DH S02E06 Part01


Put sth behind sb: leave sth behind/ get sth over with…

Gamble with sth:

Interfere with sth:
come between sb and sb.

It seemed that the woman he had dated always invented reasons not to consummate their relationship.


Unoriginal excuses

Judging by

Get away with sth:

Rash:a skin condition characterized by the appearance of red, itchy, and sometimes painful bumps or patches on the skin. (疹子;皮疹)


Hive:a skin condition characterized by the sudden appearance of itchy, swollen, and sometimes painful welts on the skin, which is typically caused by an allergic reaction to a specific substance. (皮肤上突然出现的瘙痒、肿胀、有时伴随有疼痛的肿块,通常是由于对某种特定物质过敏引起的。)

The same thing/condition can be said/done/adapted +介词…

Some of whom can get incredibly anxious waiting for the boys in their life to make their dreams come true.
On one’s own terms: preferences and conditions.

Pop (out/up) the question/ proposal:

The whole production:

The entire of process of proposing marriage, grand gestures

Elaborate and well-planned.

If there’s a Ballpark of how long I will have to wait:

Lining up to do sth:


Hinders my passion and desiring when I was trying to hook up with George.

Idiotic [ˌɪdi’ɒtɪk]:To describe someone or something as being extremely foolish, stupid, or lacking good sense or judgment. (愚蠢的)

Commit adultery/ extra-marital affair/ activity

His domain of expertise.


Somatic [səʊ’mætɪk]:身体、肉体的。

The term “psychosomatic” refers to physical symptoms or illnesses that are thought to be caused or aggravated by psychological or emotional factors, such as stress, anxiety, or depression. The word is composed of two parts: “psycho,” which refers to the mind or mental processes, and “somatic,” which refers to the body or physical processes. For example, someone who is under a great deal of stress may develop headaches, digestive problems, or other physical symptoms as a result. While these symptoms are real and can be debilitating  [dɪ’bɪlɪteɪtɪŋ]  (使身心衰弱且运转失常的), they may not have a clear physical cause, and treating the underlying psychological factors may be necessary to alleviate the symptoms. It is important to note that psychosomatic symptoms are not “all in the person’s head,” but rather reflect the complex interplay between psychological and physiological processes in the body.


“Debilitating” refers to something that causes severe impairment, weakness, or incapacity, often resulting in a significant reduction of physical or mental abilities. It describes a condition, disease, or situation that greatly hinders or restricts a person’s functioning or quality of life.中文翻译:虚弱的,削弱力量或效果的。指一种状况,影响了一个人的力量或正常功能。


Be On point: be in charge

Fabric: 布料 seam:

Dress shabbily, they notice the dress, dress incredibly, they notice the woman.

She’s not exactly the maternal type.

Cover sth up:

Faux vulnerability:

“Stop & Shop” refers to a chain of supermarkets or grocery stores. It is a retail brand that provides a wide range of food products, household items, and other consumer goods. The name “Stop & Shop” implies convenience and accessibility, suggesting that customers can stop by the store to fulfill their shopping needs.

Turn sb against someone:

Crop back up: to reappear or return after being eliminated or removed, usually in a negative context.

Brazen: 厚颜无耻的

“Pie filling”是指用于派饼的甜味或咸味馅料。

To top you guys off:

Made love/out:



Which 指代

Mike has Martha’s journals, which …
非限定 用于解释/进一步阐明

  • “What the hell have you been smoking” is an idiomatic expression used to express disbelief or confusion about someone’s strange or irrational behavior or ideas. It implies that the person being addressed is saying or doing something so bizarre or nonsensical that it suggests they must be under the influence of drugs or hallucinogens  [hə’luːsɪnədʒɪnz] (致幻剂).
  • Glide:

Designer suit: 定制西服套装

Wore wash-and-wear: cost-effective.


Make a dent:


Probation: 试用期、观察期

Silver lining:

You said it!

