­­­Desperate Housewives S01E05-Part02


Desperado[ˌdespə’rɑːdəʊ]A desperate or reckless person, especially a criminal. (亡命之徒)

Put out(especially for a woman)to agree to have sex. (俚语:同意与某人发生关系)


Pep-squad[skwɒd]A group of cheerleaders who perform at school sports events or pep rallies. (拉拉队)

Be in competition within a situation in which you are trying to get something that other people also want(与某方发生竞争)

Look into somethingTo examine the facts about a problem or situation. (把目光看向、着眼于)

E.G.1:Hey, I was thinking…we should look into adoption. (S02E15)

E.G.2:I’m gonna look into that job at Burnham Fox. (S03E04)

Make it to sth or somewhereTo succeed in a particular activity or to manage to arrive on time.


E.G.1:They won’t make it to their later years if I have to spend all day with them. (DH S01E05)

E.G.2:Oh. Right. I still owe for those flowers. –Oh, relax, pam! You’ll still make it to weight watchers!


CookSlang. To alter or falsify so as to make a more favorable impression. (歪曲或捏造以求变得更好)

E.G.1:Why don’t we just put them back in me and cook them until they’re civilized.


E.G.2:Disreputable accountants who were paid to cook the firm’s books.

As a matter of fact: Used to add something more to what you have just said or to say that you do not agree with what someone has just said.

中文释义:说真的(表示在刚刚说的基础上再加一点),事实上(表示不同意别人刚刚所说的,或是事实刚好相反)。这个句型的含义接近”in fact”,实际上。这个常用口语短语表达的意思是”不瞒你说;其实;实际上”。同时这句话可以做插入语单独使用。

E.G.1:Was this have to do with the condom you left in my room? As a matter of fact, it does. (DH S01E15)

E.G.2:Do you think you can help me? As a matter of fact, I know I can. (DH S01E20)

E.G.3:So did you have a fun day? As a matter of fact, I did. (DH S01E23)

Off-key[ˌɒf ˈkiː]If you sing or play music off-key, you produce notes that are slightly higher or lower than they should be. (跑调、走音)

E.G.1:May I point out that for eight long months, I suffered in silence as your female companion filled our apartment with her off-key country music caterwauling…(TBBT S04E03)

E.G.2:Even your apology is off-key. (MF S01E10)

Ruckus [‘rʌkəs]A noisy situation or argument. (混乱或吵闹的场面)

E.G.1:I’m sorry about the ruckus I caused. (DH S01E13)

E.G.2:And they hurried outside, excited to see what all the ruckus was about. (DH S05E19)

Screeching [sk’riːtʃɪŋ]A long, loud, high noise that is unpleasant to hear. (刺耳的声响:如汽车猛然刹车、玻璃被严重刮蹭)

Hose [həʊz]A flexible tube conveying water, used chiefly for watering plants and in firefighting.

Have/got a kickIn terms of flavor, it means it is shockingly strong or hot. (味道强烈、入胃滚烫,比如白酒)

E.G.1:I have thrown back a lot of orange juice with calcium [‘kælsiəm] though. And, uh, it’s a couple weeks past its expiration date, so it’s got a bit of a kick.(Friends S08E14)

E.G.2:Have you ever had real, old-fashioned eggnog? You are gonna love it. It has quite a kick. (DH S01E05)


Get a kick out of sth/sbTo feel amusement, delight or excitement about something or someone. (对某人或某事感到兴奋、愉悦或觉得有趣)

E.G.1:I have a little visitor that I thought you might get a kick out of seeing. (DHS03 E16)

E.G.2:I was going through some things, and I came across this. It’s your Indian Head penny collection. Thought you might get a kick out of it. (Billions S01E10)


Manipulate [mə’nɪpjuleɪt]To control something or someone to your advantage, often unfairly or dishonestly. (操纵、操控)

E.G.1:I resist your attempts to manipulate me. (DH S04E07)

E.G.2:He was trying to manipulate me into taking him back. (DH S02E10)

On the horizon[hə’raɪzn](地平线;已露端倪的、即将发生的) 

1、Literally, on or at the point where the earth and the sky meet.

E.G.:I’m keeping my eyes on the horizon. Tell me if I am about to step on a body part.


2、Likely to happen or exist soon.

E.G.:By noon that day, a tornado watch was in effect on wisteria lane, and every one of its residents was preparing for the storm everyone, that is, except Gabrielle Solis, who was more concerned about another storm on the horizon; (DH S04E09)

参考翻译:那天中午,紫藤街进入龙卷风预警,每位居民都在准备防风,人人都是,唯独Gabrielle Solis是个例外,她更担心另外一场蓄势待发的风暴。

Sail into(乘坐轮船飞机抵达;突然显现、快速浮现;念头闪现、突然意识) 

1、To enter or arrive into some place or thing in a boat, ship, or plane.

E.G.:The great cliffs of the island rose to greet us as we sailed into the harbor.


 2、To enter or arrive into some place or thing in an abrupt manner.

E.G.1:Janet sailed into the meeting 20 minutes late, acting as though nothing were amiss.

3、To be (suddenly) realized by one, to crash into one’s mind.

As I was studying this phrase, an idea sailed into my mind, it hits me that most people for fear of two things, one is classics, and the other is loneness. Classics are too deep to explorer and digest while loneness resembles despair and anxiety. (Owen)



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