DH S01E19 Part03

Glued to someone/sth:

Attached to someone:

Roll up from the bed:

Startle: surprised/ scared/ astonished/ amazed/ astound/






Stage one:













I was astounded that major was taken bribes.


Introduce sb to sth:

Dirty Volcano:

He dipped me:

What’s the big deal:

Get over someone/sth:

To start to forget someone and fell happy again.

I got to call the shots.

Go sleepy-bye: beddy-bye

Father-in-law /Noah

Hand sth over to sb:

Confidential police report:

Have a chip on one’s shoulder:

Tip the scales:

Vent his anger on Mike.

Mike is the one the cop took the heat off, He wants to find an excuse to,

He provoke mike on purpose. /Agitate one’s anger.

With all due respect / I don’t want to seem ungrateful.

Punch bag:

Buy off:

Homicide detective:

A dog strayed from the pound.

Based on the previous episodes, we can tell that the cop was corrupted by Nora, Mike’s father-in-law, on the one hand, he needed the dirty money to prevent the dog from dying, so that he can maintain his caring, commitment, or macho pride in front of his wife, on the other, he has this gigantic chip on his shoulder for being a traitor of the justice department, he was supposed to defend, uphold and maintain justice, yet he’s the one who besmirched and sabotaged it, and that really makes him sick. As a result, he has to take it out on someone, as we can tell that he provoked Mike on purpose so that he could find himself an excuse to vent his anger on his counterpart Mike.

At one point or another, we have to weigh up the balance and do ourselves justice, like I said, life is all about “in and out”, we need to let go of the pressure, the anger, the grudge, so as to prevent them from raging on, meanwhile release the urge, the impulse and excitement from time to time, for the sake of keeping our blood running smoothly. what’s more, we need collect the aroma, the wisdom, the inspiration from the greatest minds and grab even the slightest epiphanies of our hands-on experience, for what it’s worth, they will come in handy along the way of furthering up whatever ladders and eventually add up to our success.

Since Mike is the one that the cop took the heat off, inevitably he becomes the punching bag. Why? Because Mike is at the bottom of food-chain. And it dawned on me that we all at some level sustained the food chain. There’s an invisible chain buried at the deep end of the world, trying to keep us staying at their designated post, by which I mean a PIGPEN with barbed wire. Take the policy-makers for example, in order to bind us at the bottom of the food chain, they devised an educational system, and as far as I am concerned, their “noble conspiracy”, let me put it in a crystal clear way, they mix the greatest noble course with most sordid conspiracy to pull a wool over our eyes, thus making sure you and me, and the majority to stay at the bottom of the food chain.


And that’s the reason why we’ve studying English for decades, yet we don’t a clear picture as to how we can take advantage of it, how we can make the most of it. We have to dig ourselves from the dirt and chart ourselves a brand-new path to climb up the chain-of-command, to steer the ship of our mind away from the dark.

Cop-killer: Manslaughter


You can’t have it both ways.

Cold fish:

Mixing business with pleasure

Find you the most effective means at the lowest cost.

格格不入:Round pegs in the square holes.­­­­

Have a chip on one’s shoulder.
Declined: rejected/ turned down
Awkward situation:
Gabrielle:It’s me.
John:I’ve been trying to call you, but you turned your cell off.
Gabrielle:Because I’m in a lovely restaurant having a lovely meal that I can’t pay for.
John:Well, did you order already?
Gabrielle:I ate already.
John:Look, the credit card company called my mom.
——>> I mean, they said there was unusual activity on my card.
Gabrielle:I bought shoes!
John:Well, I didn’t know that.
——>> And then my mom started asking all these questions
——>> so I just blurted out it was stolen and she canceled it.
Spill the beans:
Gabrielle:Why would they call your parents? It’s your account.
John:They co-signed for it.
——>> Look, if you just explain to the waiter…
Gabrielle:What? That credit card was canceled by my lover’s mommy?
John:What other options do you have?
——>> Unless you return the shoes and get the money back?
Gabrielle:Return the shoes?
——>> I can’t talk to you when you’re being hysterical.

Could you explain it to me, what exactly is the meaning of “hysterical” in the clip and to what extend do you understand why Gaby calls John hysterical? Please feel free to share your perspective based on the information you’ve got.

