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A close callA situation in which something bad, unpleasant, or dangerous almost happens, but you manage to avoid it. (死里逃生、侥幸脱险、有惊无险。)

A close call

E.G.1:And the next thing Julie knew, she was having an affair with a married man. But then, after a close call, she came to her senses and told the man it was over. (DHS06E07)

参考译文:接下来Julie就发现,她与已婚男人上了床。后来 在差点出事后,她顿时醒悟并告诉他希望结束。

E.G.2:Carlos found this under the bed. It’s ok. It was close call. (DHS01E04)

“A close call” 起源于十九世纪八十年代。“Close call” 来自运动比赛,因为call这个词可以指运动比赛的裁判员对比赛的裁定。而 “a close call” 原来是指比赛中的“擦边球”。后来,“a close call” 逐渐被转用到其它方面,指千钧一发甚至是九死一生的局面。

ResembleHave a similar appearance to or qualities in common with (someone or something); look or seem like. (与……类似或相像、看起来像、显得像)

这里拓展一个“Resemble”名词形式的实用短语:Family resemblance(家族相似性)

E.G.1:Yeah. This is Celia and Juanita, and this is our niece Ana. –-Hi, I can see the family resemblance. (DHS06E03)

E.G.2:It’s just Martha always said how alike you two were. I just don’t see the family resemblance. (DHS01E11)

Sandals(凉鞋); Slippers:(拖鞋)

HedgeA row of closely planted shrubs or low-growing trees forming a fence or boundary.(树篱)

Reach the end of ones patience:达到某人所能忍受的极限。(非常实用的一句口语表达)

“What’s (all) the fuss about?”: Why everyone was excited; why it’s popular, the speaker literally wants to know what the agitation is about. (这到是什么情况?)

提问者想要了解:是什么情况让人们异常兴奋或躁动不安、聚众集会,或发现一种事物的流行,要想探个究竟。类似的表达:Why (all) the fuss?,但两者之前的意思有明显区别:

“Why the fuss?” :The speaker knows what the fuss is about and thinks that it is insignificant, not worth bothering about. A rhetorical question.

“What’s the fuss about?”: The speaker literally wants to know what the agitation is about.

This is much the same difference as asking why something happened versus asking what happened.


A thong [θɒŋ] and a pole [pəʊl]:皮条和钢管 (没有直接说Pole dance, 而是用其核心的两个特质取代了钢管舞)

Not budging[bʌdʒɪŋ]To refuse to change your opinion or decision about something. (不会改变主意或想法)

E.G.1:It’s not going to work, ok? I’m not budging. God knows what she’s had to deal with in life. (DHS01E04)

E.G.2:I for one would love to hear your voice. Give it up, plumber. She’s not budging. (DHS01E11)

Molestation [ˌmɒle’steɪʃn]Sexual assault or abuse of a person, especially a woman or child. (性虐待)

That does itUsed to indicate that one will not tolerate a particular thing any longer. (没法再忍了,受够了)

E.G.1:Okay. That does it. Juanita. If you think I’m not gonna drag you to the bathroom, you are sadly mistaken! (DHS05E12)

E.G.2:That does it. Kid, get her out of here. She’s killing it for the rest of us. (DHS01E04)


1、When a film or a television programmer is screened, it is shown in the cinema or broadcast on television.

E.G.:The TV-show was not screened on American Broadcasting Company.

2、If something is screened by another thing, it is behind it and hidden by it.

E.G.:I can see your lights are on, I hope you’re not screening. (DHS01E04)

3、To screen for a resume or disease means to examine people to make sure that they’re qualified for the job or to check whether a patient carried a disease or not.

E.G.1:Chatbots are also being utilized to screen candidates, schedule interviews, and drive employee referrals.

4、If you screen you telephone calls, calls made to you are connected to an answering machine or answered by someone else, so that you can choose whether or not to speak to the people phoning you.

E.G.:I screened his call and didn’t return it until Monday. (SATC S02E13)

Tacky [‘tæki]Of cheap quality or in bad style. (质量低下的,手段卑劣的)

Run through somethingTo look at, examine, think of, or deal with a set of things, esp. quickly. (快速将某事过一遍,可以把这个词的理解为“Rehearsal”的一个非正式用语。) 

Crawl throughTo move slowly, either by dragging the body along the ground or on the hands and knees. (爬行、爬过,注意它所使用的介词“through”)

Turn sb into…:(使某人转变为另外一种人格或形态)

 E.G1.:You thought you can turn me into your personal lab dog. (DHS06E11)

E.G.2:Because your daddy is about to turn you into a killing machine. (DHS05E03)

Ethically[ˈeθɪkli]In an ethical manner; from an ethical point of view. (从伦理出发,从伦理的角度来看)

积累类似:“Actually, Presumably Technically, theoretically, Ethically”这样的副词,并适当地运用的口语交流当中,能够让听众更加容易接受和理解我们的意图,让口语表达更加的自然、流畅。


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