­­­Desperate Housewives S01E09-Part01



1、To cause an emotional or mental state, to cause to become active, ready or upset. 

E.G.1:Her curiosity aroused; Mrs. Huber tried to think of a reason for dropping in on me unannounced. (DH S01E01)

参考翻译:受好奇心的驱使 胡博太太想到一个不请自来的理由。

E.G.2:Trust me, all she’s got are questions. –Well, I could, um, refuse to see her. Yeah, because that won’t arouse her suspicion. (DH S04E11)

2、To excite someone sexually.

情景对话:(摘自DH S06E15)

Orson:What was that? 你刚才什么意思?

Bree:What do you think?! It was a lap dance! 你觉得呢?我刚才在跳大腿舞

Orson:That was a lap dance? 那个叫大腿舞?
Bree:I was trying to arouse you. 我想尝试着引起你的性趣

Orson:You are aware I’m in wheelchair? 你明知道我现在都坐轮椅了

Bree:Well, I thought you still might be interested in that sort of thing. 呃,我当时想或许你对“那事”依然会有兴趣。

“Arouse” 这个词会用的,英语都在中级水平线上,它常见的搭配主要有:Arouse someone’s interest/emotion suspicion/curiosity等。 

Seduce[sɪ’djuːs]entice (someone) into sexual activity. (勾引、引诱)

Runway[‘rʌnweɪ]:A long strip of ground where airplanes take off and land(飞机跑道); a raised structure along which models walk in a fashion show. (T台走道)

Boredom[‘bɔːdəm]:The state of feeling bored. (厌烦、厌倦)

Cut shortto have to stop doing something before it is finished. (中断或中途停止某事)

E.G.1:That’s how she came to start an affair with her teenage gardener, which was cut short by a tragic accident. (DH S01E09)


E.G.2:Our first date was cut short when you sabotaged your own sprinkler system. (DH S07E06)


【片段精解】——>>CLIP 33

NurseMrs. Solis, I know you’re worried, 索利斯夫人 我知道你很担心

——>>but it’s gonna take time. 但这需要时间

GabyHm? What is? 什么

NurseYou look sad. 你看起来很难过

——>> I assumed you were thinking about your mother-in-law. 我以为你在担心你的婆婆

GabyOh, no. 并没有

NurseSo, uh, what were you thinking about? 那你在想什么呢

GabyMy life. 我的人生

——>> It hasn’t turned out like I thought it would. 它和我预期的相去甚远

NurseOh, honey. 亲爱的

——>> Oh, no. I know I shouldn’t complain. 不 我知道我不该抱怨

——>> It’s just there’s something missing 好像少了点什么

——>> and I don’t know what it is. 可我又说不上来

——>> Do you ever feel that way? 你有过这种感觉吗

NurseNo. 没有

——>> When I go home at night, I sleep like a baby. 我每天晚上都睡得很踏实

——>> ’cause I know I did something that day that helped people. 因为我清楚自己白天做了帮助他人的事

GabyThat must be a nice feeling. 那感觉一定很好

NurseHm. It is. 确实

——>> Of course, there’re times I wish I didn’t have to work so hard. 当然,有时我也会希望工作能够轻松点儿

——>> We got a nursing shortage and they cut our budget. 这儿缺护士 上头还要削减预算

Woman1Attention, all available personnel. 注意 所有待命人员

——>> Code blue, stat, room 214. 214病房 需要医疗急救

NurseExcuse me. 失陪了

Woman1All available personnel. 所有待命人员

——>> Code blue, stat, room 214. 214病房 需要医疗急救

NurseDamned! Get a doctor in here. I don’t have an airway. 糟糕,把医生叫来 他呼吸困难

——>> No time. I have to intubate. 来不及了 我得插管了

——>> Mr. Getz. Mr. Getz, listen. 盖茨先生 盖茨先生 听得到吗

——>> You’re not dying on me, ok? 我不会让你死的 好吗

——>> This tube is to help you breathe. 这根管子会帮你呼吸

——>> I need you to be brave now. 现在我需要你拿出勇气来

NarratorIt was then that Gabrielle got her next great idea. 就在这一刻 加布丽尔灵机一动

——>> She decided to throw the first annual 她决定举办首届

——>> Sacred Heart charity fashion show 圣心慈善时装秀

——>> to raise money for more nursing staff. 为雇佣更多的医护人员募集资金

Got a * shortageshort of hands of lack of something. (缺乏某物或人手)

Code blueHospitals often use code names to alert their staff to an emergency or other event. … Code blue indicates a medical emergency such as cardiac or respiratory arrest. Code red indicates fire or smoke in the hospital. Code black typically means there is a bomb threat to the facility. (蓝色告急)



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