Hello My dear friends:
Teacher's Day
Today is teacher’s day, May all the teachers are well and prosper, beacuase of the rigorous policy implemented by CPC and joint efforts carried out by our beloved doctors, we’re all spared from experiencing the undergoing horrid pandemic, but unfortunately, now we have to face an economic downturn, or to some extend, pretty much a financial crisis. Even though most us are making less money, even though we’re under a hell load of pressure, I just wanna say thats every cloud has a silver lining and nothing can outrank the importance of being safe and healthy, that’s what turely matters to us.
For over the last month, I’ve developed a habbit of being wordy and chatty, now if you all excuses me, here comes the fun part:
In the light of this speical moment, I have an exciting news to annouce, our group learning activity is now ready to enroll, all the privileged VIP members are welcome to sign up from the link as follwing:
There are four members out of this group will be selected to take part in our special 1 month training program: “Mixing business with pleasure:A guided tour with desperate housewives”, all you have to do is to put aside 1 month time (From Nov.8-October.7, 8:00 to 10:00 in the evening), please refer to the poster as below:
Please think carefully before you register. All the participants are required to show your determination to learn and your willingness to self-develop. Aside from that, no strings attached.


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