­­­Desperate Housewives S01E11 – Part02


As it stands:at this time; as it is now. (照目前来讲、按现在这种状况)

Anal retentiveness [rɪ’tentɪvnɪs]: it refers to a person with an “anal personality”, who’re extremely or overly neat, careful or precise. (强迫症+完美主义的综合体)

Pop out:if words pop out, you say them suddenly without thinking about it first (讲话不假思索)

Catch sb off guard:to surprise someone, esp. in a way that makes the person feel confused or uncertain. (让某人猝不及防、猎手不及,比如做坏事被抓现行)

E.G.1:Why did you do that, Bree? I was just caught off-guard. (DH S01E12)

参考翻译:Bree,你为什么这么做? –我当时毫无准备,有点猎手不及。

E.G.2:That’s funny, but actually, the dance part is to catch your opponent off guard. (DH S05E03)


Retract[rɪ’trækt]:To take back an offer or statement, etc. or admit that a statement was false. (撤回自己的某种提案或陈述,以表明该提案或陈述不成立)

Dazzle[ˈdæz(ə)l]:If you are dazzled by someone or something, you think they are extremely good and exciting. (使感到惊喜和赞叹)

E.G.1:Trust me, Bruce. After they taste these recipes, they will be onboard. Just give me the chance to dazzle them. (DH S06E19)

参考翻译:相信我 Bruce,他们尝过菜之后,一定会满意的,给我一个让他们赞叹的机会吧。

E.G.2:You obviously think you have some insight into my soul, so please go ahead, dazzle me. (DH S01E11)


Hung up on:having great or excessive interest in or preoccupation with someone or something. (心里总想着/念念不忘某人或某事)

E.G.1:I’m sure part of you does hate him, but maybe part of you is still hung up on him. (DH S01E11)

E.G.2:For months now, I’ve been hung up on looking for my dad and blaming my mom… and it’s gotten me nowhere. (DH S04E12)

片段赏析:当Karl找到Susan并告知他惨遭情人劈腿,Susan借了他一个拥抱。之后被返回取东西的Mike撞见。待到两人单独相处的时候,Mike抖出了心中的顾虑:认为Susan可能与前夫情缘未了,Susan为了让他宽心,使用了排比加两处强调(Once for all, whatsoever),详见蓝色高亮区域。

MikeI’m sure part of you does hate him, 我相信你内心有部分肯定是憎恨他的

——>>but, you know, maybe part of you is still hung up on him. 但也许另一部分的你还想着他

SusanWhere are you getting this? 你从哪得出这样的结论

MikeWell, he broke up with the woman he left you for. 他和那个女人分手了

——>>And what was the first thing you did 你做的第一件事

——>>you hugged him and invited him to a party. 就是拥抱他 还邀请他参加派对

SusanOkay, the analysis part of this evening is now over. 今晚的灵魂剖析大会正式结束

MikeHey… You asked. – Well, you know what? 是你自己问的 –你知道吗

SusanYou’re gonna come to Julie’s party tomorrow night 你也得来参加朱莉的派对

——>>and you’re gonna see Karl and I together, 你会看到卡尔和我是怎么相处的

——>>and you’re gonna understand once and for all 你就会彻底明白

——>>that I have no feelings for him whatsoever. 无论怎样,我对卡尔已毫无感觉

Loathe[ləʊð]:To dislike somebody or something very much. (非常讨厌、极不喜欢、厌恶)

Prescription[prɪˈskrɪpʃn]:A piece of paper on which a doctor writes the details of the medicine or drugs that someone needs. (药方、处方)

Inflammation[ˌɪnflə’meɪʃn]:A red, painful, and often swollen area in or on a part of your body. (发炎、胀痛)

Membrane[‘membreɪn]:A thin piece of skin that covers or connects parts of a person’s or animal’s body. (身体内的膜)

Glimpse[ɡlɪmps]:to see something or someone for a very short time or only partly. (一瞥、扫视)

E.G.1:I’ve known you two weeks, and this is the first glimpse of a guy I could actually like. (DH S03E17)


E.G.2:We met Gabrielle Solis the day she moved to Wisteria Lane. We were all excited to get a glimpse of a successful New York model. (DH S02E23)

参考翻译:当我们在Gabrielle Solis搬进紫藤郡那天看到她,我们都想看一眼这个风光的纽约模特。

Remedy[ˈremədi]:a successful way of curing an illness or dealing with a problem or difficult. (治疗法、补救办法)

E.G.1:As the words “constant care” echoed in her head, Bree caught a sickening glimpse into her future…which prompted her to seek an old-fashioned remedy. (DH S01E11)


E.G.2:It’s a very powerful herbal remedy. Promise me you’ll use it judiciously. (DH S01E08)


Intriguing[ɪn’triːɡɪŋ]:Very interesting because of being unusual or not having an obvious answer. (非常有趣的、引人入胜的、激发强烈好奇心的)

E.G.1:If I want Dylan to focus on other things, I really need to make it less intriguing. (DH S04E03)


E.G.2:In spite of Mrs. Huber’s disappearance, life on Wisteria Lane started to return to normal, until an intriguing discovery was made on a dirt road next to the interstate. (DH S01E11)



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