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在绝望的主妇第一季第20集中,有一个场景提到了一个心理学常见表达“Pattern of behavior”用于表达人的一种惯性行为模式,在本段场景中,Lynette通过追忆与Tom俩人间的第一次约会,反推男人因喜新厌旧背叛老相好的心理行为表现,从而证明自己对于其可能再次移情别恋的不安和担忧并非空穴来风。

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TomSo, that was quite a show you put on tonight. 今晚这场戏你做真好啊

LynetteShow? 做戏

TomThe boys paintings, 孩子们的画

——>> all these references to how happy we are? 时不时地炫耀我们的幸福

LynetteWhat’s wrong with subtly reminding Annabel 含蓄地提醒安娜贝尔

——>> you’re happily married? 你婚姻幸福有什么不对

TomBecause it wasn’t subtle. 你根本就不含蓄

——>> And it’s an insult to me. 况且这也间接羞辱了我

LynetteI did not mean it that way. 我根本没这意思

TomAre you so insecure 难道你对我就这么没信心

——>> that you have to pull that crap? 需要上演这么一出吗

LynetteKeep your voice down! 你小声点

TomIt doesn’t matter if she has feelings for me 她对我有没有意思 这无关紧要

——>> as long as I’m not interested. 只要我对她没感觉就行了

——>> Have I ever, ever given you any reason to doubt me? 我曾经给过任何让你不安的理由吗

LynetteAnyone is capable of anything. 世事皆有可能

——>> The first time we’ve ever met, you were cheating. 我们第一次见面你就撒谎

TomWith you! Cheating with you! 那是哄你 为了哄你

LynetteIt’s a pattern of behavior. 这可是一种行为模式

TomUh… Give me a break! 别再说了

LynetteWell, what am I supposed to do? 好吧 那我应该做什么呢

——>> You hire your old girlfriend 你居然雇佣了你的前女友

——>> and you don’t tell me about it for three months? 并且瞒了我整整3个月

TomI could have told you from day one, 如果我在事发当天便告诉你

——>> you would still jump down my throat. 你还是会对我暴跳如雷的

——>> Annabel is ancient history. 我和安娜贝尔的事都成历史了

LynetteShe’s in the next room. 她就在隔壁

TomHow long do we have to be married, Lynette 我们多久才能像一对真正的夫妇 勒奈特

——>> How long until you actually trust me? 你还有多久才会完全信任我

LynetteI trust you. 我信任你

TomHow many times have you said, 你说过多少遍

——>> “If you ever touch another woman, “要是你敢碰别的女人

——>> I’ll take the boys out and I’ll walk out here 我就要带着孩子们离开这个家

——>> and you’ll never see us again”? 并决不让你再见我们一面”

LynetteThat’s just… something wives say to their husbands. 那只是妻子对她们丈夫随便说说的

TomNot all wives. 并非所有的妻子都如此

——>> God, Lynette, you’re just so convinced 老天 勒奈特你就这么确定

——>> that I’m gonna be unfaithful! 我会背叛我们的婚姻

——>> It makes me sick, the distrust, the paranoia… 你偏执狂般的不信任令我非常不舒服

——>> You know, you know, it seems you won’t be happy 看来 除非你把我逼得去出轨

——>> until you drive me out of this marriage 来证明你自己是对的

——>> to prove yourself right! 要不然你永远不会善罢甘休

——>> OK, wait. Forget I said that. 等等 忘记我刚刚说的话

LynetteIt’s too late. 太迟了

——>> You said it. 你已经说出口了

TomWell, then just consider it something 那就把它当做

——>> that husbands say to their wives. 丈夫们对妻子随便说说的吧

Subtly [‘sʌtli]:not loud, bright, noticeable, or obvious in any way or achieved in a quiet way that does not attract attention to itself and is therefore good or clever. 【微妙地、敏锐地、含蓄地……注意其形容词形式:Subtle(微妙的;敏锐的;不明显的;精细的;狡猾的)】

Referencethe action of mentioning or alluding to something. (提及、暗示;征求、征询)

E.G.1:So, that was quite a show you put on tonight. — Show? — The boy‘s paintings, all these references to how happy we are? (DH S01E11)

参考翻译:今晚这场戏你做真好啊。– 做戏?–孩子们的画和所有提及我们过得有多幸福的暗示?

E.G.2:He’s all yours. — Well, that’s not any fun. I thought you liked him. — I do but I don’t get his references. (DH S07E04)

参考翻译:他是你的了。– 这可不是开玩笑,我以为你喜欢他的。– 我是喜欢  但我并没有听他提及什么。

E.G.3:Well, um… let me just call in a few references before we make anything official. (DH S02E13)


E.G.4:Now, to show her that, you’ll be putting together a parent portfolio. What’s that? Family pictures, character references, that kind of stuff. (DH S02E16)



Pull the crap(Slang)doing something clever or sneaky in a negative way. 【搞出个什么幺蛾子(无中生有,无事生非);胡搅蛮缠(以摆人一道)】

E.G.1:Who’s burying their head in the sand? — You are. – No…no, you’re distorting reality. There are opportunities that you can see that–I’m not! What would be my agenda? you can’t pull the crap like this. (DH S04E14)

参考翻译:不承认你的孩子有问题是一回事,视而不见又是另外一回事。– 究竟是谁视而不见 – 是你!– 不……不,根本就是你在捏造事实 – 你早就该发现问题了。–我没有!我为什么要这么做?你不能胡搅蛮缠。

E.G.2:Well, the chamber of commerce just called. They’ve added 40 people to their guest list. Damn it. I only planned for a hundred. we’re gonna need tables. — Relax. They always pull this crap. (DH S05E15)

参考翻译:商会刚才打来电话,他们宾客名单又加了40人。该死,我只准备了100人的。咱们得加桌子了 – 别紧张,他们总喜欢搞出点幺蛾子来。

Pattern of behaviora recurrent way of acting by an individual or group toward a given object or in a given situation. 【(可推演的)行为模型】

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Definition in psychologyBehavior patterns are referred to as chains of behavior, highlighting their nature as a complex linking of simpler segments of behavior. They may be formed via the operant conditioning of various segments presented in the appropriate order.




Jump down one’s throatto react angrily to something that someone says or does. 【(不遗余力、毫不留情地)攻击某人、向某人发飚)

Jump down one's throat

E.G.1:You hire your old girlfriend and don’t tell me about it for three months? I could have told you from day one, you would still jump down my throat. (DH S01E20)


Before you jump down my throat–Roy and I are on fixed incomes. You can’t blame us for taking in a boarder. (DH S06E12)


Used since the late 1800s. To jump down upon someone can mean to physically throw yourself upon them in order to attack them. When used figuratively, it means to attack them verbally. The variant “jump all over someone” is a more emphatic version of the same idiom.

To jump down someone’s throat requires a bit more imagination to unravel. Hercules, to slay the sea monster, is said to have waited for it to open its mouth and jumped down its throat, cutting its intestines to shreds with his sword. Similarly, to verbally jump down someone’s throat calls up visions of them opening their mouth to say something, and before they can utter a word, you “fling yourself down their throat.”

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