DH S02E03 Part02


At the risk of ruining a lovely evening. I have some unpleasant/upsetting news.

With all due respect /

It has sth to do with statistics.


Challenging Bree’s authority

Lay off:

Hip hop: 非主流 -à> 潮流

Drown out:

And once in great while, there comes a scandal so deliciously sordid, its roar drowns out all other noise.

Overwhelm/ drown out / Roll in


Trio: trilogy, triple/ triangle


Just a hunch:

Technically speaking:

Talent trumps family.

What makes you….

Talent: sexcapade


Put sth to the test:

E.G.1:I don’t think it’s possible for me to suffer any more than I am already. — Boy, I’d like to put that theory to the test. (参考翻译:我觉得没什么能让我比现在更难过了。– 是吗,我真想验证下你这句话。

E.G.2:Owen is now preparing to put the “pay it forward” initiative to the test.

Have a gift/flare/Knack:

Be proficient in / have a good command of

Have a Hunch /it’s just a hunch.

Fair enough:

Get sb into bed.

Mourning period / grieve period/ grace period

Beyond stupid/ pound


End on a bad/good note:

High note

Take the initiative:

Cozy up to/ ingratiate Mike with his dog.

Submit oneself to do sth:


Waive: forgo or refrain from insisting on or using a right or claim.

Stipulation /provision: 约定、规定、条款


Clear out the suspicion

Live under the same roof:


Make a push:

Sth adds grandeur/ add colors to sth (spice up) / infuse excitement with sth

Make a (creative) call:

Make the decision:

Plumber / convicted murderer (sinful)

Sexcapade / not a maternal type

Crazy / self-absorbed /two-fer

Do someone’s justice:

Repel /exclude someone from doing sth

Pop up:

If you think Edie cares about anybody other than herself, you’re in fool’s paradise.

Living in fool’s paradise: to be happy because you do not know or will not accept how bad a situation really is. Unreal things and unreality. (痴人说梦、异想天开)

Clearly, there’s trouble in paradise.

Mess with my head: exasperated

Way to go: (真有你的!)



Have(done)one’s share of sth:To have (gone through) a sufficient amount of sth. (经历过很多提及的事情)

knock-down drag-outs:furious

cubby /copy

nature’s calling:

have to answer nature’s call.

Invoicing structure:

Tip the scales in one’s favor:

Bill on delivery: 货到付款

What happened on sb is that they were sent duplicate bills by Sb and sb in accounting.

About walking in and seeing all my lines lit up with disgruntled…

I extracted some beautiful and inspirational lines from desperate housewives.

Disgruntled == Dissatisfied

Leave home at home.

Relentless and ruthless, Cut-throat

You can help sb (to) prove to someone that we didn’t conspire to kill my husband.

Conspire to do sth:to make an agreement with others especially in secret to do an unlawful act. (谋划、合谋 以达到某种违法或不可告诉的秘密)

Potassium[pə’tæsiəm]:a silver-white chemical element that, when combined with other elements, is used in the production of soap, glass, and fertilizers. (钾)

Renal[‘riːnl] failure:A condition in which the kidneys stop working and are not able to remove waste and extra water from the blood or keep body chemicals in balance. (肾衰竭)

Sodium[‘səʊdiəm]:a soft, silver-white chemical element that is found in salt. (钠)

Pick up:

Put sth behind someone:

Chi Corelli sister: 奇克瑞利姐妹

Based on the additional information provided, it appears that the phrase “Chi Corelli sisters” refers to a group of sisters who are known for their dancing abilities. The hostess is commenting on their skills and suggesting that they are talented enough to perform on Broadway.

Make-believe: The action of pretending or imagining that things are better than they really are. (假装、假想、假扮)

Narrator: Everyone enjoys a game of make-believe now and then. 每个人都多少喜欢玩假扮游戏 ——>>

Of course, the ways in which we play can vary greatly.

当然我们玩的方法大相径庭 ——>>

Sometimes we tell ourselves 有时我们告诉自己 ——>>

work won’t interfere with our family life. 工作不会影响我们的家庭生活 ——>>Sometimes, we imagine certain relationships 有时我们期待某些关系 ——>>to be more meaningful than they really are. 比它实际上更有意义 ——>>

Occasionally, we put on a show, 偶尔我们投入地演出 ——>>

as if to convince ourselves our secrets 好像在说服自己:我们的一些秘密 ——>>aren’t really all that terrible. 真的没有那么可怕 ——>>

Yes, the game of make-believe is a simple one. 是的 假扮游戏很简单 ——>>

You start by lying to yourself… 从欺骗自己开始 ——>>

and if you can get others to believe those lies… 如果你能让别人也相信这些谎言 ——>>you win. 你就赢了

Go with the flow

Put the foot on the gas pedal.


Tools, avenue, and instruments.


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