Narrator: Gabrielle Solis who lives down the block 住在街角的加布丽尔·索利斯

Block:A block in a town is an area of land with streets on all its sides. (街区)

——>> brought a spicy paella. 带了西班牙辣味炒饭

——>> Since her modeling days in New York, 自从在纽约做了模特后

——>> Gabrielle had developed a taste for rich food… 她的品位有了很大的提升只吃名贵食物

Develop/acquire a taste for sththe process of something that is unfamiliar or objectionable but becomes gradually more liked or accepted: (发展对某物的喜好)

E.G.1:Yes, Lynette Scavo had developed a taste for revenge. And she was finding it delicious. (绝望的主妇:S07E12)

E.G.2:Here. You see the notches on this belt? Those are all the men I killed in Korea. First time, it was a little rough, but after that, you develop a taste for blood. (绝望的主妇:S08E14)

E.G.3:Owen had developed a taste for learning English by watching his favorite movies and TV-shows.

——>> and rich men. 只约有钱男人

——>> Carlos, who worked in mergers and acquisitions, 卡洛斯 从事兼并与收购业务

Merge[mɜːdʒ] and acquisitions[ˌækwɪ’zɪʃn]The activity of combining with or buying another company or advising another company on how to do this. (合并与收购)

——>> proposed on their third date. 在第三次约会时向她求婚了


1、to offer or suggest a possible plan or action for other people to consider.

E.G.1:Then let me propose a toast to a delightful evening, and to the happy accident that brought us together. (DH S03E16)


E.G.2:What I’m about to propose will give us total financial freedom and…help a conniving[kəˈnaɪvɪŋ] billionaire’s dream come true. (DH S04E06)


2、to ask someone to marry you.

E.G.1:Um, what makes you think he’s gonna propose? — Well, I, um…I was looking through his briefcase this afternoon, and I found this ring. (DH S02E15)

参考翻译:你怎么会觉得他要求婚的? 哦,我…我今天下午在翻他的公文包,发现了一枚戒指。

E.G.2:Wait till I get myself out of this mess, then let me come back to you and apologize to you for what I did,

then allow me to propose to you again…(DH S08E14)


——>> Gabrielle was touched when tears welled up in his eyes. 加布丽尔被他的泪水打动了

Well upOf a liquid or emotion, to fill up (a container or vessel) to the point of overflowing. (溢出、涌出)

“Well”除了有“好”这层主干意思之外,还可以指井(水表井:water meter well;楼梯井:stairwell)。

——>> But she soon discovered this happened 但她很快发现

——>> every time Carlos closed a big deal. 卡洛斯每做成一笔大生意时都会这样

——>> Gabrielle liked her paella piping hot. 加布丽尔喜欢热腾腾的炒饭

Piping[‘paɪpɪŋ] hot:Piping hot food or drinks are very hot. (热腾腾的)

Piping hot, pops open… 注意拟声词的用法。(Piping,形容刚出锅的滚烫饭菜热得啪啪响;pop,形容罐头瓶被打开嘭的那一声;Howl,表示犬类动物的嚎叫。)

——>> Gabrielle liked her paella piping hot. 加布丽尔喜欢热腾腾的炒饭

——>> However, her relationship with her husband was considerably cooler. 然而,她和丈夫的关系却日益冷淡


——>> However, her relationship with her  然而 她和丈夫的关系

——>> husband was considerably cooler. 却日益冷淡

Carlos: If you talk to Al Mason at this thing, 你跟艾尔·梅森聊天时

——>> I want you to casually mention 不妨顺便透露下

——>> how much I paid for your necklace. 你项链的价钱

Gaby: Why don’t I just pin the receipt to my chest? 干脆在我胸前贴上标签好了

Pin[pɪn]Attach or fasten with a pin or pins. (用针别住)

To blame someone for something, often when they are not responsible. (责怪某人,尤其是在没有弄清事实真相之前)

Pin down:1. to understand or describe something exactly or to force someone to make a decision about something (确定; 证实; 迫使…作出决定或明确表态)

2、to hold someone firmly on the ground or on a surface so that they cannot move. (将某人扳倒在地以制服某要)

171–Hang on a sec. 稍等

172–You don’t want to stain that gorgeous blouse.可不能把这么漂亮的裙子搞脏了

173–I’m actually a very neat eater. 其实我吃东西时还挺注意的

174–Oh,hey,when nick here starts twirling[‘twɜːlɪŋ] his pasta[‘pæstə] ,nobody’s safe. Nick  搅拌意大利面时 没人能幸免

175–I did get some friendly fire from a meatball earlier.之前确实有朋友把肉丸汁弄到我身上

176–yeah,I’m glad we’re finally doing this. 真高兴可以一起共享晚餐

177–You two are hard to pin down. 你们俩真难请啊

178–Well,we’ve been incredibly busy. 我们一直很忙

179–Oh,I’ll bet,especially since katherine wigged out and you had to give her the boot. 这我相信 尤其是Katherine发狂后 你不得不炒了她

253–What? 怎么了?

