DH S02E02 Part03

Take sb bowling:

感谢:It’s very sweet of you to think of me…

安慰人:Let sth out

Take sb out of doing sth: 说服某人不去做某事

Sweet talk sb into doing sth: Coax sb into doing sth.
Put a good spin on sth:

The subject came up in between kidney punches.

Smack / rough sb up

Life is not worth living unless she has jugs the size of Texas.




The Morphine is wearing off.

Gabby has the upper hand

Give her the free rein to write the check.

Be in a position to do sth:

You have a major say when it comes to make the call/ call the shots.

Doing sb:

Justin: If the classmates know that you’re doing a hot housewife, your social status is going to explode.

Third-grade thing.

Etiquette is a lost art for a lot of people.

Moral decay


Sex drive/urges


Snacking on one’s leftovers.

Sucking one’s exhaust.

Skate off into sunset:吊儿郎当、游戏人间

Bar none: intensifier ()

Tidbit: juicy anecdote

Stick in the bottom of his heart.

Sb ask someone to get back together the day/moment/minute… after Julie’s birthday.

同位语从句 I understand the fact that….

Which I’m guessing is the reason for the now legendary tequila bra-popping incident.

Have a guts/grit to do:

Hate one’s guts:






Tuned in perfectly /bar none


She’s trying to make this tawdry little affair (that) you guys have going on par with that.

Equate sth/doing with doing sth:

Are you equating forgetting our anniversary with cheating on me?

Par with:


Go with the flow:

This is supposed to be my time.

I promise you this much, the way…

Walk out on sb:

In the palms of one’s hand.

There it was, sitting on the counter, eating a leftover grilled,

Bend tom to her will:

Work out the kinks: drawbacks/ flaws.

Get one’s act together:

Pull oneself together:

I take it/ I bet/I guess/figured/assume/….


Hats off to you:

Abuse /domestic violence

Slap /snap:

Knock sb on the ground:

Knock out:

The last doctor I saw said that.

Nitrazepam [naɪ’treɪzɪpæm]:: 硝基安定

Start sb on (medicine):

Do the trick:



Reciprocate:  [rɪ’sɪprəkeɪt] (报答)

Mortified: to cause sb extreme embarrassment. 羞愧难当

All is forgiven:

Could I speak to someone about


It’s extraordinary the tactics people employ to obtain it,

Some rely on deception

While others engage in outright trickery.

Then there are those who resort to extortion.

Why do we fight so hard for control,

Because we know to lose it is to put our fate in the hands of others, and what could be more dangerous.


The desire for control is a natural human tendency that can manifest in many different ways, from individual relationships to larger societal structures.


It is an inarguable fact that we human beings want to have dominant control over the things around us, some government is manipulating its citizen so as to perpetuate its regime, some companies want to keep their staff on a tight leash to squeeze them dry, some wives want to hold the reins of their husband so that they have a major say in their household, and most parents want to wield significant influence on their children in the name of their well-being, whether we admit it or not, it’s the circle of life. I think there is no inherent difference between humans and animals in this regard, as a matter of fact, once we have everything under control, we’re able to put together the most essential qualities that everyone is now dreaming of, regardless of who and where they are.


Confidence, certainty, security and power.

Grasping at straws:








Bend someone to one’s will:

Stay on top on sth:

Pull the strings:

Get a grip on sth:

Keep someone in check/line:

Have someone under one’s thumb:

Take the reins.

Have someone in the palm of one’s hand:


Submit oneself to/resign oneself to sth/surrender oneself to


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