Force of habit:a behavior or action that has become automatic or unconscious due to repetition or long-standing practice. It describes the tendency to continue doing something out of habit, even if it may not be necessary or beneficial.  (习惯性行为、惯性)

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中文释义:“Force of habit” 的意思是指由于重复或长期实践而变得自动或无意识的行为或动作。它描述了出于习惯而继续做某事的倾向,即使这可能并不必要或有益。

以下是高频短语“Force of habit”在美剧语料库中的情景例句:

E.G.1:No, no, he just said that ’cause we used to be married. It’s just a force of habit. Oh, that explains everything. (DH S02E16 20:50)

E.G.2:How could you, Karl? In our own bed. — Yeah you are right, that was tacky. I’m so sorry, bye — I’ll call you — What? – -Sorry, a force of habit. (DH S06E11 15:23)

E.G.3:Hi, Mrs. Dabney. What’s the problem? — Why would there be a problem? — Sorry, force of habit. I was wondering if anyone was available to help me move some junk into my garage. (GLC S01E21 03:26)

E.G.4:Isn’t the real thing more exciting than a tape? Maybe it’s a force of habit. I get the feeling he’s more interested in the video than me. (SATC S02E06 12:55)


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