­­­Desperate Housewives S01E09-Part02


SusanYou are not mature enough 你还太年轻

——>> to have a realistic perspective on this relationship. 不能理智客观地看待这段感情

——>> You would be much happier with a girl your own age. 找个和你年纪相仿的女孩会更好

实用句型:(not )形容词/副词+ enough + to do/be doing sth

E.G.1:It’s not bad enough I have to watch you throw yourself at him every day. (DH S01E04)

E.G.2:Menopause? You’re not old enough to be going through menopause. (DH S07E07)

E.G.3:With the money he made this year is not nearly enough to cover my daily expense, let alone employee salaries, office leasing expenditure and overheads.

E.G.4:Our efforts in the direction of reading and listening are not quite enough to meet the needs of daily conversation.Folding chairs折叠椅

Fill in:To fill a hole or void (填补空缺)常用搭配:Fill in the blanks.

E.G.1:He’s gonna need some help to remember what he can’t. Well, I’m sure I could fill in a few blanks. (DH S03E04)


E.G.2:If this is a booty call, Toph is ready to fill in. (DH S08E02)


Back out:to decide not to do something that you had said you would do (退出)

E.G.1:They backed out of the deal the day before they were due to sign the contract.

E.G.2:You agreed to come. You can’t back out now!

Have the time of one’s life:to have a very good time; to have the most exciting time in one’s life. (享受高光时刻、玩得很高兴、过得很充实自在)

E.G.1:I traveled to France for the first-time last summer, and I had the time of my life!

E.G.2:What a great party! I had the time of my life.

E.G.3:I don’t know what it is. All I know is…I’m having the time of my life. (DH S05E07)

E.G.4:Are you okay? Have I been pushing you too hard? No, no! I’m having the time of my life. (DH S07E07)
参考翻译:你还好吧?是不是我逼你逼得太紧?– 不 不,我从没这么自在呢。

Dorky[ˈdɔːki] charm:The adorable quality that someone has, someone who’re labeled as nerdy or geeky. (惹人喜爱的那种憨厚老实,一般用来形容书呆子或某种有强烈求知欲的人身上所展现出的那种魅力。这种人往往不善社交、行事怪异、十分低调,另外还有一个重要特质,那就是:轴,但他们一般对人无害。美剧生活大爆炸里一抓一大把。)

生活大爆炸:Dorky Charm

A dork is usually someone who’s smart, nerdy, or geeky but lacks in social skills. Some girls find the awkwardness of dorky men charming or cute.

In junior high school, being called a “dork” was sort of insult. It implied that you were clumsy and not particularly bright. there are some women who are attracted to or charmed by that sort of nonthreatening kind of guy.

Audience[ˈɔːdiəns] friendly:Readily understood or appreciated by a group of viewers, listeners, or readers; having popular appeal. (观众/听众友好的)

A bit much:If you say that something is a bit much, you are annoyed because you think someone has behaved in an unreasonable way. (有点过了)

E.G.1:They’re so cute in their makeup and rhinestone dresses. Right? –For me, it was a bit much. (DH S06E19)


E.G.2:Look, I appreciate this whole military commando act, But I’m new at this, and frankly, this is a bit much. (DH S05E14)


Line-up:A group of people or things brought together for a particular purpose, especially the members of a sports team or a group of music. (队列顺序)

Ballgown[‘bɔːlgaʊn]:Ballgown is a type of evening gown worn to a ball or a formal event. (舞会礼服; 晚礼服)

Devastatingly[‘devəsteɪtɪŋli]:In a way that causes a lot of damage or destruction, or has a very powerful effect that makes people very shocked. (破灭性地、极毁灭性地,极其惊人地)

In a festival mood:In a delightful and joyful mood. (有一种愉悦的心情、有一种参加盛大节日与欢乐会的心情)



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