­­­Desperate Housewives S01E12 – Part02


Spit it out:Used to urge someone to say or confess something quickly. (赶紧说、快点说出来)

E.G.1:I’m not gonna give you the satisfaction, so you might as well spit it out. (Suits S04E10)

E.G.2:What do you want? — It’s kind of awkward. I’m busy, spit it out. What is it? (SATC S03E06)

Dig in:to start eating. (开始吃饭)

Tow away:To drag or pull something, such as a car or a boat, away with another car, boat, etc. (将某物拖走,尤指车辆或船只)

Felon[ˈfelən]:A person who has been convicted of a felony. (重罪犯)

Getting groped by someone:If one person get groped by another, he or she is in a state of being sexually harassed. (被人掐油、吃豆腐)

The web of one’s hand:a fold of skin which connects the digits. (连接手指之间的交叉部位,这里指虎口)


Macaroon[ˌmækə’ruːn] :蛋白杏仁甜饼干

End up doing/with/in… :This phrase is used in cases that sb. or sth. finally turns into what kind of status or be into what kind of situation usually negative. (以某种方式告终或结束)

E.G.1:Edie, for God’s sake. Why would I care if you end up with a man I despise? (DH S02E02)

E.G.2:I’ve always dreamed that before I died, I finally get the chance and I end up blowing off a toe. I would get to kiss a truly beautiful woman. (DH S01E12)

E.G.3:But if we don’t send him to a hospital, he’s gonna end up in prison. (DH S02E20)


Get over something:to start to feel happy or well again after something bad has happened. (渡过、熬过某种困难的局面、让某件不好的事情翻篇=释怀,或开始忘却曾经令你倍受煎熬的某个人)

E.G.1:Being with George made you feel a bit guilty. –Well, I’ll just have to get over it, won’t I?(DH S02E16)

E.G.2:I know you’re trying to get over Morty,but this is not the way to do it. (DH S01E19)

E.G.3:I still can’t get over the way Alex behaved this morning. (DH S05E12)

Pull away:to draw oneself back or away. (撤走、离去、后退)

E.G.1:As they pulled away, Susan looked out on the street she loved so much…(DH S06E23)

E.G.2:But the thing that I don’t think I’ll ever get over is that when I did kiss you, you pulled away from me. (DH S01E12)

Catch someone off-guard:to surprise someone by doing something that they are not ready to deal with. (让某人来不及防备、猝不及防)

E.G.1:Yeah, ’cause there’s nothing scarier than a guy coming at you with jazz hands. — That’s funny, but actually, the dance part is to catch your opponent off guard. (DH S05E03)

E.G.2:John caught me off guard. I’m going to give back the ring. (DH S01E13)

扩展短语:Catch someone red handed:to discover someone while they are doing something bad or illegal. (当场逮个正着、抓现形),例句如下:

E.G.1:Do you know where my walking stick is? I thought I might equip myself with it for tomorrow. In case you catch a thief red-handed? (DA S06E06)

E.G.2:I am going to catch him red-handed. I am going to teach him a lesson. But first I’m going to refill this with water in case he gets past me. (MF S06E19)

Don’t give it another thought:Used to tell someone not to worry when they have apologized or explained for something. (别在意,别想太多)

E.G.1:Hey, Lauren. Hi. We had a really rough morning. — Don’t give it another thought. (DH S01E12)
参考翻译:劳伦,我们今早实在忙晕了。– 没事,别在意。

E.G.2:Would it make you feel better to– to strike me? — No. You– you had good intentions, Jared. Honestly, don’t give it another thought. (Silicon Valley S03E10)
参考翻译:你打我一下会让你好受点吗 -不会。你是出于好心,贾里德。说实话,你别想太多。

【片段精解】——>>CLIP 49

Susan:So, what are you waiting for? 你在等什么
Edie:I bet you were a cheerleader in high school, weren’t you? 你高中肯定是啦啦队长吧
Susan:My junior year. How’d you know? 最后一年当过 你怎么知道
Edie:Girls like you were always cheerleaders. 你这样的女孩肯定是啦啦队的
——>> Clear skin, honor roll, popular. 皮肤好 优等生 受欢迎
——>> In high school I was the girl that hung out with the freaks 高中里 我就是那种和小混混一起
——>> on the loading dock and smoked. 在码头抽烟的女孩
——>>Everyone hated us. 没人待见我们 –
Susan:Well, you know high school. 这就是高中啦
——>> Thank god we leave that behind. 谢天谢地这些都过去了
Edie:See, I don’t think we do. 我不这么认为
——>>I’m still the outsider 我仍旧是那种
——>>that doesn’t get invited to the cool parties, 潮流派对瞧不上的局外人
——>>and you’re still the perky cheerleader 而你还是神采奕奕的啦啦队长
——>>who thinks she can pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. 总觉得自己能蒙蔽大家的眼睛
Susan:What? 什么
Edie:You came on this trip, paid for the gas, 你跟我一起郊游 付汽油钱
——>> and, look at you. You’re changing this flat 居然还换了轮胎
——>> when you know I have auto club. 明知道我是汽车俱乐部的
——>> You want something from me. 你想从我这得到点什么
Susan:I just know Mrs. Huber’s death’s been hard on you. 我知道胡博太太的死对你打击很大
——>> So I want to help. 所以想帮帮你
Edie:That’s a lie. 你撒谎
Susan:Why would you think I was lying? 你凭什么说我撒谎
Edie:Because we’re still in high school. The old rules apply. 因为就跟高中一样 游戏规则仍适用
——>> The cool kids only talk to the freaks when they need something. 好孩子对混混向来无事不登三宝殿
——>> You’re not getting back in my car 你要是不告诉我你的意图
——>> until you tell me what it is that you want. 就别想上车
Susan:Ok. 好吧
——>> Look, I… 我
——>> I just haven’t always treated you well and I wanna make amends. 我一直对你不太好 想补偿你
Edie:Hmm. I still think you’re full of crap, 我还是觉得你谎话连篇
——>> but we don’t have time to debate this. 可现在没空和你争这个
——>> You know. For what it’s worse. 其实 最糟的是
Susan:I would have talked to you in high school. 高中时我本该和你说话的
Edie:Of all the lies you’ve told, 你说的所有谎话里
——>>that’s the worst. 这个是最糟的

Honor roll:A list of students who have done work of a very high standard,therefore, worthy of honor. For example, students who have earned grades above a specific average during a semester or school year. (优等生名册、光荣榜)

Honor roll



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