Rip/tear someone to shreds:If you tear someone to shreds or rip them to shreds, you criticize them very thoroughly and severely. (将某人攻击得体无完肤、责骂得脸面尽失;某事物撕成碎片,通常是指用言语狠命打击。)

Rip/tear someone to shreds

以下是英语实用短语“Rip sb to shreds”在美剧中的应用举例:

E.G.1:You haven’t said whatever you have to say to rip me to shreds enough so that you can start to forgive me. So go ahead. (Suits S03E01 30:26)


E.G.2:He’s got flowers.  — I don’t care! — Looks like it’s two dozen roses. — Good. I hope the thorns rip him to shreds. (DH S03E20 07:32)

参考翻译:我有送来鲜花哦。– 我才不在乎!– 看起来是有两打玫瑰。– 很好,我希望这些玫瑰将他刺得体无完肤。

E.G.3:You also know because we’ve had this discussion before that if he got his way, they would rip that company to shreds. (Suits S04E04 18:49)


E.G.4:If you take the stand, Cameron Dennis is gonna rip you to shreds. (Suits S03E04 20:01)



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