You’re the one to talk:it is an idiom used to point out someone’s hypocrisy or inconsistency, implying that they are not in a position to criticize others because they are guilty of similar behavior themselves. (你说这话真可笑、你还好意思说我、你站着说话不腰疼、这里有你说话的份吗?)

中文释义:“You’re the one to talk” 是一个成语,用于指出某人的虚伪或矛盾,暗示他们无权批评他人,因为他们自己也有类似的行为。

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以下是高频短语“You’re the one to talk”在美剧语料库中的相关例句:

E.G.1:Well, of course he is too nice for you, But for some reason, he likes you anyway. If you ask me, that’s what you should be focusing on.– You’re one to talk. Give me that. You are pining for Peter, even though he obviously dumped you. (DM S04E09 22:39)
参考翻译:当然,他对你来说太好了,但出于某种原因,他还是喜欢你。如果问我,那才是你应该关注的事情。– 你还真会说。给我。你还在为彼得而苦恼,尽管显然他已经甩了你。

E.G.2:You made a promise, young lady, to Brad, to us, and to the Biltmore Hotel. Oh, you’re one to talk about promises. You divorced Daddy, the guy after him, and now with Karl sleeping in the guest room, I’m assuming he’s on his way out as well. (WWK S01E04 31:23)

E.G.3:Guys, can we just be civil for one day? Oh, you’re one to talk. – What’s that mean? — Were you being civil when you had sex with my mom? (BoJack Horseman S02E03 06:48)

E.G.4:Buddy, other than Jenny Craig, You’ve never broken up with a girl in your life. — You’re one to talk. You’ve been complaining about Stuart living here for the past year. I don’t see you showing him the door. (TBBT S08E24 05:57)

E.G.5:Joe, you ever been in love? — I don’t know. — Then you haven’t. You’re burning tomatoes. — You’re one to talk. Your dad’s in love. The worst part is, it’s with two different women. (Friends S01E13 05:53)


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