Susan: Hi, 嗨

——>> I need an operation on my spleen, 我要做脾手术

——>> and I just found out that I ran out of medical insurance. 可我刚刚发现我的医疗保险额度用完了

——>> Is there anyone I can sue? 有什么我可以起诉的人吗?

——>> After the embezzlement, Lonny let the policy lapse 自从挪用公款的事曝光后,Lonny没有给我续保

——>> Now he’s in jail, and I’m gonna die 现在他坐牢了 我要死了

Karl: Susie, you are not gonna die 苏西, 你不会死的

——>> I’ll get into it with the insurance company 我会去找保险公司理论

Susan: No, there isn’t time for you to deal with the red tape 不, 现在没有时间去处理繁文缛节了

——>> My spleen is going craning into my heart 我的脾已经压迫到我的心脏

——>> I need that operation now 我得马上就动手术

Karl: I’d loan you the money myself 我本来可以自己借钱给你

——>> But Eddie and I just plopped down our savings since ski condo 可伊迪和我刚刚拿出我们的积蓄买了滑雪度假公寓。
Susan: I don’t need a loan 我不需要借钱

——>> I need coverage 我需要保险覆盖

——>> I mean what if there are complications 如果要是有并发症可怎么办

——>> I don’t have a safety net 我连一点保障也没有

——>> please… 求你了…

Edie: What in the hell are you doing? 你到底在干吗?

Susan: I’m saying a little prayer 我在祈祷

Edie: Uh, for puke sake 唔, 看在呕吐的份上

Susan: What? I’m desperate here, do you have any other ideas? 怎么, 我已经走投无路了 你还有其他办法吗?

Eddie: As a matter of fact, I do 其实 我有办法

——>> What you need is a husband 你需要的是个丈夫

Susan: What? 什么?

Eddie: The only way to get a good health plan 获得健康唯一办法

——>> is to marry into one 就是嫁人

Karl: Eddie, come on 伊迪,拜托

Susan: No, no, I think she’s onto something 别, 我觉得她说得有道理

Eddie: Yeah, if we find the guy with the right plan 如果我们找到了合适人选

——>> you could have a sham wedding on a Monday night, and be 你就可以周一来个假结婚

——>> fully covered Tuesday morning 周二就有医保了

Karl: I can’t believe you are actually considering this 不敢相信你还真的会考虑这个办法

Susan: The surgeon is slicing me open a week from tomorrow, 还有一周我就要开刀了

——>> what other choice do I have? 还能有什么办法?

Eddie: All we have to do is to find a guy who’s willing to marry you 只要找到一个愿意娶你的人就行

——>> You know, come to think of it, 仔细想想

——>> a little prayer might not be such a bad idea after all. 也许祈祷并不是个坏主意

Medical insurance

Run out of medical insuranceThis phrase means that the individual has depleted or exhausted their medical insurance coverage or benefits. It indicates that they no longer have insurance coverage to pay for their medical expenses or treatments. (保险额度用完)
“run out of medical insurance” 意味着个人已经用尽或耗尽了他们的医疗保险覆盖或福利。这意味着他们不再拥有医疗保险来支付他们的医疗费用或治疗费用。

Get into it with someoneit means to engage in a conflict, argument, or disagreement with someone. It implies a heated or confrontational interaction where both parties express their opinions or frustrations. (与某人争个道长理短,据理力争)

Red tapeit refers to excessive bureaucracy or administrative procedures that can cause delays, inefficiencies, or unnecessary complications. It often refers to rigid and complex rules and regulations that impede or slow down processes. (繁文缛节)

“Red tape” 指的是过多的官僚主义或行政程序,可能导致延误、低效或不必要的复杂化。它通常指的是僵化和复杂的规章制度,妨碍或减慢了各种流程的进行。

Crane [kreɪn]:to stretch your neck, head or other body parts in a particular direction in order to see or hear sth better. (伸长、探出)

Ski [skiː] condo [‘kɒndəʊ]:a condominium or apartment that is located near a ski resort or in a ski destination. It is a type of accommodation that is popular among skiers and snowboarders who visit these areas for winter sports activities. (滑雪度假公寓)

