Bulimic [bu’lɪmik]Suffering from bulimia [bu’lɪmiə] (= a mental illness in which someone eats too much and then intentionally vomits), or relating to this illness: (患厌食症的)

Gag [ɡæɡ]To experience the sudden uncomfortable feeling of tightness in the throat and stomach that makes you feel like you are going to vomit. (使恶心欲吐、使呕吐)

Manifesto [ˌmænɪ’festəʊ]a written statement of the beliefs, aims, and policies of an organization, especially a political party. (宣言;声明)

Commited to do sth:If you’re committed to something, you’re pledged or obligated to do it. (发誓、尽忠做某事)

To/the heck with sb/sth:“Heck with it” is a phrase of dismissal. It’s used kind of like “whatever.”  (爱咋咋地、管它/他呢、随便)

E.G.1:I failed my math test. To heck with it, I’ll just study harder for the next test.

E.G.2:My husband never likes to have people over, but the heck with him, I’m inviting all of my besties.

E.G.3:I never like to sing in front of the audience, but the heck with it, tonight I’m singing.

Rearch out to someone:to make an effort to communicate with people or to give them your support. (努力与某人沟通与提供帮助)

Stencil [‘stensl]a picture made by drawing or painting through the holes in such a piece of card, etc. onto a surface. (用模板、型板复刻、印制图案、依葫芦画瓢)

Chug [tʃʌɡ](slang) to drink all of sth quickly without stopping. (一口气喝完)

S01E06-Part03 Recap

Cut corners:偷工减料

Be able to pull sth off:manage to do sth


  • 退让、让步 (compromise)
  • 销售场地、摊位(stall)
  • 许可、销售权 (Franchise)

Escalate: 扩大/升级问题

Alpha mom:

  • to make other moms feel inadequate.
  • Very good at multi-tasking
  • Sometimes can be quite aggressive if you piss them off.
  • Versatile(多才多艺)


Strikes to the core:攻击要害

Two-faced liar / stab sb in the back

Blatant maneuver:明显的操纵

Submit yourself to play by one’s rules/ to toe the party line

Crisis averted:危机解除、警报解除

Committed a felony:犯下重罪

Push sb over the edge / reaching the end of someone’s patience

Economic crisis / great recession

You have no idea how/what/where(实用句型)

Middle life crisis/ middle malaise

Nice save:

Take a wild guess

File allocation table

Reassemble / resemble

No harm, no foul

Give it a try/ shot


Give sb the attitude/look


Wait hand and foot for sb

Be concerned about

Take shortcuts /cut corners

Not……just because 强调句

Check up on sth

Blend in

Troubled kids / messed-up teenagers

Bulimic: 犯贪食症的


Went off the deep end:Behave irrationally

There’s more to it than that:

Own it to someone:


Credit limit:信用额度

Bunk with sb:

Toasty: warm + cozy


Throw herself at Rex

Blood circulation running smoothly at young age.

Fall off the wagon

Assumed the heavy lifting

Susan:Clumsy / Gaby:Seductive

Be head with sth:

Have/got a lot/enough on one’s plate

I/sb figured (that) 估摸、判断出

Biological/foster father

Reach out to someone:

  • To communicate with sb
  • To offer help to someone


Have a good command of doing sth

Have a lot on sb’s plate / in sb’s glass

Drinking problem: sober/drunk

A.A meeting 互助会(Sponsor /mentor:to help those who’re in need of support to get over the hump.

Cram sth in:to handle multiple tasks at the same time.

AD(H)D: Attention deficit disorder

Sugar makes them hyper.

Chug:to drink all of sth very quickly without stopping.


Pay off:

  • it pays off in the long run. (收到回报、获得收益)
  • Pay all of the debt. (清偿债务)

The bottom line is/

1、the bullet point is/ the important/critical /crucial point is

2、底线是什么: This is the undermost price we can offer.

3、公司的盈亏线: Go in the black/red / go bankrupt

To heck with it:/ the heck/hell with sth/sb

Risk someone’s neck:to do sth that puts one in danger of serious injury or death or punishment.

Gambler: bluff

the art of bragging: pull a wool on sb’s eyes

She’s pregnant / she’s in a delicate condition /she’s expecting (Polished language:


Draw/­­­­ deflect sb’s attention:牵引或转移某人的视线

Mopey——>>Pull yourself together




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