Dear All:

The clock ticks so fast that half a day had passed (结果状语从句), for the entire morning, I did nothing but thinking of you guys and our boot camp. Now that we’ve already completed one third of the group learning journey, I think it is time for me to write you a letter, summarizing what we have done and indicating what lies ahead.

Up to now, we have completed 20 topics within 1 month, I know it’s quite a demanding task and a weary journey, and I’m aware of the fact that some of you might find it considerably hard to keep up with the pace and tempo I set out(同位语从句), but I have to point out this is the only way through which the process of language acquisition would be made much more effective. (介词+关系代词引导的定语从句)


I understand that, when it comes to language acquisition, nobody could guarantee a comprehensive and desirable advancement in a short period of time no matter how hard we try. But I’m quite positive that you’re gonna enjoy notable improvement so long as you’re willing to put aside your time and energy to go to the next level with us (条件状语从句).

Below are some bullet points that I summarized for our next phase practice, please review and feel free to make a comment:

First of all, we need to accumulate words, phrases and idiomatic expressions as much as ever. Apart from that, we also need to practice other essential components which had never been paid close attention to(定语从句), especially components that does ring a bell yet haven’t been activated, and expressions that strikes a resonating chord with our current mindset. Only by doing so could we enlarge our activate vocabularies and enrich diversity, accuracy and empathy of our expression. (倒装句)

Secondly, we need to rectify commonly made mistakes, such as pronunciation, intonation, and collocation; in addition to that, we refine our expressions by taking advantage of the constituents that we’ve learned from TV-show(定语从句), Movies or other media outlets. I hope you all find it beneficial that this journey isn’t just about consolidating what we’ve acquired before(6123句型结构), but adding colors to what we’re going to present in the future .

Thirdly, for those who’re unable to form a presentable essay and a sophisticated speech, my advice is, “I would rather competing with myself than focusing on how much content I can generate and how long my speech can last. Developing a self-reassurance mindset is crucial to prevent ourselves falling into a vicious circle where rat races are raging fiercely, then and only then, will we be able to sustain the passion of learning.

Fourthly, be a good listener and questioner. We have to understand each other, interact with each other whether you like the other person or not. If you find someone’s speech is insightful and inspirational while you’re listening, don’t hesitate to give your thumbs up. Better still, asking questions when you’re unable to catch the meaning or figure out certain words.

Fifthly, mingle with the people who surround us. It is more likely we’re gonna perform well if we’re in a more relaxed and comfortable environment. With like-minded people rooting for us, the journey will be much better traveled——we make jokes, we tell stories, even share intimate secrets with each other. What I believe is that goodwill and kindness are investment we shall not falter, it will come in handy someday when we least expect it. Anyway, if you don’t mingle, you are gonna wind up single.

All in all, we have to reach a unanimous decision in order to accomplish a common goal– which is do whatever it takes to master the English language given that we come all this far to be on the stage. I appreciate that some of us are running on our full cylinder in the hopes that one day we’ll be looked up on in the one arena we believed we truly belonged, and if that’s the case, don’t hesitate, kick up our heels and dance!

As for the next phrase of the group-up activity, it is strongly recommended that we incorporate more than two newly acquired sentence patterns into our presentation, furthermore, please inform and stress these sentence structure while you’re delivering your presentation to your teammates. You don’t have to follow with the sequence I had sorted out for you, just follow your intuition and go with the flow, things will work themselves out in the end.

It may appear that each one of the sentences are independent at first, but these patterns are somehow connected, and please keep in mind that, if you take a deep dive and devote yourself into the learning process, you would gradually realize that, the importance of sorting out sentence structure as to language learning is like unclogging the blockages which piled up in our veins.

As of now, there’re 40 topics to be provided for us to practice, if you try to make use of the sentence patterns according to my plan, namely to go through each sentence pattern 3-5 times, you’re gonna develop a strong sense of thinking in the English way, thus feeling at ease to form sophisticated yet lucid sentences in no time.

The ultimate goal is to integrate all these practical components into our daily communication, and make it flow in a logical order! Whether you believe it or not, flow is the parent of fluent. Of course, for those who already arrived at upper-intermedia level, being fluent is not enough to satisfy our ever-growing ambition, therefore, we also need to take advantage of the sentence structures, rhetorical Devices, idioms, quotations, a combination of words…by proper assembling and applying these elements will enable us to compile and compose polished language in an effective and professional way.

Since I’m a big fan of desperate housewives, I’ve always fancied the word “desperation”, it is such a magic potion that enables us leaping tall buildings in a single bound, empowers us maximizing our full potential in one short burst. I used to see myself as a nerd, but now I turned out to be a liver streamer. For what it’s worth, language acquisition is best nurtured in dedication and desperation, you can quickly become a fluent speaker if it is clear that your interest goes beyond your pay slip.

However, I always comfort myself the moment I feel frustrated and overwhelmed——it doesn’t matter whether I’m a success or failure as long as I’m doing the best I can and I will find ways to make sure my future self appreciate my current endeavor. As a matter of fact, I consider it a handy tool that self-consolation can be regarded as a lubricant to mitigate desperation and ease anxiety.

All I wanted to say is that, together, we sharpen our eyesight to witness language acquisition in a whole new light; together, we develop a habit to interact with a formless and fairness beauty, together, we grow a pair and go to the mat to master the English language.

Here’re some quotes I’d like to share with you:

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead to anywhere. — Frank. A. Clark”

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress. — Obama”

Although the road is endless and faraway, my heart of exploring will never decay. Because I know from the bottom of my heart that “to the road of self-realization is paved with self-identification, self-motivation, self-discipline, self-consolation and self-reassurance. — Owen”

“A time will come for us to steer the winds against the waves, together we serve it up, with sails wafting under the cloud and paddles ferrying across the sea — Owen”.

Without enduring the growing pain and embrace the bleak solitude at first, how could we expect cheerful blossoms at last?


Owen Lee 2022-05-09


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