254–This is not what i was expecting. 这和我想像的不一样

255–Hey,i think i look pretty good for my age. 以我这样的年龄 我保养得很好

256–Not you, karl. The room. It’s filthy and hideous. 不是你的问题 Karl 这个房间肮脏丑陋

257–Well,i took you to a nice hotel last week, and we had to leave ’cause you saw someone you knew. 上周带你去了家好的宾馆 但你看见了认识的人 我们只好离开

258–Who we gonna run into here? 这儿不会再看见谁了吧?

259–Well,certainly not a cleaning lady. 肯定不会看见打扫卫生的人

260–Okay,so it’s a little dusty. 好吧 确实有点脏

261–But trust me, once i get started, you’ll never even notice.但相信我 一旦我”上场” 你根本不会在意环境好坏

262— My god,those sheets! – What’s wrong with them?﹣上帝啊 瞧瞧这些床单被套! ﹣有问题吗?

263–They’re discolored,threadbare and reek of industrial bleach. 颜色掉了 旧得不行 还散发着一股工业漂白粉的臭味儿

264–You give me five minutes, they’ll reek of us.只要五分钟 就会是我们的汗味儿了

265–Karl,i’m not gonna lie on that revolting sheet, wondering how many junkies have died on it.Karl 我才不要躺在那恶心的床单上 想着有多少吸毒者死在这里

266–What do you want me to do about it?那你要我怎么做?

267–Ooh,egyptian cotton!埃及棉哦!

268— These are pretty,aren’t they? – Great. Love ’em. Let’s go.﹣漂亮吧? ﹣漂亮 爱死了 我们走吧

269–It doesn’t help when you say that about every single set.每一套你都是这么说

270–Bree,an hour ago, i was half-naked. Now i’m sheet shopping.Bree 一小时前 我还是半裸的状态 现在却在这儿买床上用品

271–Forgive me if i’m an easy sell.你得原谅我想速战速决

hard/tough sell(also not an easy sell) something that it is difficult to persuade people to buy or accept

272–I’m just not sure this color will match the carpet.我不太确定这颜色和地毯是否相配

273–Well,get ’em in blue. I’ll tell you what they’ll match then.拿蓝色的 我会告诉你和什么相配

274–Fine. I’ll take these.好吧 就拿这套

275–Now we just need to stop for some flowers.现在再去买些花就行了

276— Flowers? – I just want this affair to be nice.﹣花? ﹣我就是想让这事更完美

277–You know,you don’t want this affair to be nice.你才不是想完美呢

278–You don’t want it at all.你根本不想去做这事

279–Don’t be silly. Of course i do. 别傻了 我当然想啊

280–You may think you do, but i’ve been chasing you for two weeks, 也许你认为你想 但我苦追了你两周

281–and you’ve down nothing but throw up roadblocks. 而你却一直设置障碍

282–“not tonight.””今晚不行”

283–“not this hotel.” “not those sheets.””这个宾馆不行” “这些床单不行”

284–karl,if you think i’ve been leading you on,you’re wrong.Karl  如果你认为我是在骗你 那你就错了

285–Bree,it’s not your fault. It’s just who you are.Bree 不是你的错 你就是这样的人

286–You’re a good girl who never breaks the rules no matter how miserable it makes her. 你是个优雅的女士 从不逾越规矩 无论规矩让你多么痛苦

287–I thought a little karl time might brighten your day. 本以为和我相处一些日子 你会有所变化

288–But there’s not much i can do for someone who would rather be good than happy. 但对于更在乎优雅而非幸福的人来说 我再努力也是徒劳

Carlos: He let me know how much he paid 他故意告诉我 他为他老婆的

——>> for his wife’s convertible. 敞篷车花了多少钱

——>> Look, just work it into the conversation. 不经意插入到话题中就好

Gaby: There’s no way I can just work that in, Carlos. 卡洛斯 我做不到很随意地插话

Carlos: Why not? At the Donahue party,  怎么会呢 在唐纳修的宴会上

——>> Everyone was talking mutual funds每个人都在谈论公共基金

——>> You found a way to mentioned you slept with 而你却找到门路告诉大家你跟扬基队

——>> half the Yankee outfield. 一半的外场手上过床

Gaby: I’m telling you, it came up in the context of the conversation. 我再说一次 当时大家就是谈的这些