Give it a shot.
I figured…
What if…

The term “hysterical” refers to a state of exaggerated, uncontrollable or ridiculous emotion, often associated with fear, anger or foolishness. Here the meaning of “hysterical” is anther for “ridiculous”, as it implies a level of exaggeration or irrationality that goes beyond what is considered reasonable or logical. Given that Gaby has been living in an extravagant house and leading a luxury life style, she’s not accustomed to being restricted and trapped in a situation like this. John’s proposal of returning the shoes is so naïve and unrealistic that Gaby perceived it as an attack on her dignity and pride. On the other hand, John is just a high school student who serves a part-time gardener, he has no idea to empathize with the predicament that Gaby is in, nor is he used to being able to solve his problems with a sense of a loaded grown-up man, let alone coming to her rescue and bringing with it the dignity and pride she’s most in need. We can only image why she’s feeling very emotional and sensitive, because it goes against her self-conception as a stylish and classic lady, someone who is financially secure and socially prominent. As a result, she lashed out and called him hysterical, as a way of expressing her frustration and stress.
Rush into:
Let me get sth straight:
Let me put it this way:
To level with you /to be honest with you
Let me cut to the chase

Play tennis
Know wine
Speak Madeiran:
Pull sth out:
Not available
Reveal her true identity:
Does every other man in the world want you dead?

Please analyze the conversation between Gaby and Sam, and make a statement based on Gaby’s remark “I’d watch your back”, is there any implication in this sentence? Please also share with us your viewpoints regarding the logic and motive behind Gaby ‘s remark.

2004 Prison Break. 2007
Desperate housewives 2008
2018 – 2019
Hit show:
Please analyze the conversation between Gaby and Sam, and make a statement based on Gaby’s remark “I’d watch your back”, is there any implication in this sentence? Please also share with us your viewpoints regarding the logic and motive behind Gaby ‘s remark.

Get through me.

The conversation between Gabrielle and Sam is a lighthearted exchange in which Gabrielle is teasing Sam for his impressive array/streak/set of talents, which include playing tennis, knowledge of wine, and speaking Mandarin. Gabrielle’s comment, “Does every other man in the world want you dead?” is a humorous exaggeration that highlights the fact that Sam possesses attributes that are valued in Western cultures, such as skills, knowledge, and expertise in multiple areas. Sam’s response, “I’m not that impressive,” is a modest statement that is also valued in Western cultures, where humility and self-deprecation are often seen as positive traits. Gabrielle’s final comment, “I don’t know, I’d watch your back,” continues the teasing banter/ goodhumoredly ribbing and emphasizes her admiration of Sam’s skills and knowledge. Overall, this conversation reflects values in Western cultures such as humor, modesty, and admiration for expertise and skills. Of course, Gaby has an ulterior motive, as we can tell from a God’s perspective, she’s showing her appreciation and hospitality on purpose in exchange for a free decent meal that she can’t be able to afford at the moment. The phrase “I’d watch your back” is a common idiomatic expression that means to be careful and cautious, particularly in situations where someone might be at risk or in danger. In the context of the conversation between Gabrielle and Sam, Gabrielle is using the phrase in a humorous way to suggest that Sam’s outstanding capabilities could make him a target for envy or jealousy. As far as I am concerned, Americans love being flattered to death, as a Chinese proverb goes like this “Donkeys like being touched in the direction of where their ¬¬¬, and so does people.” Therefore, things develop quite smoothly as Gaby expected, she got herself off the hook by infusing a gentleman’s life with sentimental value, by which I mean, a sense of pride and superiority, as a red-blooded man, we can only imagine such an encounter when a beautiful, gracious and fashionable lady is looking up on you and saying nice things about your dignified tastes and incredible talents. Sam responds politely to Gabrielle’s rejection and insists on paying for their interaction as a way of showing appreciation and hospitality. By saying “I’d watch your back,” Gabrielle is playfully implying that others might be threatened by Sam’s skills and knowledge and could pose a threat to him. However, it’s important to note that this is a lighthearted comment meant to be taken in jest / meant as a joke and not a serious warning or threat.

Set the table for places.
Reverend: father / priest

Bubbly beverage:
I don’t suppose:
Ministry /department:
Inner peace / tranquility
You’re at a state of being calm.

All it takes is ….
Enlarge your active vocabulary pool.
Well-mannered / gracious
Has failed to deliver a satisfactory result.
Twisting someone’s arms
Sodomy: vulgar expression.
Sth beyond me:
I can’t bear to stand:
For starters,
I knew this dinner was bad idea the moment/the second day you went away. you suggested it.
Rex ticked Bree off
Flipped out /freak out
Be furious at:
Left and right:
I throw it right in your face.
Be that as it may:
There comes a point /
From here on out:
Come through: gone through
I’ve been around:
Hang out:
Not in the mood:
Pull oneself together
Under the weather:
Life you up
Check on someone:
Sucked into…
Deflect your audience’s attention,
Cut off the money supply
Rip up sth:
Walk out on sb:
She knows how to take advantage of her beauty.

