DH S02E07 Part01


Narrator: It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention

——>> This is how mothers came to invent play dates

so they occasionally could have a little time for themselves

Narrator: But there are some mothers who don’t get to take advantage of this maternal innovation

->>mothers like Lynette Scavo,

Who was no longer able to rest on weekends.

Play date invitations:

Spout wings:

Double-dare: A challenge that is harder or naughtier than a regular dare. (激将)     Solicitate:

Persona non grata: person not appreciated.

Deviate from social norms.

Growing dimer and dimer:

It can be used in various contexts to indicate a gradual or partial reduction in something.

Gang up on sb:

That’s how/why sb did sth.


Sth was designed to capture images; images tell us more about ourselves than we realized.


Blubbering mess: an idiomatic expression used to describe someone who is crying or sobbing uncontrollably and in a highly emotional manner. (哭得一塌糊涂的废柴状,痛哭流涕的混乱、啜泣不止的糟糕局面)

Remaining composure –à> panic

Trot her out: show, present, to exhibit, to express, demonstrate.


Come to one’s sense:


Come around

Come between sb and sb:

Put a wedge between sb and sb:

Went beyond mike’s principle/bottom line…

Natural impulse: an instinctive or spontaneous urge or inclination that arises without conscious thought or deliberation. It refers to actions or reactions that occur naturally without external influence or deliberate intention. (条件反射)

Gave sb a (adj) look: to direct a specific facial expression or gaze towards someone in order to convey a message, emotion, or attitude. It typically involves using one’s eyes, facial expressions, or body language to communicate a particular intention or reaction.

Down the line: at some point in the future.

“You’re not Zen, you’re numb.”

Zen-like Serenity:

Rest assured:


Peekaboo: an interjection used to playfully express surprise or to get someone’s attention. It is often used while hiding one’s face and then revealing it suddenly.

Sneak a peek:

E.G.1:”Peekaboo! I found you!”(咻咻!我找到你了!)
E.G.2:The baby giggled when I played peekaboo with her.(当我和宝宝玩咻咻时,她咯咯地笑了起来。)
E.G.3:”Where did you go? Oh, there you are! Peekaboo!”(你去哪儿了?哦,你在那里!咻咻!)

It’s such a white trash thing to say.

So now all Carlos has to do is serve out the slave labor thing.

Serve sb’s sentence:

Hoosegow: [slang]prison

I can’t have’em thinking I moved to the suburbs and now I shop at strip malls.

Botoxed hags:

Haute Couture:



Crumple to the floor like the botoxed hags they are.

Dwarfed / paled in comparison.

Keep up with the Joneses.


I have a same thing in zero.

Snippy: short-tempered, curt, irritable.

Sth agrees with sb:

Getting a little around:


The Garden girls:


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