Check into sth /somewhere:1、”Check into something” means to investigate or look into a particular issue or matter in more detail. For example, “I need to check into the availability of flights for next week.” (调查或者更详细地了解某个问题或事情。)

2、”Check into somewhere” means to arrive and register at a place where you will be staying temporarily, such as a hotel or a hospital. For example, “We need to check into the hotel before we start exploring the city.” (到达并在暂时居住的地方登记)

看美剧学实用短语:Check into sth

以下是高频短语“Check into sth”在美剧语料库中的情景例句:

E.G.1:Actually, before you go, I need you to check into someone else’s background. There’s this plumber I know. (S01E21 15:21)

E.G.2:Look, Gaby, you have every right to be mad at me. So I’m gonna go and check into a hotel room and let you cool down, but we are going to work this out. (DH S02E24 70:11)

E.G.3:Listen, nobody’s gonna check into your past unless you give them reason to. (Suits S01E04 02:52)

E.G.4:You know, speaking of lunatics, when I said you sounded insane, I didn’t mean for you to go check into a psych ward. (Lie to me S02E19 28:13)


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