游的时候跟Julie说话了。– 真的?– 没错,我需要你解释一下:是你开车撞了我吗?

E.G.4:Hopefully by then, I’ll get up the courage to once again ask you to go out on a date with me. Of course, even as I’m saying that, I’m still not sure what you’re gonna say. Did that clear it up for you? (DH S08E23 27:25)



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