Blow the whistle (on sth):to bring something to the attention of other people in order to stop something bad from happening. (idiom) If you blow the whistle on someone, you report them to the authorities about illegal or immoral things that they may have done. (字面意思“吹响哨子”,为了阻止不正当的事继续下去,而勇敢站出来警示、通告或揭发)

看美剧学英语实用短语:Blow the whistle

以下是实用短语“Blow the whistle”在美剧片断中的情景例句:

E.G.1:So you can steal money for your father’s company or you can blow the whistle on me if you want to, but if you really care about people the way that you claim to, you’re gonna do this first. (Suits S01E08 31:31)

E.G.2:He wanted to blow the whistle on a botched Pentagon ordered hit? — To prevent him from doing that, or at least to discredit his mental state if he tried, his boss sent him to see me. (Lie to me S02E12 17:15)
参考翻译:他想揭发一次拙劣的五角大楼下达的刺杀行动? — 为了阻止他这样做,或者至少是要贬低他的精神状态,他的老板让他来找我。

E.G.3:Well, we’re gonna blow the whistle, loud and long. And I’m going to get you whistleblower protection. (Billions S03E05 01:47)

E.G.4:You son of a bitch, you tried to blow the whistle at every job you’ve ever had, and now they know it! (Suits S04E14 21:19)


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