Carlos: Hey, people are starting to stare. 人们在看我们了

——>> Can you keep your voice down, please? 你能小点声吗

Gaby: Absolutely. We wouldn’t want 当然了 我们可不愿意

——>> them to think we’re not happy. 被别人发现我们不愉快

Narrator: Bree Van De Kamp, who lives next door, 住在隔壁的布里·范德坎普

——>> brought baskets of muffins she baked from scratch. 带了两篮她亲手烤制的松饼

——>> Bree was known for her cooking, 布里擅长烹饪

——>> and for making her own clothes, 自己缝纫做衣

——>> and for doing her own gardening, 亲手打理花园

——>> and for re-upholstering her own furniture. 甚至自己翻新家具

——>> Yes, Bree’s many talents were known 是的 布里非常能干

——>> throughout the neighborhood. 远近皆知

——>> And everyone on Wisteria Lane thought of  紫藤郡的每个人都觉得

——>> Bree as the perfect wife and mother. 布里是个完美的妻子

——>> Everyone, that is, except her own family. 每个人 不包括她的家人

Bree: Paul. Zachary. 保罗 扎克

Zachary: Hello, Mrs. Van De Kamp. 你好 范德坎普太太

Paul: Bree, you shouldn’t have gone to all this trouble. 布里 不必这么麻烦的

Bree: It was no trouble at all. 一点都不麻烦

——>> Now, the basket with the red ribbon 扎红丝的这篮         

——>> is filled with desserts for your guests,  是为客人们准备的

——>> but the one with the blue ribbon 蓝丝带的这篮

——>> is just for you and Zachary. 是特地为你和扎克准备的

——>> It’s got rolls, muffins,  里面有面包圈 松饼

——>> breakfast type things.  和一些早餐食物

Paul: Thank you. 谢谢

Bree: Well, the least I could do is make sure 我能帮的就这些了

——>> you boys had a decent meal  至少明天早上

——>> to look forward to in the morning. 你们还能吃上顿像样的早餐

——>> I know you’re out of your minds with grief. 我知道你们悲痛万分

Paul: Yes, we are. 是的

Bree: Of course, I will need the baskets back once you’re done. 对了 吃完后请把篮子还给我

Paul: Of course. 当然

Narrator: Susan Mayer, who lives across the street, 住在对街的苏珊·梅尔

——>> brought macaroni and cheese. 带了乳酪通心粉

——>> Her husband, Karl, always teased her about her macaroni,  她丈夫卡尔 总是嘲笑她

——>> saying it was the only thing she knew how to cook 说她只会做乳酪通心粉

——>> and she rarely made it well.  却还做不好

——>> It was too salty the night she 在她和卡尔刚搬入新家的那晚

——>> and Karl moved into their house. 她做的太咸了

——>> It was too watery the night she 在她发现卡尔的衣领上有口红印那晚

——>> found lipstick on Karl’s shirt. 她做的又太淡了

——>> She burned it the night Karl told her 在卡尔为了他的秘书离开她的那晚

——>> he was leaving her for his secretary. 她把通心粉烤糊了

——>> A year had passed since the divorce. 离婚一年之后

——>> Susan had started to think how nice it 苏珊开始觉得

——>> would be to have a man in her life. 生命中有个男人还是挺好的

——>> Even one who would make fun of her cooking. 就算是个会嘲笑她厨艺的男人

Julie: Mom, why would someone kill themselves? 妈妈 为什么人们会自杀

Susan: Well, sometimes people are so unhappy, 因为有时候人们很不开心

——>> they think that’s the only way they can solve their problems. 觉得自杀是解决问题的唯一办法

Julie: But Mrs. Young always seemed happy. 杨太太看起来总是很开心啊

Susan: Yeah ,Sometimes people pretend to be one way on the outside, 没错,有时候人们对外表现出一面

——>> when they’re totally different on the inside. 而内心却是截然不同的一面

Julie: Oh, you mean like how dad’s girlfriend always smiling and 就像爸爸的女朋友满脸微笑

——>> says nice things, but deep down, you just know she’s a bitch. 讲话动听 但你知道她骨子里是个贱女人

Susan: I don’t like that word, Julie. 朱莉 我不喜欢你用那个词

——>> But, yeah, that’s a great example. 不过 这个例子很棒


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