­­­Desperate Housewives S01E17 – Part02


Buggy[‘bʌɡi]:a light carriage pulled by one horse. (轻型马车)

Set someone back(of a purchase) cost someone a particular amount of money. (花费某人钱财)

E.G.1:How much did that horse and buggy set us back? –Do you mind? — Being poor? A little.


E.G.2:Oh. Those must’ve set you back a chunk. — Yes, they did…Not that you deserve them. (DH S05E06)


Have dibs on sth or sbto have the first right to lay claim to someone or use something, before anyone else. (拥有捷足先登、首次利用的机会、拥有对某事物的优先权)

E.G.1:I can’t believe Edie. She doesn’t have dibs on every man on the planet. If I wanna go out with Bill, I should be able to. (DH S01E17)


E.G.2:Why you lent the book to others? I have dibs on it, remember?

参考翻译:你为什么把那本书借给别人了? –还记得吗?我有优先借阅权。

Crypt[krɪpt]:a room under the floor of a church where bodies are buried. 【土窖;地穴;(教堂的)地下室】

Ritual[‘rɪtʃuəl]:a set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony. (固定的程序、例行的安排、某种仪式)

E.G.1:Are we supposed to be following them? I don’t know. Maybe it’s part of the ritual. (DH S01E17)

参考翻译:我们该跟着他们走吗?– 我不知道,也许这是仪式之一呢。

E.G.2:For 20 years, I had the same bedtime ritual. I…I brushed my teeth, and I’d go look at each kid sleeping. (DH S08E02)


Suck it upaccept something unpleasant or difficult. (接受不愉快或者困难的状况)

Suck it up

E.G.1:You did the crime. Why should I pay the price? Just suck it up, be a man and do the time. (DH S01E17)


E.G.2:That man went to jail for you. Do you have any idea how much he must love you? — I do. — Then why can’t you suck it up once a month and go and say hi? (DH S05E19)

参考翻译:你丈夫是为了你才进了监狱,你知不知道他要有多爱你,才能做到这步?我知道。– 那你为什么不能忍一忍,每月抽出一天,进去看看他?

Underhand serve:is a type of serve delivered by hitting the ball below shoulder level. (低手发球)

Electrolyte[ɪ’lektrəˌlaɪt]:a substance, usually a liquid, that electricity can go through, or that separates into its parts when electricity goes through it. (电解质)

Wacky[‘wæki]:unusual in a pleasing and exciting or silly way. (不正常,这里指因运动而导致电解质流失过快)

Phony[‘fəʊniː]:not sincere or not real. (虚伪的、假的、欺骗的,跟前面学到的“Faux”意思基本一致)

Plaster[‘plɑːstə(r)]:If you plaster yourself in some kind of sticky substance, you cover yourself in it. (涂、抹)

Love handlesdeposits of excess fat at a person’s waistline. (躯体中部或腰间肥肉、堆积物,中文里常说的膘肉)

Love handles

The origin of “love handles” is obscure; according to American Heritage Dictionary and Google Books, it was first recorded in the late sixties in glossaries of college slang. The phrase stayed mainly in the shadows throughout the seventies but began to dip its toes into the mainstream by the end of that decade. Well into the eighties it was placed delicately in quotation marks and frequently glossed; such niceties were not necessary by 1990, although you may see the phrase in quotation marks to this day, a sign that it still sounds slangy and not quite reputable. There’s a reason for that: Richard Spears’s Slang and Euphemism [‘juːfəmɪzəm(委婉语)] (1981) defines “love handles” as “fat on the sides of a man or woman held onto during copulation.” It took thirty years, but the sowers of quotation marks have pretty well lost the battle and the term has become respectable.



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