Hail of gunfire:

a bucket of crazy
a bag of evidence
an ounce of remorse
a shred of one’s dignity/evidence [DH S05E11 38:59]
a share of problems/blame/

a grain of charm
a flash of hotness
a flicker of light
a flight of stairs
A fount of wisdom
a glimpse of [DH S02E23 33:17]
a glimmer of myself in sb [DH S04E06 12:26]
a library of knowledge [DH S05E07 25:44]
a paragon of virtue [DH S08E20 18:42]
a range of emotions [DH S08E12 03:23]
a ray of sunshine [DH S08E18 05:16]
a houseful/roomful/spoonful/scoop of sth
a sack of flour / a side of beer/steak sauce. / a slice of pizza /a splash of vermouth / a split of champagne /a stitch clothing / a string of calls / a thimble of gin. / a truckload of caviar / a wad of cash
a sign of relief [DH S02E05 12:19]/intimacy [DH S02E24 55:55]/ weakness [DH S02E14 31:58] disrespect [DH S05E03 02:41]
a stroke of luck [DH S08E01 24:58]
a token of affection / [DH S05E14 41:57] / appreciation [DH S07E07 11:41] / gratitude
a trough of cocktail / vodka
a web of lies [DH S08E19 10:24]
a touch of the flu. [DH S01E21 22:05]

the hail of gunfire:





E.G.1:an oyster of a man. 沉默寡言的人。
E.G.2:a skeleton of a woman. 骨瘦如柴的女人。

E.G.3:a pall of darkness 幕布笼罩般的黑暗

E.G.4:a storm of applause 雷鸣般的掌声


Her smile was a beam of sunshine in a cloudy day. 她的微笑就像是阴天里的一束阳光。

His words were a sword of truth cutting through the lies. 他的话像是一把切割谎言的真理之剑。

Her voice was a river of emotion, carrying everyone along with her story. 她的声音像是一条情感之河,把每个人都带入她的故事中。




E.G.1:a rain of kisses  吻个不停

E.G.2:a torrent [‘tɒrənt(激流;山洪)] of eloquence. 滔滔不绝的谈话

E.G.3:a cloud of grief 一片愁云

E.G.4:a gust of affection 一片爱怜

E.G.1:A ripple of laughter went through the audience.一阵轻轻的笑声在观众中散开。

E.G.2:The article set off a whirlwind [‘wɜːlwɪnd(旋风)] of speculation. 这篇文章一下子引起了大量的推测。

ChatGPT has went viral and set off a whirlwind of speculation. ChatGPT已经很快得到传播,引发了大量的投机行为。

E.G.3:We received an avalanche [‘ævəlɑːnʃ(雪崩;大量)] of inquiries. 人们纷纷来电来函查询,我们实在就接不暇。



E.G.1:a mountain of a man  一个身材魁梧的人

E.G.2:a mere dot of a child. 一个小不点

E.G.3:this jail of house 像监狱似的房子

E.G.4:a library of knowledge
a fount of wisdom


E.G.1:I am a vital woman with passion and a library of knowledge when it comes to this industry. (DH S05E17 25:40)


E.G.2:All through November it rained and rained till the roads became a sea of mud.

E.G.3:A wave of immigrants is washing over Western Europe.

E.G.3:The planes left mountains of flame and smoke behind them. They crippled our Pacific fleet, sank five of biggest warships, and killed more than 3,000 American soldiers and sailors. (Richard Tregaskis)





1、an angel of a woman  天使般的女人

2、a woman of gold 金玉女子

3、a man of vision 有远见的男人

4、a phantom of king. 有名无实的国王

5、a man of straw 生性懦弱的人、草包

6、a tyrant of a father 暴君一样的父亲

E.G.1:Where’s your scamp of a husband? 那你流氓丈夫在哪里?

E.G.2:She is a fine figure of a woman. 她是个风姿绰约的女人。
E.G.3:My father was a man of integrity. 我的父亲曾是个正直的人。

Cracking wise:


Appropriate /appliable

Sordid/ unacceptable:


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