Leadship development《领导力养成》:是纪录片High performance leadship《高效管理和领导力》的第四章,时长约5分40秒。这段剪辑以管理大师以及商业领袖的视角,向观众展示了领导力的培育和发展过程中,所需要关注的外部环境和内在因素。与此同时,本段剪辑还提到了公司在培养潜在具有领导力的职员所需要关注的三个方面。


Leadership development is the process which helps expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations. Leadership roles are those that facilitate execution of a company’s strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare and growing the capabilities of others.

1–Increasingly the world is moving faster. 世界的发展越来越快

2–Increasingly, 这一点越来越重要,

3–organizations have to keep up with that speed. 那就是各个公司团队要与时俱进

4–Increasingly they need to change, 他们必须改变传统观念,

5–and therefore increasingly they need people who can provide leadership and not just at the top. 他们需要更多具有领导力的人才,尽管他们不是领导

6–but in the middle and even young people 而是在中层,甚至小组的负责人,

7–doing projects are being the head of a task force at lower levels. 这些人带领大家完成低一级的项目任务

8–Things are moving so quickly. You’re gonna have to work with multiple leaders. 事情发展得如此迅速,你得和大家合作共赢

9–There’s no way one person can absorb and deal with all of the issues that are coming up. 一个人不可能事无巨细都亲力亲为

10–So there’s notion of building a network of leaders in your organization 因此,需要在组织内部成立一个领导力网络,

11–to be able to deal with the opportunities, 以应对各种状况,

12–and also the issues is going to be vitally important. 处理各种要务

13–I do believe that one of the best indicators of leadership 我坚信,衡量领导力最佳的指标之一

14–is a leader’s track record in developing leaders. 是其在培养领导者方面的记录

15–and I will frequently focus on three areas when I’m interviewing or while I’m talking to people. 当我与人交谈或者面试员工时,我会经常关注三个方面

16–and one is certainly on performance 首先是绩效,

17–because you always want to have leaders who are committed to high performance and good markets. 因为你总是想要领导者具有这样的品质:工作高效,能够妥善应对良好的市场

18–bad markets, 糟糕的市场

19–diverse global markets, 以及多样化的全球市场

20–handling a wide range of different scenarios. 处理各种不同的场景

21–Secondly, 第二

22–I always focus on what’s their track record to develop future leaders. 我总是关注他们在培养未来领导力方面的记录

23–and one of my favorite questions is to ask people to name three or four leaders, 我最喜欢的一个问题是让人们说出三四个领导者的名字,

24–if I went out and asked them,  如果我问他们

25–who had the biggest impact on their career and how they did it, 谁对他们的职业生涯影响最大,以及如何影响他们的

26–Who are those four people that you would name, 这些人都是谁,

27–and at a senior level if they can’t name three or four fairly senior level people that immediately, 如果他们不能立马说出三四位资深人士,

28–I questioned them where were those people’ development and last. 我质疑他们未来的发展, 最后

29–I’ll ask, 我会问

30–How did they move their businesses 他们是如何推进公司业务的

31–How did they develop talent with our credits in mind? 他们是如何在我们的理念下培养人才的

32–And so for me, 所以对我来说

33–it gives me an indication of how committed they are to developing individuals, 这让我了解到他们对培养个体

34–to develop teams, 发展团队的投入程度,

35–you know. . . Frankly, figuring out how to work through others to get their jobs done. 你知道,坦率地说,就是想办法如何通过别人来完成他们的工作

36–I think that dilemma is that, 我认为这个困境就是,

37–as complex as an organization have grown, as fast as environment is changing, 随着组织成长越来越复杂,环境变化越来越快

38–there’re just not enough extraordinary leaders to go around. 就使得组织中没有涌现出更多杰出的领导者

39–You know 你知道

40–you look at what we expect from a leader. 看看我们对领导者的期望

41–We expect somebody to be confident and yet humble. 我们期望领导既自信又谦逊

42–We expect them to be very strong in themselves, 我们希望他们自身非常强大

43–But open to be influenced, 但也能够被影响

44–We expect them to be amazingly patient with great foresight but to be practical as well 我们期望他们非常耐心、高瞻远瞩,同时着眼现实

45–to be extremely bold and also prudent. 非常勇敢但同时也非常审慎

46–I mean how many people like that are out there?我的意思是这样的人多吗?

