According to the feedbacks from many of my VIP members, most of whom felt it is too demanding a task for them to catch up with my pace. I was told from the working parent that, in order to keep abreast with the progress of Season 02 while digesting Season 01, they had to rush the pace and rough the content, which makes the learning journey quite weary and less enjoyable. For what it’s worth, it clearly indicates that we’re now going off at a tangent, deviating from my initial purpose of mixing study with pleasure. Meanwhile, I myself had been working my tail off to plough ahead, and to level with you, I felt exhausted as well.

In retrospect, it took me 3 years to dive into studying Desperate Housewives, with a journal of approximately 500,000 words, I had every minor detail of my learning journey meticulously documented, I sorted out the most practical components of the English language and captured every inspirational idea the moment it sailed into view. I dare to say, it is indeed a magnificent project.

Roughly speaking, the total work load of learning one season of DH is more than the whole set of New Concept English add up together. As a result, it seems unrealistic to fully capture the essence of this show and connect the dots of the English language within a short period of time. So, I did a lot of soul-searching in recent days, and I thought it best to take my VIP members into account, therefore, I’m planning to slow down the development of DH Season 2 and reopen my livestreaming of DH Season 1, for the purpose that, on one hand, fine-tune the flaws and rectify the errors that I made earlier. On the other, make sure those who’re lagging behind could have a second chance to revive their passion of learning.

In addition, I followed up with the progress of our group-up activity, after discussing with @Sophia and @Mila, the two group leaders contributed a lot in terms of how we could better facilitate the teammates who’re willing to breakthrough, and I really appreciate that they took advantage of every resource at their disposal to keep the participants on board and our group-up initiative afloat, Given that the group-up activity is what we can make the most of when it comes to advancing verbal speaking skills, so I decided to carry out my second-round livestreaming in line with the progress of the group-up activity, hopefully, this would add fuel to the fire, to better engage the active members of our group.

The second-round live broadcasting will be conducted in accordance with the usual timetable, from 7pm to 11pm, and the playbacks of correspondent episode will be tuned in during the day time in our short-video account. Actually, I was planning to introduce commercial breaks while livestreaming the playbacks, then it occurred to me that most of the VIP members would prefer to watch playbacks on wechat platform rather than my website, therefore, I decided not to include the ads but to curate the balance by differentiating visitors – From tomorrow on, random visits will be required to pay wechat beans to get access to each independent session while VIP members are free to watch as soon as you send me your wechat ID. So please offer me your wechat ID by noon so that I can include your ID into the “authorized user list” by tonight.






Owen Lee (2022-08-14)


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