A letter to myself:Be the harshest judge

Read through this, you’ll witness the fierce battle in my head before I finally set myself free. This might apply to some of you as well.

Please don’t tell me you have no time, time is like the water in a sponge, you’ll always get it as long as you’re willing to squeeze, and time is of essence, language acquisition demands your significant time and profound dedication.

Please don’t tell me you’re incompetent, the road to perfection is paved with single-minded steps of completion, always remember why you determined to learn English in the first place, and don’t be afraid of trying something new, you know perfectly well that everything is a mystery until you put it into history.

Please don’t tell me you’re lack of competence, it’s a good thing if you compare other people’s highlighted moments with your ordinary routine, this will accelerate your AQ(adversity quotient),ignite your passion and maximize your potential to the arena that you think you truly belong.

I know what you want, you wanted to breakthrough, you wanted to stand out from the crowed, you wanted to excel in your business, in your career and ultimately your well-being, isn’t that the reason you chose to embrace something extraordinary in a solitude mind? You don’t like to hung up with a bunch of losers, you don’t want submit yourself to mediocrity, and you definitely don’t like the feeling of being defeated and disregarded while you’re climbing up the social ladders.

Be harsh with yourself at times

You have Mr. Positive and Mr. Negative doing constant battle in your head, guess who wins? The one you feed the most! I know you might be wondering you’re already in your later 30s, you’re a middle-aged man and there’re plenty eligible teachers out there, who’re much younger, energetic, and intelligent than you, how you gonna survive this?

Fuck you! You crappy little crowed!! Don’t you want to be venerable? Then why the hell you’re heading your way to vulnerable?

Get rid of your self-doubt, forget about the “what if…”, You’ve got to remember that this is the only thing that interested you, how many times you’ve told yourself there’s a huge price to pay in order to step out your current social circle, to leap tall buildings in a single bound? You need to generate, accumulate and gather up all the energies at your disposal, you need to focus like a laser beam, you’ve got to put yourself on the verge of explosion and destruction, you’ve got to manage to find ways to survive, you’ve got to make it out alive by all means, at all costs!

If you haven’t given it 100 percent, you’ll regret for the rest of your life, you’ve got to pull off and carry on no matter how difficult, painful and challenging. Nothing can add more power to your life than diverting all your energies into the one thing that matters you the most.

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