DH S01E06 Part04

Pump information:

Under Susan7 s instruction

Bunk with Rex

Silly feud

Chipped (broken)

Scrape off



Did some thinking about sth / did some reflection/ did some soul-searching

Disconnect: not involved, not actively engaged as a result of absence of mind.

They not tuned in, not vibrant at the same frequency.

Bree is now wanting to find the root cause as to why they’ re not having an harmonious sex life.

If thaf s the case


Pullsbz sfocus/drawsbz sattention/deflectsbz sattention


Physical health /it has something to do with Rexz s mental illness

Determined her boys would miss their fairy-tale debut, Lynette had stayed up 18 hours straight, sewing.

Had sth handy. Within an arms length.

Wasnz t until:强调句


、 I                                                           Slip into 2、 Catch on (变得流行起来、被人所发现和理解)

Work around the clock /working her tail/ass off to become understood or known:

Reached a unanimous agreement / Reconciled

The more…… the more…

Step out on sb / walk out on sb

There is a subtle difference between known and realize.

Iz ve gone through all your year-books

Snoop around / go through/ Rummage through


Give me a break:消停

Grasping at straws

Desperately in search of something that could get you out of a dangerous situation.

Expecting a life-saver to come to your rescue.

Juanita was now more convinced than ever that her treacherous daughter-in-law was having an affair.

There can be no false steps now. The higher up the mountain, the more treacherous the path/ terrain.

Juanita finally figured who was the one that Gaby was having an affair with.


Incidentally / deliverablly/ purposely

Road Kill:

Snapped / outburst /

Petty (trivial matter, minor things) Put an end to sth / Put a suspend to /put sth on halt

Take it out side:

Once and for all:(一劳永逸地、彻底地)

Rather than/other than:胜过/除了

Versatile/generalist (多才多艺的、多面手)

Sometimes can be very aggressive

Multi-tasking / Cram sth all in deal with something simultaneously

Smoking-hot tension:

Wipe out/ bring down/ Opponent:


Maisy is advocating for animal protection. But her statement is far-fetched./ Political correctness

Stay true to the roots/ Original cognition.

Go medieval:中世纪的/狂野、血腥的

The search for power/ control over /Evil /sin

The power of good triumphs over the power of evil.(邪不压正)

The evil drives minivan.(小货车)

The lesser of two evils.

Devote himself into pursuing Bree

Sit by the sideline.

Let George die of his own accord

Better angles /inner demons.

There’ re two characteristics doing constant batters in our head.

Triumph over/previal

The same could be said for the other side.

Chases after fame / chases after fortune.

E.G. A politician can be categorized into the type of fame chasers, whose final goal is to be long remembered in history, be it honorably or notoriously.

Knowledge is power

We take advantage of knowledge to earn money and gain power. Once people gain power, they wield power to suppress and oversee the spread of knowledge that are not fit in with their interest.


Can you be able to distinguish the subtle difference between Evil and sin?

Can you differentiate the variety from the other.


The same is true/ the same could be applied to…/ the same could be said..

Echoed with coherent, correspondent and illustrative pictures.

Live side by side/ go hand in hand

Misfortune and poverty often go hand in hand.

Prevent sb from doing sth:防止/阻止某人做某事


Whenever I’ m launching the live streaming, I wanted to bring out the most enticing dishes for you guys to consume, (absorb–吸收、消化)


Every coin has a flip side.

Critical thinking:辨证思维

Victorious defeat

Familiar stranger

Creative destruction

Incremental decline

天道:equip sb with something

Guilty pleasure

Hypercritical sinner:


Striking a resonating chord:

When the going get tough, the tough get going.

Ideology – common sense

Let little red riding hood’ s grandma rotten.

Wipe out/bring down/mow down the opponent/competition.

Health status /in good/bad Shape

Keep up with the Joneses

Everything in front of the proch

Begrudge (envy/jealousy) /grudge (resentment) (have a grudge / hold grudge against sb)

No one that is…… except •- luckily/happily/unfortunately for sb

Pale in comparison:

看电影美剧了解西方的花园文化(Garden Club/Cultu『e)

Embrace diversity

Play vital importance on the Gardon

Rat race/involution

Social engagement/gathering

Absorbing / compelling /intriguing drown to / obsessed with /arouse your curiosity

Something pulled your focus.

Human beings love to watch misery

Adversity (逆境)/misfortune AQ/ Adversity Quotient

Drama: The drama dramatic/ make a scene—pull sb attention

You’ ve got to come across the components of the English language every now and then.

Illicit affairs:风流韵事、违法勾当


Romantic conquests.

Receiving end/ copy machine Gossiping / newsflash Keep me posted.

Sneak in

Come in handy


PI/ Private Inspector

Squeezed out / bleeding market share

Soccer mom:宝妈

Evil drives a minivan:


Bottom of the barrel:平头百姓、草根 /grassroot

Gig:零工Gig economy:零工经济


PTA: Parent Teacher Association:家长老师协会

To coordinate school affairs

Hell-bent: desperate

Land sb a spot:

Parade float: Somebody who had gained fame and glory.

Homecoming committee/association/club:

Education/ membership/ party/ cuisine/ Garden/ vacation:

Develop a taste for:

Find sb leads/clue

Come up with something: have sth came to mind in the first place.

Killer idea: Fantastic/fabulous very creative

Campaign: advertisement / running for president

A set of activities in which the purpose is to gain public exposure.

Visibility campaign (曝光度)


Tear sb down: to criticize or punish someone severely

Pitch sth to sb: you wanna convincing them into believing your ideas. See you idea.(推销、劝导)

Short notice : You inform people to take part in/do sth without giving them enough time to prepare.

Pull off: manage to do sth successfully. To complete a job

on time.


She eats children’ s ADD medication to get over the hump.i

Pull off a feast:

Hands- on experience in a business setting.

Land an account: secure/ close the deal/ swing

Recipe: ingredient

He figured out that Gaby is having an affair with John.

Sneak in Gaby’ s bedroom, made an attempt to call John.

Make it up to sb:给某人以补偿

Have an affair/ have an adultery/ have an extra-material affair / two-timing / infidelity / set one’ s feet in both camp After all,



Guidelinesand principles:

Andrew clearly cross the line.

Little: understatement (低调陈述)

Assault: assailant


Integrate sth into: incorporate sth into

Disintegrate: fall apart

Having a mother like Bree, it’ s quite a disaster.

Deviate from the right track/path. / go off at a tangent Far-fetched. Track-record

Ruin Andrew’ s future.

Bring it on……. 放马过来

Take it outside…….


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