­­­Desperate Housewives S01E14 – Part01


Run out of sth: to use something completely so that nothing is left; to use or sell all of something that is available. (某人用物完某物,我们也可以直接用be out of sth,表示“没有,缺少”。

E.G.1:I was… telling her that it doesn’t make sense for a store this big to run out of a major herb. (DH S06E21)


E.G.2:I’m running out of money. In a couple of weeks, I’m going to be screwed. (DH S01E11)


In that case:“Taking that into consideration”. You say “in that case” or “in which case” to refer to a situation which has just been mentioned and to introduce a statement or suggestion that is a consequence of it. (那样的话)

E.G.1:We like to think of it as an extension of our caring. Well, in that case, care away. (DH S01E17)

参考翻译:我们可以把它理解成我们关怀的延续。– 那样的话,好好关怀吧。

E.G.2:I certainly wouldn’t want to do anything that makes you think I’m gay. — In that case, ditch the moisturizer. (DH S07E07)

参考翻译:我可不想做任何让你觉得我是基佬的事情。– 那样的话,把润肤霜丢掉吧。


Significance[sɪɡ’nɪfɪkəns] :The importance of sth, especially when this has an effect on what happens in the future. (重要性、意义,尤指某件事对将来可能产生的影响)

E.G.1:What do you think the significance of the name “Angela” is? (DH S01E04)


E.G.2:Do you recall anything else of significance occurring on May 7th? (DH S08E21)

参考翻译:你还记不记得 五月七号当天发生了什么重大事情吗?

Heavenly:of or from heaven, or giving great pleasure: (愉悦)Less than heavenly:差强人意

Jamboree[ˌdʒæmbə’riː]:a large organized event that many people go to, or a busy, noisy occasion or period. (大型聚会、庆祝会)

Porch[pɔːtʃ]:a covered structure in front of the entrance to a building. (门廊)

Cherish:to love, protect, and care for someone or something that is important to you. (珍惜、珍视)

Cat got your tongue:Used when someone has nothing to say; It is frequently used by someone who has the upper hand in a conversation. (无话可说了吧?没得说了吧?)

E.G.1:What? Nothing more to say? Cat got your tongue? You listen to me, keep your brats off my property. (DH S01E14)

参考翻译:怎么不说话 哑口无言了吗?–听好了,让你家的淘气鬼离我的财物远点。

E.G.2:You’ve been unusually quiet tonight,” she said. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”


Brat[bræt]:a child, typically one that is badly behaved. (乳臭未干的小孩;顽童,常用于负面语气的口吻)

E.G.1:I want a canopy, and you gotta get me one. — I don’t have to get you anything. And stop acting like a spoiled brat. (DH S05E22)

参考翻译:我就是要天篷床,你得给我买。– 我没有义务给你买东西,别搞得像个娇纵的娃。

E.G.2:Don’t defend that self-centered brat. She steals Susan’s wedding. And then expects to stay friends. (DH S03E22)



Narrator:It was the day before Valentine’s Day 情人节的前一天

——>> and every man on Wisteria Lane 紫藤郡上的每个男人

——>> was preparing for this most dangerous of holidays. 都在为这一最可怕的节日作准备

——>> While some purchased romantic cards… 有人买了浪漫的卡片

——>>… and some brought home candy and flowers… 有人买了糖果和鲜花

——>> and some made dinner reservations at fancy restaurants… 有人在高级餐厅预订了晚餐

——>>… others managed to forget about the day entirely… again. 还有些人 再次完全忘记了这个日子

——>> This flurry of activity was lost on 这一仓促的行动

——>> the women of Wisteria Lane. 让紫藤郡的女士们不明所以

——>> They were busy learning a secret about their neighbors. 她们正忙于探究邻居的秘密

——>> A secret that was positively heartbreaking. 一个十分令人揪心的秘密


1、A sudden occurrence of many things at once.

E.G.1:Amid the flurry of changing positions and proposal amendments, the companies’ offer to contribute was considered but not taken up specifically.
参考翻译:面对立场和提案修订的一连串变化,石油公司提出的提议受 到了考虑但没有被特别对待。

E.G.2:Despite the flurry of press speculation at the time of my visit to London, there has been absolutely no change in our position.

E.G.3:I seem to have had a sudden flurry of questions enter my head that I can’t find the answer to in the search box!


2、A small amount of snow, rain, etc. that falls for a short time and then stops.

E.G.1:There may be the odd flurry of snow over the hills.


E.G.2:Residents were surprised to see a flurry of snow outside their windows following spells of bright sunshine.


Be lost on sbIf a joke, remark or action is lost on someone, they do not understand it. (让某人莫名其妙、让某人犯迷糊、搞不明白)

E.G.1:She had a feeling the truth would’ve been lost on her husband anyway. (DH S01E02)


E.G.2:This flurry of activity was lost on the women of Wisteria Lane. They were busy learning a secret about their neighbors. (DH S01E14)




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