­­­Desperate Housewives S01E13 – Part02



1、To fill sb with something especially drugs

E.G.:You think pumping me full of drugs is gonna keep me quiet? (DH S01E13)


2、To move quickly up and down or in and out.

E.G.:Your husband was working on an electrical panel at his restaurant… And received a massive shock. Essentially, his heart stopped pumping. (DH S05E05)


扩展词汇:Pump someone’s stomach. (给某人洗胃)

E.G.1:She’s resisting our efforts to pump her stomach. She says she only took three sedatives. She’s disoriented. (DH S03E05)


E.G.2:knowing that you would be there for me…that you’d stay my friend. Then I’ll have something to live for. And then we’ll call an ambulance and they’ll pump your stomach. (DH S02E09)

参考翻译:知道你会在那儿等候我…还会做我的朋友,那样我就会有继续活下去的理由。那么我们会给你叫个救护车 让他们给你洗胃。

扩展词汇:Pump someone for sth(向某人不停打探某事)

E.G.:I have a feeling most of these vultures didn’t come to pay their respects to Brad. They’re just here to pump us for dirt about his murder. (DH S05E17)

扩展词汇:Pump iron (举重锻炼)

E.G.:Who’s gonna change diapers When you’re pumping iron in a federal prison? Huh? (DH S01E12)


扩展词汇:Pump sth into sth (注入大量资金;向……大量投资)

E.G.:I’ve taken on some partners who are pumping a lot of cash into the business. (DH S07E04)


扩展词汇:Get one’s blood pumping(让某人心潮澎湃、血脉)

E.G.:OK, love, let’s get the blood pumping! The concept is “lock up your daughters. OK, get to work, everybody. (DH S03E08)

参考翻译:来吧,亲爱的同志们,一起血脉偾张吧!此次的构想是 :”锁上你的女儿”。好的,大家开工了。





Mitt[mɪt]A special type of glove for protecting a person’s hand, especially a thick leather glove used for catching a baseball. (手套)



Gloves and Mitten

Tag outIn baseball, Tag out means to tap a runner with the ball in order to remove them from the field and end the play. (触杀出局)

Hammer[ˈhæmə(r)] out:to arrive at an agreement or solution after a lot of argument or discussion. (最终敲定,经过深入讨论后达成。)

E.G.1:We’re golfing with a client– beer. We’re hammering out a deal– wine. We make the deal–champagne.

参考翻译:我们和客户打高尔夫时喝啤酒,极力促成交易时 喝葡萄酒,一旦成交  就喝香槟。(DH S08E08)

E.G.2:She’s a peach, but she’s not the one that dragged me to court to hammer out some custody agreement.
参考翻译:她很讨人喜欢,但她不是那个拖着我去法院逼我敲定监护权协议的人。(DH S05E15)

Hammer out从字面意思来讲它是指:用锤子(钉锤)将什么东西(钉子)拨出,引申为:为达成某种协议或条款而肃清障碍。作商务语义使用时,这个动词短语后面一般接:details, deal, agreement, plan等抽象名词。

OverheadsThe ongoing business expenses not directly attributed to creating a product or service. (运营成本、除生产及人员成本外的经常开支:如房租、水电费、物业管理费用等,商务英语必须掌握词汇)

Fall out:If something such as a person’s hair or a tooth falls out, it comes out. (掉落)

E.G.1:How about some ice cream instead? And you can watch tv till your eyes fall out. (DH S04E03)

E.G.1:I’m sorry. These are mine. They must have fallen out of my purse. (DH S01E13)



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