Some people feel the rain, others just get wet! If you’re doing the best under your current circumstances, then kick your heels up and dance (To cast off one’s inhibitions and have a good time.). Today I’m gonna show you how you make an impact by delivering an effective presentation without going aboard, without having a native speaker partner, without practicing with foreigner.

Keep one's heels up

Apart the VIP group members, I haven’t notify anyone, so this is just like small gathering, the reason I made it public is that I wanna to as you know after more than 2 moths decication of the study notes that I promised to deliver to you guys, all I want do is to relax and recharge, and have casual talk with you guys.

Although this might be casual chat, In order to show my hospitality, I’m gonna bringing up enticing and dishes for you guys to consume.

This channel is gonna be filled with telling stories, sharing knowledge related to English learning , life philo and realtionship struggles, the list goes on. whatever topics you would like to put forward, just leave a comment.

A friend of mine told me, Owen you’ve got to update the short videos, you’ve got promote this wonderful iniciative, I told him, you can’t have it both aways. I’ve got to stick to the one thing that matters the most, you know, to build a solid fundation,

As a matter of fact, I tried to find someone who virbates at the some frenency last year, unforunately, it’s very hard to find someone who’s eligible and passionate as me do when it comes to Movie English.

After so many years go through ups and downs, I’m tired of begining with a high profile and end up with weak note. You know, starting from the strach and just enjoy the process. What am gonna do next, is to breakthough the circle which confines me and make accuq.

So from this day forward, I’m gonna devote myself into promoting this fascinating yet (to some people) frustrating approach, which is learning English by watching your favorite TV-series and movies.

Apart from that, I’m gonna organize group meetings and online seminars, I’m gonna try my best keep you guys on board and put you guys forward.

It take all sorts to make a world, It takes guts to disclose your gender preference. understands Fashion, as a saying goes “dress sharbly they notice the dress, dress incrediblely, they notice the women. ” They have a clear boundry and strong sense to way up the balance, They know when to stand out from the crowd, and when to keep a low profile. It has nothing to do with delicate facial features.

If a women who to pull off a feast to the table, that would definately spice up the domastic life,

If you pay attention to the most successful women across China, 董明珠、张桂梅、The thing is behind every spotlight, there’re either full of pangs and toils and or squalors and transgressions.


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