DH S01E19 Part04

“An individual human existence should be like a river —— small at first, narrowly contained within its banks, and rushing passionately past boulders and over waterfalls. Gradually the river grows wider, the banks recede, the waters flow more quietly, and in the end, without any visible break, they become merged in the sea, and painlessly lose their individual being.” (Bertrand Russell:How to grow old)
Not everyone gets to realize their bliss.
Suck into sth:
The perfect Capper to the perfect evening
Good luck with all your inventions.
Hit the club/ road/
Warm up the old war wagon:
Fall off the wagon: origin 再次犯酒瘾
Slip into the old habits:
Welcome wagon:
Have instincts about sb/sth:
I’ve had it.
Feel up someone:
Lighten sth up:
Straighten things out and get over the hump.

Based on the conversation between Sophie and Susan, it seems that Sophie is trying to cheer up her daughter after her recent breakup with Mike, but Susan is frustrated with her mother’s attempts. Since Sophie is a romantic at heart, doesn’t pay much attention to details, she’s carefree and embracing a carpe-diem attitude towards life, which suggests that she may have a more optimistic and resilient attitude towards breakups. This could explain why she may have a harder time understanding Susan’s devastation after her breakup with Mike.

Now that Sophie is trying to distract herself from her own heartbreak by going out and having fun with her daughter. However, this approach may not be helpful for Susan, who needs more emotional support and understanding from her mother. The conversation between Sophie and Susan reveals a disconnect in their emotional experiences and the way they cope with breakups.

It’s also worth noting that Sophie has moved in with Susan after her breakup with Morty. This may indicate that Sophie is seeking comfort and support from her daughter during her own difficult time, which could be contributing to her behavior towards Susan. However, this could also create a difficult dynamic between the two, as they may both be struggling with their own emotions and may not be fully equipped to support each other.

Given these factors, it may be important for Sophie and Susan to have an open and honest conversation about their feelings and needs. Sophie could try to be more understanding and empathetic towards Susan’s pain, while also acknowledging her own struggles. Susan, in turn, could try to communicate more clearly about what she needs from her mother and how she can best be supported during this difficult time. By working together, they may be able to strengthen their relationship and find ways to cope with their respective breakups.
A case of pink eye:
A piece of work – a hard nut to crack
She was torn about whether to pay Mrs. McCluskey a visit.
Vulnerable health condition
Sucked into endless chatter.
Do a good deed:
Make amends for:
Sworn enemy:
Third-grade thing to say:
Inadequate / unwanted:
Every cloud has a silver lining.
A light at the end of the tunnel.
reached a harmonious reconciliation
Strick a resonating chord
Vibrant at the same frequency

In the United States, the government has implemented various programs and initiatives to support elderly people living alone, one of the key government policies in the US is the Older Americans Act (OAA), which provides funding for a wide range of programs and services aimed at supporting the elderly. This includes home delivered meals, transportation assistance, caregiver support, and health promotion activities. Please refer to the following aspects: Medicare: This is a government-run health insurance program that provides coverage to people who are 65 years old or older, as well as some people with disabilities. Medicare provides essential medical coverage to elderly people, including hospitalization, doctor visits, and prescription drug coverage. Social Security: This is a federal program that provides retirement, disability, and survivor benefits to workers and their families. Social Security provides elderly people with a source of income during retirement and helps alleviate financial strain. Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs): These centers provide information and assistance to elderly people and their families to help them navigate the various programs and services available to them. They can connect elderly people to services like transportation, meals, and home healthcare. Elder Abuse Prevention: The US government has implemented various programs to prevent and respond to elder abuse. These programs work to protect vulnerable elderly people from financial exploitation, neglect, and physical or emotional abuse. Community-Based Programs: Many community-based organizations offer programs and services to support elderly people living alone, including social activities, transportation, and meals. These programs help alleviate social isolation and provide essential support to elderly people who may have limited resources or family support.

Components/ constitutes

Bree/– Andrew disobedient
Tame sb into behaving:
Wrap around:
Stary away:
Keep go on about sth:
Because if you don’t change who you’re, you won’t go to heaven.
Paul young:
Reverend: father
What’s on your mind?
Take a load off your chest
Gay S-O sinful
Make a confession:
Have feelings for sb:
Tools: ¬¬
Just so I’m clear:
Heterosexual / Homosexual
Every now and then/ once in a while/ from time to time
Be in the mood:
Big time: dramatically/ significantly
It hit me/ it occurs to / it dawned on
Get back at her:
Good grades:
Delivered: 派送、交付
She least expects it:
Rock sb’s world:
Exclusive insights:
correspondent and illustrative pictures.
Reached a harmonious reconciliation
Have the upper hand:
Made a concession/compromised
Have good intention / up to no good.
You see, human beings are designed for many things, but loneliness isn’t one of them.
Talents are best nurtured in solitude; characters are best formed in the stormy billows of the world.

Nature of wildness, the ambition of conquest, the primitive of shameless


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