The reason why desperate housewives is the most suitable tv-show for intermediate english learners — Owen Lee

It all started with an enchanted serendipity. I simply watched one episode of Desperate Housewives right after the 2008 summer Olympics was held in Beijing — I guess, after finished binge-watching Prision Break, I just wanted a change of pace.

I didn’t mean to spend 18 months glued to the screen watching a soap opera loved mostly by members of the opposite sex. Then again, I couldn’t have imagined that Desperate Housewives was so compelling and interesting! — Illicit affairs, business scenarios, murders, scheming, dark secrets, and literary narratives, it all wrapped up as a comedy. Awesome!


I’m one hundred percent positive that Desperate Housewives is the most incredible TV-show for Intermediate English learners. I’ve been watching English TV-shows for 15 years, and to be honest, DH is the only one that I devoted myself in it for more than 3 times for the first season.

Here are some of the key elements that I believe would infuse more or less excitement along the way of our learning journey:

Firstly, DH features a considerable amount of idiomatic expressions which facilitates us to communicate with native speakers in a more confident and natural way, and by proper applying these idioms will definitely add colors to effective communication.

Secondly, DH contains sufficient daily conversations which can be easily integrated into real-life situations. From growing pain to living pleasure, friendship to love, romance to hatred, campus to church, neighborhood scenarios to business settings… you name it.

Thirdly, DH covers a wide-range of vocabularies and various sentence structures which enables us to build up words and phrases that suits our specific needs and liking.

To top it all off, the literary narrative style of this drama is what I can make the most of it, as the narrator demonstrates the meaning of life, the setting of the scene, the inner voice of the characters in a coherent and correspondent manner, those refined words and illustrative pictures enlightens me to form sophisticated sentences in a relatively profound way, apart from that, It also inspired me to explorer deep-rooted cultural differences and values.


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