­­­Desperate Housewives S01E12 – Part01


【片段精解】——>>CLIP 47

NarratorMartha Huber waited her whole life 玛莎·胡博一辈子

——>> for something to happen to her, 都盼着自己身上能发生些

——>> something exciting. 激动人心的大事件

——>> As a child she hoped to be kidnapped by a band of pirates. 孩提时代她希望自己能被强盗绑架

——>> As a teenager she dreamt of少女时代她梦想自己

——>> being discovered by a Hollywood talent scout. 能被某个慧眼的好莱坞星探发现

——>> As a young woman she fantasized成年后她幻想能有个

——>> a handsome millionaire would sweep her off her feet. 钻石王老五拜倒在她的石榴裙下

——>> But the years had flown by and still nothing exciting 但岁月经年 激动人心的大事件

——>> had ever happened to Martha Huber. 从未在玛莎·胡博身上发生过

——>> Until the night she was murdered. 直到她被杀害的那晚

PaulHello, Mrs. Huber. Let me give you a hand. 你好 胡博太太 我来帮你吧

Martha Huber : That’s really not necessary. 不用啦

PaulI insist. 我坚持

Narrator: In those last moments it occurred to her, 临死前 她终于明白了

——>> in addition to being boring, 生活之于她不仅是无聊

——>> life could also be very cruel. 而且很残酷

——>> Luckily for Mrs. Huber, death was far more merciful. 幸运的是 死亡之于她反而是种慈悲


1、A scout is a member of scouts which is an organization for children and young people and teaches them to be practical, sensible and helpful.

E.G.1:Come girl scout cookie time, don’t bring around little Tina Because we won’t be home. (DH S01E07)

参考翻译:女童军们聚会的时候 别带蒂娜来,因为我们不在家。

E.G.2:Each year, as part of their fundraising drive, the Fairview Adventure Scouts would award a shiny new bike to whoever sold the most magazine subscriptions. And each scout would set out, utterly convinced the prize would be hers. That’s the beauty of youth. (DH S03E08)


2、A person whose job is to search for talented performers, athletes, etc.

E.G.1:As a teenager she dreamt of being discovered by a Hollywood talent scout. (DH S01E12)


E.G.2:I’m a talent scout for Needle Drop Music, and what I want is to make you a star. (DM S03E07)


3、An aircraft sent ahead to get information about the enemy’s position, strength, etc. 

Talent scout:A person whose job is to search for talented performers who can be employed or promoted, especially in sport and entertainment. (星探)

Sweep someone off his/her feet:To cause someone to be admiring or infatuated,especially to make (someone) suddenly become very attracted to one in a romantic way. (让某人迅速着迷,让某人一见倾心)

E.G.1:Oh, just buying something for my grandma. It’s her 90th birthday. –Here we go. This will sweep her right off her feet. (DH S02E23)

参考翻译:哦,我来给我奶奶买些东西,她要过90岁大寿了 –就是它了,她肯定会喜欢得不得了。

E.G.2:As a young woman she fantasized a handsome millionaire would sweep her off her feet. (DH S01E12)


Could you share with us your biggest fantasy based on different stages of your life, have you found yourself an ultimate goal that you wish to pursue for the rest of your life?

Please elaborate on your ambitions on a specific goal if possible.

When I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a Kung Fu Master like Bruce Lee, inheriting the most powerful martial arts and carrying Chinese Kung Fu forward and bringing it to a greater height of development.

When I was a teenager, I fantasized to become a writer like Lu Yao after reading through his saga novel “The Ordinary World”, I was deeply amazed by its absorbing plots and thought-provoking insights.

When I get married, I craved to set up my own business, to spread and circulate the idea of learning English through watching TV shows, through 10 years of restless endeavor, I finally incorporated a startup in Beijing.

As for the second question, have I found myself an ultimate goal? Yes, I was determined to dedicate the rest of my life to pursuing it. Since I’m not only a beneficiary but also a practitioner, I find it an interesting way to improve English speaking and writing by teaming up with like-minded friends, with the right show, a bunch of passionate people, and a well-constructed approach, I see no reason why we can’t pull it off.

For the past three years, I have been working around the clock, taking advantage of all the resources at my disposal to work out an effective mechanism which enhances study performance and boosts study efficiency. As a saying goes “the proof is in the pudding”, everything is a mystery until you put it into history. As a matter of fact, the only way to advance our delivery skills of speaking and writing is to put them into practice. Most of the people are aware of this situation, but they choose to ignore the elephant in the room, and the reason is simple——the cost is too high for a productive engagement, and there’s no guarantee in regard to how much they can improve after signing up online English courses or taking part of offline activities.

So, how to bring down the cost and guarantee the result? it is incredibly hard, but I still believe it can be realized, through the combination of foreseeable vision and sustainable passion. As you can see, I devised this “mixing business with pleasure” approach and now I’m preparing to put the “pay it forward” initiative to the test. I can only tell you that what we’re practicing right now is the most difficult part of the MBWP approach, so if you can feel at ease of going through this part, the world is your oyster.

I know there’re plenty of barriers and setbacks we need to work out, but nothing is impossible to a willing heart, I’m gonna wipe out what’s get in our way, because it supposed to be hard, and the hard is what makes it great.

Get wind of something:To become aware of something, especially something being kept secret, through indirect means. (知悉某种信息,尤其是别人想要保秘的信息,类似于中文成语:捕风捉影)

E.G.1:Oh, Jeez. Didn’t take the media long to get wind of this. Make sure no one contaminates my crime scene. (DH S01E12)


E.G.2:If the I.R.S. gets wind of your… rainy day fund, they could make me testify against you. (DH S04E02)


Contaminate[kən’tæmɪneɪt]:To make a substance or place dirty or no longer pure by adding a substance that is dangerous or carries disease. (污染、弄脏)

Blissful[‘blɪsfl]:extremely happy; showing happiness. (欣喜的、幸福的、极快乐的)

Do/take a rain check:Used to tell someone that you cannot accept an invitation now, but would like to do so at a later time.

Take a rain check

E.G.1:Look, I worked till 3:00 a.m. Last night. I’m exhausted. How about we take a rain check? (DH S05E21)

E.G.2:Could we do a rain check? Edie and I were just looking at the plans for her house. (DH S01E12)

这个短语的起源是出自美国的棒球文化,如果球赛进行时天公不作美,骤然倾盆大雨的不得不暂停,观众可领“雨票”,球赛改期举行时可凭之入场。由此衍生出了将“take a rain check”使用在约定推迟的情况下。


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