As sth went on…sb did sth, which…

But as the evening wore on, the moment Susan had been waiting for… failed to materialize.

Drive (用力击球、开杆) for show, putt (把球轻轻打进洞)for dough.


Casserole [‘kæsərəʊl]:a kind of stew that is cooked slowly in an oven.

372–Tomorrow night, 明天晚上

373–I’m gonna swing by his place to offer him a casserole 我打算到他家给他炖个汤,顺便借个肩膀给他哭泣

374–and a shoulder to cry on. 顺便借个肩膀给他哭泣

375–Will that shoulder be wearing a spaghetti strap 是不是准备穿一件性感吊带衫

376–and Chanel No. 5? 配上香奈儿5号香水

377–You know me so well. 你真懂我

378–Oh!  Look at him. Even in mourning the man is scrumptious.  看看那个可人儿,即使肃穆深沉 都叫人蠢蠢欲动。

Scrumptious [‘skrʌmpʃəs]:Apart from describing the food is super and yummy, we could also use “scrumptious” to refer someone who’s adorable and desireable.

Verdict [‘vɜːdɪkt]:裁决、截断

Semblance [‘sembləns] :假象,表象;外观,外貌,外表,样子,肖像。 the veneer, facade [və’nɪə(r)] of something.

Narrator:Beautiful lawns…Spacious homes…Happy families…漂亮的草地,宽敞的房子、快乐的家人

——>> These are the hallmarks of suburbia, 这些都是住在城郊的特征

——>> but if you look beneath the veneer of gracious living,但在这华美的生活背后

——>> you will see a battle raging…你会看到一场蓄势待发的战争

——>> a battle for control. 一场掌控权的争夺战

Swing from the chandelier [ˌʃændə’lɪə(r)]:To swing means to go back and forth like you do on a swing in a playground. Here it just means the party got so wild/ boisterous [‘bɔɪstərəs]  that people were “swinging from the chandeliers” (A chandelier is a type of fancy light that hangs from the ceiling. )(纵情欢乐、以至感觉到天花乱坠 :人生得意须尽欢)

E.G.1:I’m gonna swing from the chandelier. I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist!

Desperate Housewives S01E11 Part02

Remanded: 将…还押候审


Mike is very considerate and thoughtful

Open mic:开放式的麦克

Make a day/night of it:一整天/晚

Do one’s happy dance: 欢呼雀跃

She’s got a to-do-list: Lynette有要执行的事务清单

Having a sale: 降价促销

Set up:设定

Aroused his sexual desire:激起了他的性欲

As…sth went on, sb did sth, which…

While…get on…, sb did sth, one…


Dash: 匆忙奔向…


You don’t say: This phrase used to express surprise in a humorous and slightly unkind way.

  • 不是吧?不至于吧?
  • 你还真别说。。。你还真不用讲。。。

Revolving platform:转台


  • 挥动、摆动、舞动
  • 荡秋千
  • 短暂拜访
  • 朝向、转向(奔着…去的)
  • 搞定、摆平 Manage to do sth


Drive for show, putt for dough.


Spaghetti strap:吊带; 细肩带;

Scrumptious:adorable and desirable

Macho pride:男人的爷们范

Freakishly flexible:朝三暮四

Put the scare into sb:恐吓某人

Rough him up:对某人对粗

Have the upper body strength of kitten. (手无缚鸡之力)


Anger management:/ Get sb rage issues under control.

Get sb out of the mess:

Reciprocate: 报答、回报

On bottle duty:照看孩子吃奶

Semblance:Façade/ Veneer:


Sex swing:性爱秋千

Get (back) into the swing of things:

Be in full swing: 全面展开、处于焦灼状态

Take a wild swing:脑筯急转弯

Swing from the chandelier:谚语

Chandelier:A type of fancy light that hangs from the ceiling.

Go back and forth like you do on a swing in a playground.

E.G.: I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist. (人生得意莫尽欢,今朝有酒今朝醉)

This phrase is a way to describe the activities, especially a wild party where people do crazy, silly things. They’re indulging themselves at the party.

Per se:Basically/ essentially 根本上、本质上


Blend in: 滥竽充数

Put oneself on the line:将某人置于某种危险、艰难处境。

Put sb’s neck on the line:比上面的意思更进一步 赌上身家性命了

On the verge of:处于某种不利书面的边缘

Conversion: 大会

Fair/ exhibition / Exposition:

Cash cow:现金牛—摇钱树

Vision:眼界 / 格局

Radius: 半径、范围

Master extortionist:敲诈专业户/勒索大师

Gem: Something that is very good, pleasing or useful. (让人非常惬意的事物)

Imposition: A situation in which sb expects anther person to do sth that they don’t wanna do or that is not convenient. (非份之想、不公平不合理的要求)

As it stands:照目前的情况来讲

I will be no longer accommodate any part of / the slight fraction of your every existence.

The final trace of affections between this couple will not go up in smoke even though Rex committed an extra-marital affair.

Anal retentiveness: if you refer somebody with an anal personality, you’re suggesting that they’re overly neat, careful and precise. (完美主义倾向)

Susan is hooking up with Mike:

I love you (5个阶段) Milestone

Popped out: premeditated / impulse

Caught sb off guard:措手不及


Have insight to sb/sth:对某人或某事的了解足够深入、全面

Dazzle:If you’re dazzle by sb or sth, you think they are extremely good and exciting.

Once for all / whatsoever:


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