DH S02E07 Part02

I figured it (that):
Hang onto:
Club: 棍
Belongings/ possessions:
Split up /break up:
Tacky: low
Thought down the long Corridors of time:
On every level:
Put it past. Get it over with.
Put a wedge between / come between sb:
Get a load of it.
Yale sale: based on community
Pop up the question: to proposed to sb
Mourning period:
Plausible excuse:
She has comply with social norms and protect her family name/ reputation.
Life is short, life is dull, is full of pain.
Living in the moment/ carpe diem attitude.
Grab sth and hold on tight:
Carefully arranged /orchestrated.
Blend their families.
Gracious and elegant nature.
Preying on Bree’s politeness and her desire to avoid discomfort or embarrassment for others.

Relationship Commitment: By buying a house and proposing marriage to Bree, George wanted to demonstrate his commitment to a future together. It shows that he is ready to take a significant step forward in their relationship and offer stability.

Surprise Element: George might have used the purchase of the house to create a memorable moment for the proposal. Telling Bree about the house provides a context for the proposal, establishing an element of surprise, which makes the event even more unforgettable.

Emotional Connection: Buying a house carries a meaningful emotional value, symbolizing the start of a new chapter in life. In this case, George aimed to create an emotional connection with Bree, indicating they could build their future family together in the new home.

Pressure to Accept: Another possible motive behind showing the house could involve placing pressure on Bree to say yes to the proposal. The act of purchasing a house depicts a significant investment, and Bree might not want to hurt George’s feelings or devalue his effort by rejecting his proposal.

On such a short notice:

Sarcastic remark
a touch sympathy
Gloating: 幸灾乐祸
Four glasses is my limit.
Hit me: / bring it on
Indicating readiness or willingness to accept a challenge or engage in a competitive activity.
Trot out on…
Freak out:
Rebound from sb:
It refers to entering into a new romantic relationship shortly after the end of a previous one, often as a way to cope with the emotional aftermath of the breakup. It suggests that the person is seeking comfort, distraction, or validation from the new relationship in order to move on from the previous one.
On the rebound:
No harm, no foul: no offense or no wrong doing should be attributed.
Bad deed.
One night stand is expected.
Play dates invitation.
Home video Sex-tape
Be torn about sth:
Weigh up the consequences.
Private videos made its way into sb’s bag.
release negative emotional feelings.
Push each other’s buttons
Great back and forth.
Resentment: Get past it.
At its prime.
Once and for all:
Rough patch:
Rekindle the spark
Your social status is going to explode.
Tossing ideas around:
主题:Please make a thorough analysis based on the theme “Middle-aged women struggle when they choose to marry a man whom they don’t feel genuine love for.” and compare the respective values held between US women and Chinese women in contemporary society.

Gender Role Expectations:

Down the line:
On the line:

Emotional Authenticity:
Societal Expectations and Pressures:
Self-discover and autonomy:
Compatibility, shared valued and love.
Prevailing / dominant

Go with the flow:

梭罗 :热量 、 阳光、 空气、水


Upside /downside:
There’s a downside to having good manner.
Every coin has a flip side:
Rash: Don’t make rash decision.
Rash decisions/ rational decisions.

Cry buckets…
A drop in the bucket. 九牛一毛
Cracking wise…
Edie: Susan, why are you so eerily calm? Susan? 你怎么出奇地冷静?
——>>Mike Delfino just dumped you. 麦克·德尔非诺刚刚甩了你
——>>The Susan Mayer I know would be a… blubbering mess right now. 我所认识的苏珊·梅尔现在应该痛哭流涕才对呀

David: My office sent me flowers. 我办公室给我送了束花
Gaby: “Dear David, Who knew you could actually bleed? “亲爱的大卫 谁能料到你居然会流血
——>>Sincerely, your stunned co-workers”谨启 你震惊的同事们”
David: Well, I’m a lawyer who got shot我是一个挨了枪子儿的律师
——>>Everybody’s cracking wise. 人人都会说俏皮话
Blubbering mess…

S02E07 Part03

Passionate love-making
Crash dieting:
Savor the fruit of one’s labor: 品尝自己的劳动果实
Fit in a dress:
Fit in with:
Put muscle into sth:
Stimulus/ Incentives:
Rack sb’s brain trying to fit in this dress.
Spice up.
It’s not unheard to do sth while :
Play dates:
Drop on sb/ Show up unannounced
On such short notice.
Intrude: intrusion
Skeleton one’s closet.
Porno video. Sex-tape
Home videos.
Keep sb apart:
Get into sth:
I’m just relieved this all worked out.
Let me get this straight
The most import thing of sth is how….
From a lay perspective: 从外行
Adept at sth:
Be proficient in sth / good at sth /
Have a flare for…
Kiss their ass…
3 chips, high def:
Waterproof: 防水的
Set up a shoot:
Change of scenery/ plans…
Sb’s A Knockout:
Creep 怪人
Stunning /gorgeous.
Keep/want sb all to oneself: a string of words /collocation
Rush to the engagement.
Marriage counselor / therapist:
Background checklist:

Immediate family members

To put information into blank spaces: to provide missing information in order to form one’s own conclusion. (补全信息便于下结论)
Snoop around:
The proof is in the pudding: 事实胜于雄辩
an idiomatic expression that means the true value or quality of something can only be determined or demonstrated through actual experience or results.

Practical evidence or outcomes.
Mere claims or promises.
Unexpected surprise:
That is why sth happened.
Which leads me to why I am here(介宾结构).
Lead sb sth/ lead sb to do sth
I appreciate whatever it was that you did last night.
Whatever you do, I’ll always by your side.
It important for sb to understand sth.
Whatever little hold you had on Karl is officially over.
You’re no longer wield any influence on your ex-husband.

So you can stop feeling all smug and superior that he kept that thing.

Wipe the smug off one’s face:

Dramatic events.
Spoil alert.

DH S02E07 Part03


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