Better Still:used to say or that a particular choice would be more satisfactory. (最好是……、更进一步说……、更确切地说……)

看美剧学英语高频短语:Better Still

以下是高频短语“Better still”在美剧片段中的情景例句:

E.G.1:I know my daughter. She’s very determined. Unless you’re really firm with her, she’ll think there’s hope. Ok. I’ll be firm. Better still, be brutal. (DHS01E15 21:37.71)

E.G.2:Well I don’t think it has any business in a servants’ hall. — But there’s no socket in her room. But she could take it to the laundry. Or, better still, chuck it out altogether! (DA S04E05 05:10)

E.G.3:Tell me about Ron Jackson. — You know about Ron? —Better still, tell me how to disable the bomb so nobody gets hurt. (Lie to me S02E10 23:12)

E.G.4:You know…we could tell all the neighbors that Mrs.Yost went away. Better still…we could arrange for some of them to see her leave. (WWK S02E03 11:28)


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