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Classy[‘klɑːsi]:stylish, fashionable or sophisticated. (时尚的;有品味的;高雅的)

E.G.1:Bree is very beautiful. And very classy. But she’s not very perceptive. For instance, she thinks you’re a good person. And it’s now very clear to me, you aren’t. (DH S01E13)


E.G.2:I bet the guys go crazy with your whole…classy, repressed thing you got going on, huh? (DH S02E12)


End up with sb/sth:to finally be in a particular place or situation with someone or something. (最终与某人一起或以某事告终)

E.G.1:Bree would never do anything like that. She’s a lady. — Exactly. A very beautiful, classy lady. Remember, they tend to end up with doctors. (DH S01E13)

参考翻译:布里绝做不出这样的事 她可是个淑女。完全正确 一个美丽而且高雅的淑女,记住 淑女最终都会选医生,而不是药剂师。

E.G.2:I’m a little out of your league, don’t you think? I mean, I didn’t come to America to end up with some greasy-haired little boy. (DH S06E19)



In the worst wayDesperately and with an extreme desire. (非常迫切、极度渴望)

Narrator:Since she was a little girl, 苏珊·梅尔

——>> Susan Mayer wanted to be a mother in the worst way. 从小就很想做母亲

——>> And from the first day 从她把茱莉从医院

——>> she brought Julie home from the hospital… 带回家的第一天起

——>> she was. 她确实做到了。

这里的“In the worst way”是一个双关语,它的字面意思是“以最坏的方式”,还有一层意思是:极度渴望。注意这里的“she was”出现得很诡异,通过情节诠释,它表达了两层意思:

  • Susan的确是极度渴望扮演好母亲的角色,
  • 但她却是以最糟糕的方式做砸了。

NarratorDespite her desire to do well by her daughter… 尽管她非常渴望好好照顾她的女儿

——>> Susan suffered through countless failures. 苏珊还是屡战屡败

——>> Of course, it took Susan a few years to realize 当然苏珊花了好些年才认识到

——>> that even the best of parents make mistakes now and then. 即便最好的父母也会偶尔犯点错误

——>> But now that Julie was a teenage girl, 但茱莉现在长成了亭亭玉立的少女

——>> Susan had started to realize… 苏珊开始意识到…

——>> … there was no room for error… 决不能再出错了

Suffer throughto undergo or be subjected to pain, punishment, etc. 【经历、遭受(某种负面的境遇或影响)】

No room for sthIf you say there is no room for a feeling or type of behaviour, you mean it is not acceptable. (做某事是不被接受或行不通的)

以“Despite”开头的让步状语从句加上肯定结构“Of course”渲染气氛,再通过“but”引导的原因状语进行转折,为引导下面的精彩演出作铺垫。

Gravel[‘ɡrævl]:small, rounded stones, often mixed with sand. (碎石、 砾石、鹅卵石)

Once and for allFinally, and decisively. This phrase, literally meaning “this one final time which will serve forever.” (一劳永逸地、彻底地)

E.G.1:You’re gonna come to Julie’s party tomorrow night and you’re gonna see Karl and I together, and you’re gonna understand once and for all that I have no feelings for him whatsoever.


E.G.2:Julie, what is Zach doing out there? I told you not to speak to him. I’m not. That’s why he’s throwing gravel at my window. Right, that’s it. I’m gonna handle this once and for all.

参考翻译:朱莉,扎克在外面干什么? 我告诉过你别再理他。– 我没有,所以他才往我窗户扔石子。– 好吧,让我来彻底地解决这件事。

Pebble[‘pebl]:a small smooth round stone, especially one found on a beach or in a river. (鹅卵石)


1、an amount of something that can be held in one hand.E.G.1:Mrs. Mayer, I am so sorry. It’s just…One pebble wasn’t working so I tried a whole handful. Look. I’ll make it up to you. (DH S01E20)


E.G.2:Oh, okay. Uh, coffee will be fine. Beans are right there. Grab a handful and grind. (DH S05E21)

参考翻译:没事,给我来杯咖啡就好。– 咖啡豆在这儿,你抓一把自已磨。

2、a person or thing that is difficult to control or manage.

E.G.1:Can’t we just revel in her absence? I know she’s a handful, but she deserves some compassion. (DH S03E09)


E.G.2:I mean, you only see me at home. But at work, when the pressure’s on, I can be a bit of a handful. (DH S05E04)



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