background: Looking for the motive power of leaning English

Motive drive 一般原来形容机器的驱动力,如果要表达某人内在的驱动力,建议使用:Inner drive

Let me talk about this  background of <desperate housewives>teleplay, through four side:1,my personal;2,the story;3,author and production;4:actress.


Let me start off by introducing my personal background and my original aspiration of learning English through watching desperate housewives, here are four different aspects I would like to share with you:

Background1:about personal

About personal,不符合西方人的表达习惯,如果需要表达个人学习该剧的原因介绍,可以用:My Personal Background.

“Give me a reason”,This word is from dialogue of film.It’s right to study English for me today. (引证给出后,并没有道出个人的心路历程,观众无法感同深受。)

“Give me a reason!”, it is such simple yet powerful quotation that I learned from a movie, a question that I would ask myself whenever I feel stuck in the middle of nowhere. I always believed that only by figuring out the inner drive as to why should I make a move, would I be able to march forward without a second thought. Now, right time, right place, right people, I decide it’s just in the nick of time for me to study English.

The reason why I set out to learn English through watching DH is because TV-shows/ Teleplays are filled with authentic English dialogues, juicy anecdotes, and practical expressions.

In Covid-19 period,I fell I Can’t do anything.I decide to learn English.The next question is how to start to study?In my memory,I read a abridged English novel,named <Jane Eyre>,by Charlotte,one of three famous Bronte sisters.that time,I was student of university,studying mute English.I remember clearly,when I read the last chapter of that story, I was moved,touched,thunderbolt and amazing.that is first time for my feeling through reading in English novel.So I decide to looking for classical work of TV show。Accompanying opening theme song,four apples fall off in hands of four housewives,and Accompanying the story was going on,I think <Desperate housewives > is such a classical teleplay.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic / outbreak, I was trapped in a world where I feel there’s nothing I can do. Therefore, I decided to advance my English level, and then it occurs to me:Where should I begin to set foot on this journey?It was at that moment, an English novel by the name of <Jane Eyre> sailed into view / popped up in my mind, and I have to say it was the most impressive novel that I had read in the Ivory Tower throughout my university years. From which, I can still vividly recall the main actress, Charlotte, who was one of the three famous Bronte sisters.

Especially when I finished reading through the last chapter, I was deeply touched, tears welled up in my eyes(可以增加类似感官细节描述), the storyline was so intriguing which Kept my eyes glued to the book, and the actions taken by the main actress hit me like a thunderbolt. As a matter of fact, that was the first time I felt so excited to experience the fire in my belly through reading a classic novel. After reliving that thought-provoking and heart-wrenching experience, I decided to resume advancing my English level by taking advantage of a classic TV show.

One day, I came across this amazing soup-opera, desperate housewives, with four apples falling off the hands of four distinctive women in the opening theme, the show fully opened my eyes, followed by its mysterious and absorbing storyline, my curiosity piqued, my passion aroused, my intellect entertained, it was such an amazing and classic show that fits perfectly well with my original aspiration. As a result, I considered it the most incredible show for me to further improve my English level.


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