Ski Condominium [ˌkɒndə’mɪnɪəm]”是指位于滑雪度假胜地附近或滑雪目的地的一种公寓住宅。它是滑雪者和滑雪爱好者在冬季前往这些地区进行滑雪活动时常见的住宿选择。

Someone’s onto somethingit means to have discovered or become aware of something significant or important. It suggests that the person has made a notable observation, found a clue, or gained insight into a particular matter or situation. (发现了事情的关键点、苗头、症结所在,在本集的语境中,可以翻译为有点眉目、道理或像那么回事。它在近义表达:She’s got a point.)
“Be onto sth” 意味着发现或意识到某件重要的事物。它暗示着这个人做出了显著的观察、找到了线索,或对某个特定的事情或情况有了洞察力。

Sham [ʃæm]:A “sham” refers to something that is fake, false, or deceptive in nature. It can be used to describe a pretense, a counterfeit or imitation, or an act or situation that is meant to deceive or mislead others. (假的、伪造的、仿冒的,表达相同意思的前缀:pseudo-listening, faux-vulnerability.)

Please analysis the context provided above, and tell me the root cause why Susan doesn’t have medical insurance coverage and would have medical insurance coverage if she marries a guy with the right plan.

背景交待:In the conversation, Susan is desperate to find a solution for her urgent medical needs as she has run out of medical insurance coverage. Karl offers to help by loaning her the money, but Susan emphasizes that she doesn’t need a loan, but rather coverage. She expresses concerns about potential complications and the lack of a safety net. Desperate for a solution, Susan resorts to saying a prayer.

Eddie proposes the idea of finding a husband who has the right plan, allowing Susan to have a sham wedding and be fully covered for her medical needs. Despite initial hesitation, Susan considers the suggestion as a potential solution to her predicament.

While this idea may seem unconventional or even desperate, Susan and Eddie consider it as a potential solution to her situation. The notion is that by finding a suitable partner with the right plan, Susan could have a sham wedding and be fully covered for her medical needs, including the upcoming surgery.

欧文点评:The root cause of Susan not having medical insurance coverage is the policy lapse caused by the embezzlement committed by Susan’s Agent, Lonny, who is now in jail. As a result of the policy lapse, Susan finds herself without coverage and facing a life-threatening situation.

The policy lapse refers to the termination or expiration of Susan’s medical insurance coverage. A policy lapse occurs when the policyholder fails to make timely premium payments or when there are irregularities with the policy, such as non-compliance with certain terms and conditions.

In this case, Lonny’s embezzlement of Susan’s money likely had an impact on her ability to pay the insurance premiums, resulting in a policy lapse. Embezzlement involves the misappropriation or theft of funds entrusted to someone, in this case, Lonny, who was responsible for managing Susan’s insurance affairs.

Lonny’s fraudulent [‘frɔːdjələnt] actions, which could include siphoning off Susan’s funds meant for insurance premiums, led to the non-payment of premiums and subsequently the termination of her coverage. As a result, Susan finds herself without the necessary medical insurance to cover her impending surgery, adding to her already dire situation.

The policy lapse caused by Lonny’s embezzlement highlights the severity of the consequences when someone entrusted with managing insurance matters breaches that trust and misuses the funds for personal gain. It exposes the vulnerability of policyholders and emphasizes the importance of having reliable and trustworthy agents to safeguard their interests.

The second questionWhy would Susan have medical insurance coverage if she marries a guy with the right plan?

Based on Eddie’s suggestion that the only way to obtain a good health plan is to marry a husband who has the Right Plan. This idea stems from the belief that by marrying into a health plan, Susan would gain the coverage she needs for her operation.

The assumption behind this suggestion is that by marrying someone with a comprehensive health plan, Susan would become eligible for the benefits and coverage provided by that plan. It is believed that the spouse of the policyholder would also be covered under the health plan, thereby extending coverage to Susan.

While this idea may seem unconventional or even desperate, Susan and Eddie consider it as a potential solution to her situation. The notion is that by finding a suitable partner with the right plan, Susan could have a sham wedding and be fully covered for her medical needs, including the upcoming surgery.

The conversation reflects the extent to which Susan is willing to explore unconventional ideas and solutions due to the urgency of her medical situation. The suggestion of marrying for coverage arises from the belief that it could provide her with the access to the health plan she requires.













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