DH S02E15 Part01

绝望的主妇第二季第15集 Part01课堂笔记

Put a and b together:

Connect the dots, put sth together.

Sb come to the conclusion that.

Punishment should fit the crime.

Insurance fraud.


Set to go:

Have it to sb that/to do: capability / inclination.

So much as:稍微、一丁点


Turn sb in:

Heirloom: 传家宝

Get off one’s high horse:

For that matter:

“Bar and grill” refers to a type of restaurant or establishment that combines elements of a bar and a grill or a casual eatery. It typically offers a variety of alcoholic beverages, along with a menu that includes grilled or barbecued food, as well as other casual dishes.

Drudge up:


Get pulled into sth:

She’s ancient: 老古董

It was not that long ago that…

Keel over:

On a play date with sb:

Cut sb loose:

Here’s the deal: 利益攸关

For what is worth:

Weigh 300 pounds.

The least sb could do:

Take one’s mind off sth:

Make house calls:

Slip sth to sb:

Hair of the dog: 顺毛酒


Honest mistake:

Sneezing fits:


Go out on a lime:

Morbid fascination:

I’m getting tired of your Morbid fascination with two strangers who didn’t love you enough to keep you.

It’s only natural

Biological/birth parents:


Just say the word:

I’d go with that:

See to it that:

I’ll personally see to it that people start treating you with a little more respect.




Take me to on new year.

Carnations: 康乃馨

Give sb a hard time:



Don’t be so suicidal:



Stretch marks:

Lighten up:

Off the top of my head:

At the first glance.

Be on Medicare:


“Be on Medicare” refers to the state or condition of being enrolled in or covered by the Medicare program. Medicare is a federal health insurance program in the United States that provides coverage for eligible individuals, primarily those who are aged 65 and older, as well as certain younger individuals with disabilities.

triplets: 三胞胎

impersonal incubator: 血浓于水

Migraine: 偏头痛

Just give her time, she will come around.

Take off: 离开、跑开

Weirdo freak:


Real winner: “你找对人了!”

She’s got a soft heart and sharp mouse.

Boutique [buː’tiːk]:服装精品店


Childbearing hips:

Pull out / pull over:


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