47–Now I haven’t met very many. 现在我还没见过很多

48–People have the innovation instincts of Steve Jobs, 有史蒂夫·乔布斯的创新本能

49–the political skills of Lee Kuan Yew and the emotional intelligence of Desmond Tutu, 有李光耀的政治技巧和德斯蒙德·图图的情商

50–like that’s a pretty small set, 这些人非常少

51–and yet we’ve built organizations where you almost need that caliber of person for them to run. 然而我们已经建立了一些组织,你几乎需要这样的人才来管理他们

52–If you locate so much of the decision making authority in the top of the organization. 如果你把很多决策权放在组织的最高层

53–So here we are in a world of amazing complexity 所以我们现在所处的世界存在惊人的复杂性

54–and complex organizations that they just required too much of those few people at top. 和复杂的组织,他们需要太多的凤毛麟角般优秀高层人员

55–They don’t have the intellectual diversity. 他们没有多样的知识背景的

56–The band and the time to really make all these critical decisions. 团队和足够的时间来做出所有这些关键的决定

57–you know, 你知道

58–There’s a reason that so often in organizations. Change is belated. 这是有原因的变化总是姗姗来迟

59–It is infrequent. It is convulsive. Because typically in those traditional structures这很罕见,也不寻常因为在传统结构中

60–by the time, 当

61–a small team of the top realizes, 一个高层小团队意识到

62–there’s a need for fundamental change. 有必要进行根本性变革的时候

63–By the time a problem is big enough or opportunity is 当问题足够大,或者机会足够显现的时候

64–clear enough, that it prompts action that breaks through all the levels, 以至于激发了各个层面的行动,

65–commands the attention of these extraordinarily busy people top. 引起了这些极其忙碌的高层人士的注意

66–It’s too late. 但那太迟了

67–So if we want to build truly adaptable organizations, 所以如果我们想要建立真正适应性强的组织

68–we have to syndicate the work of leadership, 我们必须把领导工作联合起来

69–More broadly.  更广义上说

70–The type of people that we need are not the conformists, they are the radicals, 我们需要的人不是墨守成规的人,而是激进的人,

71–we don’t need more people that think the old way or think the same way. 我们不需要更多的因循守旧、思考单一的人

72–We need the people who think differently. 我们需要有不同想法的人

73–So if I were the CEO of an organization, 如果我是一个组织的首席执行官

74–what I’m looking for is not the same. 我要找的是与众不同的东西

75–I’m looking for difference, 我发现闪光点

76–and if you go on a search for different, 如果你去寻找不同的事物

77–here is what you’re goona find, in every organization, 你会发现的,在每个组织中,

78–you’re gonna find people that are just a little bit different. 你会发现人们只是有一点点不同

79–I don’t care if you call them misfits. 我不在乎你说他们不合群

80–I don’t care if you call them deviance. 我不在乎你说他们反常

81–I don’t care if you call them weirdos, 我不在乎你叫他们怪人

82–but I’m gonna to tell you right now. 我现在就告诉你

83–The people that matter most are the people that are just a little bit different, 最重要的人是那些有一点不同的人

84–who comment issues and problems and challenges from a different angle. 那些从不同角度看待问题和挑战的人

85–We aren’t smart enough. 我们不聪明

86–To be able to make sense out of what’s happening, 能够理解正在发生的事情

87–we only can make sense when we’re prepared to spread out the inputs that we have, 我们只看重以前的陈词滥调,

88–and collect back alternative points of view, 并收集多元的观点

89–and an organization is not going to be great today in this environment, 在今天的环境下,一个组织不会变得强大

90–without a willingness to embrace the strange opinions, 如果不愿意接受这些多样的观点

91–the weird ideas and the different points of view. 奇怪的想法和不同的观点

92–they come from people that are aware just a little bit differently. 这些都来自那些只是有点不同的人

93–They have value, to ignore that value of the deviant, to ignore that value of the person. 有些人,不认同那些离经叛道人的观念和价值

94–That’s just a little bit different in the way they view the world,  要知道,这种看世界的方式看起来只是有点不同,但是

95–It’s putting your organization at jeopardy 它将会置你们的组织于危险的境地



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