­­­Desperate Housewives S01E14 – Part02


Motto[‘mɒtəʊ]:a short sentence or phrase that expresses a belief or purpose: (座名铭、标语,与“Mantra”在某种程度上可以互换)

Cave[keɪv]:A natural underground chamber in a hillside or cliff. (让步、屈从)

E.G.1:What? Yesterday you were up in arms. – Now you’re ready to cave? (DH S02E21)

参考翻译:什么? 昨天我们才扬言说要斗争到底 今天你就打算投降了?

E.G.2:I don’t believe this. You’re leaving without even trying to talk me into having your baby? I mean. How do you know I wouldn’t cave? (DH S01E14)

参考翻译:难以置信,你甚至都不试着劝劝我要孩子就走了吗? — 你怎么确定我不会让步呢?

Construct:to make or form by combining or arranging parts or elements. (构建、设计、构思、创建)

E.G.1:Mostly, we’ll just be constructing simple scenarios and acting them out. (DH S01E14)


E.G.2:He did manage to construct a situation where the two most important men in my life are making decisions about me without me. (Suits S05E02)


“Construct”这个词不光指建造房子,还可以扩展为:构建某种情形、思想、体系等框架、模型、思路等无形的东西,在这种意义上,它可以被“put together”、“devise”、“come up with”替换。

Back off:draw back from action or confrontation. (收手、停止行动、对抗)

E.G.1:We can’t let him get away with this. We won’t. I have an idea how to get him to back off. (DH S07E06)

E.G.2:Aren’t you being a little hard on her? Back off, Renee. You’re not her mother. (DH S08E03)
参考翻译:你对她要求有点太严格了吧?你收手吧,雷尼 别真把自己当妈了。

Strap[stræp]:A narrow piece of leather, cloth, or other material used to carry things, fasten things together or to hold a piece of clothing together. (皮带、布带等条状物)

RexHandcuff me to the bed. 把我铐在床上

——>>Bree, you are not gonna regret taking this journey with me. 布里 这次经历肯定让你永生难忘

——>> This is gonna infuse our marriage with 它会给我们的婚姻注入

——>> more passion than you can imagine. 超乎想象的激情

——>> You just have to trust me. 只要你相信我

BreeI do. 我相信


Run sth through sth:to process something by going through a procedure. (通过某道工序处理某件事情)

Self-inflicted[ɪn’flɪkt]:If an injury or a problem is self-inflicted, you have caused it yourself. (自我施加的、自己造成的)

E.G.1:Please. There is no way that gunshot wound was self-inflicted. And he can’t remember who stitched him up. (DH S01E14)


E.G.2:And I know guns, and that wound was not self-inflicted. (DH S01E22)


Stitch[stɪtʃ] sb/sth up:to join the two sides of something with stitches, for example torn clothing or a deep cut, or to treat someone who has a deep cut by doing this. (缝合某人或某物)


1、Not smart or impressive.

E.G.1:We talk about real stuff. She doesn’t treat me like some lame yard boy. (DH S01E09)


E.G.2:That actually was kind of a lame story, it wasn’t even scary. (DH S08E06)


2、(especially of an excuse or argument) weak and unsatisfactory

E.G.1:If that’s your lame attempt to keep me from calling your parents…it worked. well played. (DH S04E02)


E.G.2:I mean, I know it sounds kinda lame, but it’s a stepping-stone. (DH S08E15)


Automatic[ˌɔːtə’mætɪk]:a vehicle in which you do not have to change the gears (自动装置)

Walk away:to stop being involved in a situation because it is difficult to deal with or does not give you any advantages: (离开、脱离)

Brittle[‘brɪtl]:a candy of caramelized sugar and nuts, made in thin, hard sheets, broken into pieces for eating. (果仁薄脆糖、SU糖)

Crumb[krʌm]:a very small piece of bread, cake, or biscuit (碎屑、碎末)

Pop out:to jump, burst, leap out or to appear suddenly from within or behind something(跳出、弹出,这里是一个夸张的比喻,用以形容生孩子不假思索,没有认真规划)

Terror[‘terə(r)]:someone, especially a child, who behaves badly and is difficult to control. (调皮捣蛋的小孩,类似Brat)

Jag[dʒæɡ]:an unrestrained or excessive indulgence in alcohol or drugs, or in a particular emotion or activity. (某种嗜好、癖好)

Workbench[‘wɜːkbentʃ]:a strong, solid table on which you can work with tools, wood, small machines, etc. (工具台、工具桌)

Engraving[ɪn’ɡreɪvɪŋ]a picture or design that has been cut into a surface. (雕版、图版)

Trying timesTimes of trouble, struggle, or unhappiness. (艰辛、苦难的时刻)

Motivate[‘məʊtɪveɪt]provide (someone) with a reason for doing something actively and willingly. (激发、激励)

E.G.1:I wanted to steel myself for disappointment. Okay, again, as a former teacher, that’s not how you motivate people. (DH S08E07)


E.G.2:It’s impossible to grasp just how powerful love is. It can sustain us through trying times…or motivate us to make extraordinary sacrifices. (DH S01E14)



 1、A legal document that shows who owns a building or piece of land.

E.G.:I’m telling you. I’m her husband. I bought her this house. My name is on the deed. (DH S03E04)

参考翻译:我跟你说了,我是她老公,我给她买的房子 房产证上有我的名字。

2、An action that is performed intentionally or consciously.

E.G.:There’s an old expression about helping people–No good deed goes unpunished. (DH S07E20)


Compel[kəm’pel]bring about (something) by the use of force or pressure. (强迫、迫使)



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